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Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 9-14 Choosing the Right Word


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What do you think of the concept that when a crime is committed, society is often as ______ as the criminal.
The heat in the room, the quite drone of the fly at the window, and the bright sunlight put me into a ______ state.
As a result of ______ when that novel was first submitted, the publishing house lost the biggest best-seller of the year.
What she calls her "philosophy of life" seems to me a hodgepodge of childish fallacies and ______ generalizations.
As the election drew nearer, the candidates went from reasonable discussion to quarrelsomeness to ______ each other.
The glory of this perfect spring day seems to be all the more precious because it is so ______.
Biologists have a theory that every plant or animal in the course of its development ______ all the stages of its evolution.
Only a ______ at golf would have tried to use a driver when hitting into such a strong wind.
In everyone's life, a situation may arise that calls for a basic moral choice to be made, without compromise or ______.
Is it any wonder that a 17-year-old star athlete becomes smug when she receives such ______ from the entire school.
Since he is known to be a multimillonaire, it seems almost ______ of him, in an inverted sense, to drive around in a small, battered, inexpensive car.
He is completely indifferent to wealth and luxurious living; his ______ is directed instead toward fame and prestige.
Sportswrites attribute the succes of the pennant-winning team largely to the ______ managing of old Buck Coakely.
In the densely populated and underdeveloped countries we visited, we saw the depths to shich people can be reduced by ______.
The ______ physical appearance of the report was matched by its careless writing and disorganized content.
The say that school spirit at Central High is dead, but I am confident that it can be ______ if the right methods are used.
When the results of her mistakes became public knowledge, she gained a well-deserved reputation for being an ______ blunderer.
In playing chess, she deliberately uses ______ tactics to make her opponent impatient and tense.
You may be right in your belief that she won't let us user her car, but remember that this is till only a(n) ______.
As soon as the hurricane ______, rescue teams rushed out to help people in the devastated area.
The scholars who compiled the notes and _____ for my portable edition of Chaucer did a superb job of clarifying obscure or puzzling words and passages.
It was quite _____ that we met the studio owner, since she was looking for a new artist to feature in her gallery.
The crass and ____ conduct of those responsible for the scandal deserved public censure.
When my sister arrived at my tiny apartment with two very excited dogs, the place was thrown into absolute ____.
My sad story is that after working in the yard for three hours in the hot sun cleaning up the yard, I received the ____ sum of $5.50.
Only a genius could have converted such a ___ group of individuals, drawn from all walks of life, into a disciplined and efficient organization.
Instead of relying on facts and logic, she used all kinds of rhetorical tricks and slashing ___ to attack her opponent.
The proverb "Make haste slowly" endorses prudence- not ___.
Instead of that highly involved and ____ discussion of the nation's energy needs, why don't you simply tell us what we can do to help solve the problem?
The queen strode into the chamber and ____ commanded her subjects to be silent.
After working for a year at the same job, I was hoping that I had ____ enough vacation days to take a week of and travel to California.
This new book is a(n) ____ examination of our school system that may upset some of your most cherished ideas about higher education.
It is generally agreed that we urgently need more ____ methods of handling criminals, both for their own benefit and for that of the public.
Research shows that those who lead a _____ lifestyle are more prone to chronic medical conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes.
What good will it do you to ___ me so mercilessly when you know that I am flat broke?
To bear evils with ____ doesn't mean that you should make no effort to correct them.
The difficult stage part called for an actor to gradually change during the course of the play from a morose introvert to a(n) ___ charmer.
Although they claimed that their summary gave us the ____ of the resolution, the fact is that it omitted important details.
During the war, soldiers assigned to desk jobs were sometimes sarcastically called the "chair bound infantry" or the "____ commandos."
We appreciated the services her furnished ____, but we soon came to see that it would have been cheaper to pay for a really professional job.
I am convinced that some substantial advantages will surely ____ to me if I complete my college education.
His tone of voice was so ____ that I wasn't sure if he was asking me for a loan or demanding payment of tribute.
Scientists believe that everything in nature occurs in accordance with invariable laws and that nothing is truly ____.
He tried to make it appear that her was speaking in a friendly spirit, but I detected the ____ malice beneath his "harmless" remarks.
Why does Sam ____ whenever he has to write an essay?
In a series of ______ attacks now known as the Philippics, Cicero launced his entire battery of political invective against the hapless Mark Anthony.
The most tragic aspect of a forest fire is its destructive ffects on the innumerable plant and animal ______ of that environment.
Some English queens were strikingly elegant and impsing figures; others were somewhat ______ and unprepossessing.
Modern nutritionists emphasizer that there is a(n) ______ difference between "eating to live" and "living to eat."
Let's not allow them to ______ on us ideas and programs that have been proved failures in other countries!
The study of history teaches us that many ideas regarded as ______ by one generation are accepted as sound and orthodox by the next.
No doubt his efforts to advance his own interest were ______, but let's try to keep a sense of proportion and not condemn him too much.
Before we start out to ______ certain principles in our young people, let's be very sure that these principles are tryly desirable for them and their society.
Her ______ writing style, abounding in adjectives and fancy metaphors, is far from suitable for factual newspaper stories.
Although the Declaration of Independence was framed only to justify a revolution in the Bridish colonies in North America, its ideas and ideals have been ______ throughout the world.
We are most likely to fall victim to ______ reasoning when we have an emotional desire to believe what we are being told.
All the available evidence ______ my theory that the theft was planned by somone familiar with the layout of the house.
Children are often remarkably ______ in understanding how adults feel about them.
Out of all the endless flow of dull verbiage in the long lecture, we could recognize only two or three ______ points.
As the Scottish poet Robert Burns aptly suggests, even the best laid plans are often entirely ______ on events over which we have no earthly control
Although the essays are highly ______, covering a wide range of topics, they are written with such clarity and grace that they are easy to follow.
She was so ______ that she esxtended her self-control even to her beloved books, and read them no more than an hour each day.
Though I rather like the bett TV game shows, I find that after a certain point, I'm ______ and ready for more substantial fare.
He thought he was being witty and charming, but I reard his conduct at the party as altogether ______.
The more we studied the drug problem, the more we became aware of its ______ influence on the American people today.
What we do now to remedy the evils in our society will determine whether or not we are to be ______ of blame for the injustices of the past.
Is it logical to conclude that becuase this substance has had a ______ effect on some test animals, it is not at all safe for human consumption?
When he demanded that I immediately "return back" the money I owed him, I found him not merely umpleasant but ______.
I will try to tell the story in a balanced way, without either exaggerating or ______ his responsibility for those sad events.
It is hardly ______ for someone who hopes to win a popularity contest to go about making such brutally frank remarks.
Words about "tolerance" are empty and ______ when they come from one who has shown no concern about civil liberties.
As long as we are ______ by the idea that it is possible to get something for nothing, we will not be able to come up with a sound economic program.
"In seeking to discredit me," I replied, "my opponent has deliberately ______ my ideas, making them seem simplistic and unrealistic."
She delivered her lines with such artistry and verve that she made the rather commonplace dialogue seem ______.
In the Lincoln-Douglas debates, Lincoln asked a few ______ questions that showed up the fatal weaknesses in his opponent's position.
The aspiring salesperson stood in front of the mirror for hours, practicing a ______ smile.
A fresh coat of paint and some attention to the lawn would greatly ______ the appearance of our bungalow.
He was the type of officer who expected ______ obedience from the troops he commanded. When he gave an order, he assumed it would be carried out.
She tried to convice me that hte proposed advertisement would be "dynamic" and a "real eye-catcher," but I found it utterly ______.
I realized I was being kept awake not by the ______ of the city traffic but by a gnawing fear that I had done the wrong thing.
The Gettysburg Address is so concise, so lucid, and so beautiful, that it would be folly to attempt to ______ it.
My parents set up my older brother as such a ______ that I despaired of ever being able to follow in his footsteps.
Isn't it rather ______ to wear a Phi Beta Kappa key on a chain around your neck?
We wanted to find a house that was near that of my parents, but not ______ to it.
The rumors of "easy money" and "lush profits" to be made in the stock market aroused the ______ of many small investors.
Dr. Salvin's original diagnosis, although questioned by several colleagues, was strongly ______ by the results of the results of the laboratory tests.
I like a good time as much as anyone, but I don't think that the celebration of our nation's birthday should become a rowdy ______.
Well-meaning but misguided friends ______ his plans to run away to Hollywood and "become a movie star"
You will never be able to complete this hike if you ______ yourself with so much "essential equipment."
What could be more ______ than the long drive home on a rainy night after we had lost the championship game by one point!
His parents are such sensitive people that I'm not at all sure how I should ______ the news of his untimely death to them.
In spite of her long and ______ career, her reputation today rests entirely on one great play.
Cleaning up the old beach house seemed an almost impossible task, but she attacked it with ______ energy.
Psychologists tell us that people who seem to be unusually ______ are often the ones most likely to lose control of their emotions in times of stress.
I wasn't so much surprised at not getting the job as I was ______ by his strange explanation that I was "overqualified."
The speaker's inept replies to questions from the floor were met with a barrage of indignant ______.
When the offered to help him, he proudly ______ that he could handle the situation entirely on his own.
If you are going to wait for an occasion that seems ______ in Every respect, then in all probability you will have to wait forever.
I don't know anything about quiches and souffles, but I'm a true ______ when it comes to pizza.
I know that he is wealthy and comes from a "prominent" family, but does that excuse his ______ disregard of good manners?
I truly felt that reality could never be as horrible as the ______ phantoms that were disturbing my dreams.
The opening of our show took place most ______ in the midst of a transit strike and a record-breaking snowstorm.
Isn't it ridiculous to say that the disorder was ______ by "outsiders" when we all know that it resulted from bad conditions inside the institution?
With tireless patience, the wily detective ______ bits and pieces of evidence until he gained an insight into how the crime had been committed.
What we need is not opinions or "educated guesses" but ______ proof that can stand up under the closest examinations.
Although Gone with the Wind won a Pulitzer Prize, critics often ____ the novel for its stereotypical portrayals of African Americans.
In the poem and prayers of many ancient cultures, human beings ___ their deities for mercy and aid/
Our dean is a strict disciplinarian, but I have always found her ___ to reasonable requests.
A well-known actor submitted his poems to a publisher, who deemed the verses ___ and tedious.
Given the kinds of tools the ancient Egyptians had to work with, the construction of the pyramids was an extraordinary ___ feat of engineering.
The ___ caused each year by careless driving has become a major national scandal.
What disturbs the coach is not that Tom called the wrong play, but that he refuses ____ to admit that he made a mistake.
Some journalists find researching materials in a library a ___ task, preferring to sit and let their computers do the work.
Passengers who are stranded on airplanes and forced to sit on the tarmac for hours may begin to think of airlines as ___ agencies.
Since its ___, the electric guitar had been a symbol of innovation, energy and rebellion.
Few things are more tragic than to see a great mind fall victim to a serious ____.
You cannot dismiss everything he says as ____ simply because he is young and lacks experience of the world.
Although he ____ fluently on the need for a new community action program, I have yet to see him do anything to bring it about.
In his efforts to impress moral principles on the children. he made use of ____ formulas, such as "To be good, do good."
The sales manager said she would apply only one ____ when assembling my plan for an advertising campaign: "Will it sell more mouthwash?"
I think the class show will be much more effective if it has a constant theme running through it, instead of being just a ___ of songs, dances, and sketches.
Instead of constantly ___ the children, why don't you try to explain quietly and clearly how you expect them to behave?
My rules for effective writing are, "Emphasize what is essential, play down what is secondary, eliminate what is ___."
The prolonged drought has so ___ the supplies of in our reservoir that we may have to consider rationing water.
At the very ___ of my career, I set the goals and adopted the basic strategies that were to guide me through the many years of outstanding success.
His ____ conversation, with its exaggerated adjectives and far-fetched figures of speech, made me realize once and for all the virtues of plain speaking.
Although he is not given to physical maltreatment, I think there is a truly ___ element in his willingness to humiliate people by belittling them in public.
She tried to justify the lies she had told us, but I was unable to follow her ____ explanation.
Vic is so ___ that he actually believed me when I said that I had invented an automatic composition-writing machine.
I have had my ___ of excuses and evasions; now I want action.