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Developmental Psych 2 Part 2

During middle childhood, __________ medical conditions are common and __________ medical conditions are rare.
acute; chronic
A child who can think logically about the "here and now" but not abstractly is in which of Piaget's stages?
concrete operational
Children in Piaget's concrete operational stage show increased skill in all of the following areas EXCEPT
hypothetical thinking
A child is told that Bob is older than Sally, and Sally is older than Fred. When asked, "Who is older, Bob or Fred?" the child replies, "Bob." This child is demonstrating __________ ability.
transitive inference
Brian is shown a picture with two cows and four horses in it. When he is asked if there are more horses or animals in the picture, Brian replies that there are more animals. Brian is demonstrating the classification ability of
class inclusion
. Jimmy is trying to learn his phone number and address. He tells his father, "Maybe if I say it to myself a hundred times, I will be able to remember it." Jimmy is demonstrating that he is beginning to appreciate
During middle childhood, metamemory
. Memory aids are one kind of
mnemonic strategy
Repetition of information to be held in memory is called
Billy's mother has sent him to the store to buy eggs, bread, and milk. To remember these items, Billy repeats their names. He is using __________ to help remember the items.
Which memory strategy links items together in a story or scene?
Susan is given a list of names of students from her school to remember. In order to help remember them, Susan arranges the names according to whether they are in the first, second, or third grade, and according to gender. Susan is using the technique of __________ to aid her memory.
During the school years, the practical use of language, or __________, develops
A child who sounds out a word by translating it from print to speech is
Paula scores high in self-efficacy. This means that Paula
believes that she can regulate her own learning.
Erikson's developmental crisis of middle childhood (from about 6 to 12 years) is
industry versus inferiority
Which of the following statements about coregulation in middle childhood is true?
. It is a transitional stage in which children begin to do more self-monitoring.
According to research, which of the following is TRUE of stepfamilies, or blended families?
Mixed loyalties can cause stress
According to Selman, children who are egocentric and think only about what they want are at what stage of friendship?
Children who see their heroes and villains on TV get what they want through violence are likely to conclude that
they could use aggressive methods to get their own needs met
If a school-age child shows evidence of temper tantrums, argumentativeness, hostility, or deliberately annoying behavior it is called
oppositional defiant disorder
There are children in the classroom who worry about just about everything: grades, being on time, threats of war, tornados, etc. These children may suffer from
generalized anxiety disorder.
In recent years, the use of drug therapy to treat children has ______ in the United States.
Which type of therapy is based on learning theory?
Which of the following is TRUE about adolescence?
Adolescence is a developmental transition between childhood and adulthood.
The initial origin of the hormonal changes that cause puberty is from the _______
. adrenal
Primary sex characteristics are
body parts directly related to reproduction.
Which of the following is true about the adolescent growth spurt?
Growth may be uneven and cause temporary gawkiness.
Most teenagers are more concerned about their _______________ than any other aspect of their development.
Secret gorging on food followed by vomiting, fasting, or purging with use of laxatives is characteristic of
An increasing trend in drug use by high school youth is the abuse of
nonprescription drugs.
Depression appears in adolescents as which behavior?
Lucy solves a chemistry problem by systematically testing several hypotheses. She is at which stage of cognitive development, according to Piaget?
formal operations
Most adolescents function at which of Kohlberg's stages of moral development?
morality of conventional role conformity
The desirable outcome of the crisis of adolescence, according to Erikson, is being able to
see oneself as a unique person with a meaningful role in life.
Erikson holds that adolescence provides a psychosocial moratorium, or "time out" period, which
allows adolescents time to search for commitment
According to Erikson's theory, the virtue that arises from resolution of the identity crisis in adolescence is
As a child, it is important to learn to trust one's parents; in adolescence a person learns fidelity, which is often defined as
an extension of trust that includes the self, family, and mentors and friends.
. Sabrina has thought about entering the field of medicine for several years. She went through a period of crisis before settling on this occupation. According to Marcia, what is her identity status?
identity achievement