The interwar period test

Kermal Ataturk, leader of __________, introduced many reforms, most of which kept even after his death
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Fascism glorifies the state above the individual by emphasizing the need for?A strong central government led by dictorial rulerHitler abolished the office of president and board in institutions on the NAZI control and would create an _____ stateTolitarianThe ______ was formulated to help Germany pay is reparations to Europe nowDawes planAfter the collapse of imperial government a German democratic state called the _________ was formulatedWeimar republicibn saud united Arabs in and one part of the Arabian peninsula be creating one Kingdom of ______Saudi Arabiamao kedong And his followers enbarked on the _______ to northern China after chiang kai-shek's forces killed thousands of communists during the shanghai massacreThe long marchUnder that the League of Nations,________ had mandated in Iraq and PalestineBritainAs the successor to lenin,________ transform the Soviet Union into a modern state during the 1920s and 1930sStalinchiang kai-shek was the leader of the Chinese________ forces during the Chinese civil warNationalistmarcus garvey and w.e.b de bois were leaders of the ______ movement that stress the need to unite Africans against European imperialistspan-africanism________ was a night on which thousands of Jewish synagogues, businesses and homes were attacked and burned by members of the NAZI government in Germany.KristallnachtWhat was the purpose of the NAZI T-4 program which began in 1939?To get rid of any one that that wasn't a benefit to society e.g. Old peopleWhy did the Nazis considered gas chambers to be the "final solution" to dealing with the "Jewish problem?"Because they're good at wiping out large numbers quicklyWhat was the Einsat gruppen?They were the secret police force that drag that the Jews from the townsWhat event most likely accounts for the significant drop in unemployment in Germany as compared to the U.S. in the UK?Almost everyone was hired to help in the war effortsHow was stalin's program of collectivism similar to what Hitler did in NAZI Germany?Answers may veryWhy did the Nazis hate the Jews?They hated the Jews because they sold them as taking our resources and providing nothing to society. They also saw with them as almost every unpleasant adjective ever.Why did albert speer argued that his guilt for his war crimes began when he joined the NAZI party?Because he did not look into what he'd signed up for and therefore what it was his faultWhy did Ghandi believe that a nonviolent " civil disobedience" would cause the British to reform and ultimately leave India?Because nonviolent showed that they had done nothing wrong for their persecution and it struck at the British Christianity morales.