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hold out on sb

keep st from sb

keep in with

stay in good terms

let sb in on

let sb share (a secret)

live up to

maintain high standard

look down on sb

consider sb inferior

look forward to

be excited about st

look out for

keep constant watch

look up to


make up for


put st down to

explain st

put in for

make a formal request

put sb up to

give sb idea that..

put up with


read up on

imprive your knowledge of

rub off on


run out of

use up (rice)

run out on


run up against

meet (problems)

set up in

start a business

speak up for

state your support

stand in for

act in your place

stand up for


start in on


stick up for

support you

take st out on sb

treat sb unfairly

take st up with sb

discuss st with

talk sb out of

persuade sb not to do st

throw st back at

remind sb of st

tie in with


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