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NDCL theology 10 final

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Wisdom enables you to see life from God's point of view and to recognize the real value of persons, events, and things. Wisdom keeps you from foolishly judging only by appearances. It makes you mature in the way you think and act. Wisdom leads you to work toward being confirmed not because your parents expect it, or because everyone your age is doing it, but because you see its value and desire it.

Understanding grows through prayer and the reading of Scripture. It gives you insight into the truths of the faith and being a follower of Jesus, and it helps you make right choices in your relationships with God and others.

Counsel (Right Judgment)
The gift of Right Judgement, or Counsel, helps you seek advide and be open to the advice of others. Using this gift, youseek direction in the Sacrament of Penance, and you ask advice from parents or friends. Right Judgement also helps you give advice. With Right Judgement, you are able to help others with their problems. You speak up and encourage them to do the right thing.

Today, through the gift of Right Judgement, you are determining what being confirmed means in your life. You turn to your parents, parish priest, catechists, and others for help in taking this next step in your spiritual journey.

Fortitude (Courage)
The gift of Courage,or Fortitude, enables you to stand up for your beliefs and to live as a follower of Jesus. With this gift you have the inner strength to do what is right in the face of difficulties and to endure suffering with faith. Courage helps you undertake challenging tasks in the service of your faith. But it also takes courage to be faithful to ordinary duties. It takes strength to live a good Christian life even when no one praises you or notices your effort.

Right now you are deciding to reflect on your faith seriously. It is difficult to try to change your habits and follow Jesus more completely. Its a challenge to pray more, to participate in the Eucharist more intentionally, to serve others.

The gift of Knowledge helps you know what God asks of you and how you should respond. You come to know God. You come to know who you are and the real value of things through the experiences of your life. This gift also helps you recognize temptations for what they are and turn to God.

The gift of Knowledge is at work in you as you think about your experience of living a Christian life. What you know of Jesus and his example and what you know of the Church - its worship, its beliefs,, its directives to serve those in need - will help you commit yourself to Christ and the Church as a confirmed Christian.

Piety (Reverence)
Reverence or Piety, is a gift that helps you love and worship God. It calls you to be faithful in your relationship with God and others. Reverence also helps you to be respectful and generous to others.

In the Sacrament of Confirmation, reverence helps you strengthen your relationship with God and increase your love for others and the world.

Fear of the Lord (Wonder and Awe)
The gift of Wonder and Awe, sometimes called Fear of the Lord, helps you recognize the greatness of God and your dependence on him. It leads you to marvel at God's incredible love for you.

Wonder and Awe is increasing your desire to draw closer to God by confirming the great gift you received at Baptism. Awe will inspire you to celebrate the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Penance, when you ask forgiveness for the times you failed to respond to God's great love.