Mr. Cranmer World History Semester 2 Final

Why did King Henry VIII of England create his own church?
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The Atlantic Slave Trade brought most of the enslaved Africans to which new world colony?BrazilWhat was the Columbian Exchange?the global transfer of plants, animals, and diseases that occurred during the European colonization of the AmericasWhat did Europeans mostly grow in their New World colonies?sugar, tobacco, and cottonWhat were Portugese sailors looking for in the East Indies?spices and goldHow did thinkers during the Enlightenment challenge the social order?a just society based on reasonNapoleon's plan to invade Britain was stopped as a result of what event?Battle of TrafalgarWhat were the natural rights people are born with according to John Locke?life, liberty, and propertyWhich group made up the vast majority of the French Society?third estate (commoners)What radical ideas were expressed by women during the Enlightenment?to be equal to men and to be educatedIsaac Newton was responsible for what scientific achievements?gravity, 3 laws of motion, calculus, and opticsWhat piece of equipment was used to make the executions of the Reign of Terror more "humane"?gullotineWhat were the three estates in France before the French Revolution?1) clergy 2) nobility 3) commonersWhat was the ideology of nationalists?establishments of a homeland for people with a common heritageWhat building in France best displayed the power of the French Monarchy?Palace of VersaillesOtto Von Bismarck was responsible for what?unification of GermanyWhat was one way that the agricultural revolution contributed to the Industrial Revolution?it triggered a population explosionWhat were new dangers that industry posed to workers?machine injuries, factories were not clean, and there was no government programs to provide aid in case of injuryAn economic theory by Karl Marx in which means of production would be owned by the people is called what?communismAccording to the theories of Karl Marx, history can be viewed as a what?a continuous struggle between economic classesWhat was a major result of the Industrial Revolution for cities?cities got bigger and concentration of workers in urban areasWhat were advantages European countries had in their imperial expansion?powerful army and navyThe agricultural changes which took place in England during the 1600's contributed to England's later industrial development by what?producing more food with fewer workersHow did the Industrial revolution encouraged imperialism?created needs for markets and raw materialsHow did the partitioning of Africa by European imperialist nations during the 1800's go about?united rivals an divided kinshipIn the late 19th century, the British commonly referred to the Suez Canal in Egypt as the "Lifeline of the Empire" because it provided what?a strategic shipping route to British coloniesWestern imperialist nations tried to modernize the lands they conquered by doing what?imposing Western culture of subject peopleWhat was the most harmful political legacy of the colonial period of Africa?division of African continent which united rivals and divided kinship groupsWhat is the relationship between World War 1 and the Russian Revolution?WW1 created conditions within Russia that caused a revolutionWhat was the major reason for the tension between France and Germany before World War 1?France wanted land back from GermanyWhat was a major goal of France and Great Britain at the conference of Versailles following World War 1?keep Germany from rebuilding military forcesWhat ended Russia's involvement in World War 1?Treaty pf Brest-LitovskIn the civil war that broke out after the Bolshevik Revolution, the Red army fought against the...White armyWhat were the two main dangers to female munitions workers?explosions in factories and TNT poisoning that caused you to turn yellowWhat new weapons threatened those in combat during WW1?machine guns, airplanes, tanks, and poisonous gasWhat killed most soldiers and civilians of major combatants during the war years in 1914-1919?"Spanish" fluWhat were the major provisions of the Treaty of Versailles?- military restrictions on Germany - Germany forced to pay billions in reparations - Germany loses territoriesWhat were the weaknesses in the world economy during the 1920's?- over production - low wages - high prices for raw materials - low agricultural pricesWhich is one major reason the Holocaust is considered a unique event is modern European history?the genocide was planned in great detail and required many people"Operation Barbarossa" refers to Hitler's plan to conquer what country?Soviet UnionWhat describes most Eastern European countries immediately after World War 2?became satellite states of the Soviet UnionThe Great Leap Forward in China and the five-year plans in the Soviet Union were attempts to increase what?increased industrial productivityWhat was one way fascist leaders in the 1920s and 1930s gained popular support?appealing through national prideWhat was one outcome of World War 2?the Soviet Union emerged as the international superpowerWhy did Hitler sign a non-aggression treaty with Stalin on the eve of World War 2?to invade Poland without Soviet oppositionWhat did Fascists pursue?total control of country aggressive foreign policyWhat actions began Hitler's plan to limit the right of German Jews?Nuremberg LawsWhat happened at the Munich Conference?Hitler was given the SudentenlandWhat was the campaign to recapture Japanese-held islands in the Pacific called?island hoppingWhich event in Germany accelerated Nazi's seizure of Jewish assets and the movement to remove Jews from economic life in Nazi Germany?kristallnachtWhy did the United States enter WW2?because Japan attacked Pearl HarborHow did the Western Democracies respond to Hitler's demands for more territory in the 1930s?appeased him by giving it to himThe Nuremberg War trials held after World War 2 established the important principle that soldiers in the war cannot "just do"?follow ordersWhich of the following was one reason that President Truman decided to drop the atomic bomb on Japan?an invasion of Japan would result in an enormous loss of lifeWhat is an Japanese kamikaze?suicide piolts trained to sink allied ships by crashing bomb-lined planes into themWhat battle was a turning point after which the USA took the offensive in the Pacific theater of operations in World War 2?Battle of MidwayWhat battle became a turning point in the invasion of the Soviet Union, where German 6th Army was captured and destroyed in February of 1943?Battle of StalingradWhat is isolationism?a policy of avoiding political or military involvement with other countriesWhat was the fight for control over the skies over Britain between the Royal Air Force and the German Luftwaffe in WW2 called?Battle of BritainWhat was the name for the allied invasion of France on June 6, 1944 called?D-DayWhat was the top secret, joint British and American atomic bomb construction program during WW2 called?Manhattan ProjectDescribe the steps taken by the Nazi'z to allow for them to execute their plan of exterminating the Jews of Europe.- label them by putting stars on them - beating them up or killing them on the streets - forcing them into ghettos - killing them in concentration campsWhy didn't the Treaty of Versailles lay the foundations for a lasting peace?- clause 231 states Germany had to accept the blame for starting the war - Germany lost territory and their military was reduced - establish the League of Nations - Britain and France are exhausted, USA wasn't in the war long enough so nothing major happened to them, and Germany was torn apart by communist demonstrations and are financially ruined - Russia, Italy, Canada, Japan, India, Austria and New Zealand are all upsetHow did a localized conflict between Serbia and Austria-Hungary become a world war?- Serbia killed Fredrick Ferdinand - Serbia gets ultimatum from Austria-Hungary - 15 points but they decline - Austria declares war on Serbia - Austria has Germany on their side - Serbia has Russia on their side -Russia mobilizes army - Germany created Schlieffn Plan - Germany declares war on France but invades Belgium on the way to get to France - Britain enters to protect BelgiumWhat factors promoted European Imperialism in Africa?-technological superiority- maximum machine guns - Europeans have stem engines~ transport/commuting - drugs~Quinine - disunity among Africans