Comparative Religion

E.B Tylor
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Max Weber-sociologist -less focused on religion's essence than on what it does -focus on "subjective experience, ideas, purposes) -interested in emic perspectiveMethodological atheism-whether or not a religion is true it is not considered it is "bracketed" off -religious truth claims are irrelevant, which is to approachAgnosticism-religious truth claims are unknowable, but this should not halt the search for religious meaning -whether or not a religion is true it is not considered, it is bracketed offTheism-researcher fully embraces the religion being studied and believes in it -religious truth claims are fully knowable -difficult for an atheistLudism-researcher essentially pretends that the religion is true for purposes of researcher-"make believe" -truth claims should be engaged as site of play -"trying out" religion -can be religious or non religious (atheist can do this)Ethnocentrism-awareness that cultural difference exists combined with view that ones own culture is superior and difference equals wrongnessCultural relativism-awareness that cultural difference exists combined with awareness that these differences make sense within the cultures that have themNaiive realism-lack of awareness that cultural difference existSocial/cultural evolutionism-animism, polytheism, monotheism -religion formed from spiritual beings -Tylor and Frazer -Malinowski rejected this!Animism-everything has a spirit (earliest form of religion) -the attribution of consciousness and a soul to aspects of the natural world including animals, plants, and features of landscapesPolytheism-godess of sea, sky, earth, etc.Monotheism-only 1 GodSyncretism-the joining of elements from two or more religions along analogous or parallel linesRevitilization movement-social movement religious in character with intent of changing societyMazeway-Wallace's psychological term, referring to a person's perceptions of their body, behavior, society, and culture -forms a mental image upon which they base their notions of self and world view"Mental Model"Sect/Secular Action-manipulation of human relationships -religious action as the manipulation of relationships between human and supernatural beingsNew Religion Movement-as society changes, old meanings change and so do religions -new religions and new understandings of old religions are constantly emerging