Need-to-know features of Africa.

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Vast desert across the north of the African continent
Semi-arid region that transitions between the Sahara and Savanna
Grassland (think Lion King) in a sideways "U" around the rain forest in central Africa
Tropical Rain Forest
Warm to hot climate, and very humid, In central Africa, bordered by Savanna
Congo River
Runs from Southern Zaire (Congo) north and turns around to run along Congo's border into the Atlantic
Niger River
U-shaped river between Nigeria and Guinea, running through Mali and Niger
Nile River
Longest river in the world, flowing north from Lake Victoria (Uganda and Ethiopia) to the Mediterranean
Lake Tanganyika
Lake between Zaire (Congo) and Tanzania in East Africa
Lake Victoria
Origination of Nile River, lake in the middle of Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania
Atlas Mountains
Mountain range along Northwest coast of African continent
Kalahari Desert
Desert on the southern tip of Africa
Democratic Republic of the Congo/Zaire
Located in central Africa, has Congo Basin and Congo River
Located in Northeast corner of Africa, bordered with Mediterranean Sea to North
Located in Eastern Africa with a Indian Ocean border
Located in Central Africa, with either origin of end of Niger River
South Africa
Located on the Southern tip of the African continent, surrounds Lesotho
Located directly south of Egypt