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4B-2 Vocabulary L2


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Estaba seguro
She or he was sure
Era mal educado(a)
She or he was poorly behaved
Se peleaban de vez en cuando
They fought with each other every now and then
Se portaban bien
They behaved well
era travieso(a)
she or he was naughty
she or he used to lie
siempre decía la verdad
she or he always told the truth
molestaba a
she or he used to bother/annoy
comía con la boca abierta
she or he used to eat with his/her mouth open
nunca compartía sus juguetes
she or he never used to share his/her toys
los puso dentro de un oso de peluche
she or he put them inside of a teddy bear
Se casó (con)
She or he got married (to)
Se reunieron con los parientes
They met with their relatives
Recordaron que no se divirtieron
They remembered that they didn't have fun
un bebé nació el día festivo
a baby was born on the holiday
mientras los parientes felicitaban a los padres
while the relatives congratulated the parents
Los mayores charlaban
the adults chatted
hubo una fiesta de sorpresa
There was a surprise party
Cumplió los quince años
she or he turned fifteen years old
Se llevaban mal
they got along badly