Digital Media Foundations 6

Type of lighting device do we use outside of the studio
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Which frame rate should be used with the DVX200 and the GH4 when recording an interview?24fpsWhich frame rate would be best for shooting slow motion?120 fpsWhich resolution should you choose when editing footage shot by the DVX200 and GH4 cameras?1080pWhat is the purpose of the clap before the beginning of the interview?It is used to synchronize the footageWhen editing interview footage shot using the DVX200 and GH4, which audio tracks should be used?DVX200At which decibel should the main audio average?-12dbDuring a multi-camera edit, which key must be held down when changing camera angles?CommandWhat is an appropriate volume for background audio?No more than 3/4 the main volumeWhat is the function of the threshold control on a compressor?It controls how much compression is applied to the audioWhat is the function of the make-up gain control on a compressor?It adds volume back to the audio after compression has taken placeWhere should you always look when the show is live and you are on camera?Straight at the camera (through the teleprompter)Whose responsibility is it to remove the batteries from the transmitter and place them in the charger?The anchors who use themThe lapel microphones are ____________.Very sensitive...they can even pick up your whisperingWhat color should you never wear as an anchor?GreenIf you put the batteries in the charger backwards, what could happen?The batteries will not charge, It will damage the batteries, It could start a fire