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CSCI 241 Ford

A _____ is text printed in the bottom margin of each page.
____is the process of changing a workbook's appearance by defining the fonts, styles, colors, and decorative features.
To display alternate rows with different fill colors in Excel, use the effect known as___
banded rows
One of the benefits of conditional _____ is that it helps you analyze data by highlighting significant trends in data.
The ____ copies the formatting from one cell or range to another cell or range without duplicating any of the data.
Format painter
In Excel, the ____ table style formats alternating columns in different colors
banded columns
In Excel, the table style ____ inserts a new row at the bottom of the table that adds the column values.
total row
The header and footer sections include ____.
left right and center section
In Excel, dates are ____-aligned in the cell by default, regardless of date format.
Put the following five steps in the order in which you would perform them to use the Paste Special function: ____.
1. Select and copy a range.
2. Click the Paste button arrow in the Clipboard group.
3. Specify exactly what you want to paste.
4. Click Paste Special to open the dialog box.
5. Select the range where you want to paste the Clipboard contents.
1 5 2 4 3
Which of the following can you format using the Number group in Excel's home tab?
a. currency formats
b. numbers to percentages
c. commas as a thousands separator
When using the Format Painter, double-click the Format Painter button to paste the same format multiple times and click the Format Painter again to ____
turn it off
Applying a table style marks the range as a table, making available tools designed for analyzing tabular data, including ____.
a. the ability to sort data
b. transferring data to and from an external file
c. filtering data to show only rows that match specified criteria
One of the benefits of Live Preview is that ____.
a. it lets you see and evaluate different formats as you develop your workbook
Typeface is the specific design used for characters and includes ____.
a. lettering
b. numbering
c. punctuation marks and symbols
A conditional format can make negative numbers red and positive numbers black.
Top/Bottom Rules is a form of Conditional Formatting that allows you options to select the bottom 10% of data.
The Accounting number format displays numbers just as they are entered into a cell.
You can click any cell within a table to make the table active; you do not need to select all of the table cells.
You can use a picture or image as the background for all the cells in a worksheet.
A table style treats the table as a single object rather than a collection of cells.
You can add the filename to a header or footer of an Excel workbook without typing the filename.
is a set of rules which specifies how a function should be written.
The ____ function is a logical function that returns one value if the statement is true and returns a different value if the statement is false.
Functions can also be _____ or placed inside another function.
A(n) _____ cell reference contains both relative and absolute references.
Some cell references are called ______ references because they are always interpreted in relation to the location of the cell containing the formula.
Using AutoFill is ____ than copying and pasting.
Case 3-1
Charles is a recent college graduate. He is paying rent for the first time, as well as utility bills, such as cable, electric, and telephone. He also has some hefty school loan payments. Charles has a good paying job and knows that even though he has lots of expenses, it is critical for him to save money each month, too. He decides to create a budget for himself in Excel 2010.

Charles wants to add color only to those cells with a negative balance. He would accomplish this by using ___ formatting.
Which of the following is not a comparison operator? ____
the Home Loan Calculator uses the ____ function
>= is a(n) ____ operator.
In the formula =INT(AVERAGE(A1:A100)), which would occur first? ____
The average of the values in the range A1:A100 is calculated
In "SUM(number1
cell references
=FUNCTION(argument1, argument2, ...) is ____.
. the general syntax of all formulas
Most Recently Used is a ____
group on the Formula tab on the Ribbon
As you drag the fill handle, you will see ____
One of the great advantages of ____ references is that you can quickly generate row and column totals without having to worry about revising the formulas as you copy them to new locations.
Functions can be ____
incorporated as part of larger formulas and placed inside another function
AutoFill can recognize some patterns if you plug in a minimum of at least two values, such as "Monday, Tuesday."
One challenge of nesting functions is to make sure that you include all of the parentheses.
In the Function Arguments dialog box, required arguments are in bold type.
Functions can be incorporated as part of larger formulas.
When you enter a formula into a cell, Excel interprets cell references in the formula in relation to the cell's location.
Not all functions have arguments
As you begin to type a function name within a formula into a cell, a list of functions that begin with the letters you typed appears.
____ extend the tick marks across the plot area
A chart that combines two or more chart types into a single graph is called a(n) ____ chart.
You can add ____ to identify smaller intervals between the major tick marks.
minor tick marks
To plot the results of two data categories collected every month for a year, you should use a(n) _____ chart.
To revise the title of a chart rather than replacing it, you can ______ the chart title to place the insertion point in the text, and then edit the text as needed.
Placing a chart in a ____ displays only the chart and no worksheet cells.
chart sheet
Which of the following would result in adding the value 'k' to the end of each number on a chart's vertical axis?
With 3-D rotation, you can change a chart's ____.
b. perspective
c. depth
d. rotation
Case 4-1
Andy has just started a job with the school district. His director has given him the last six months of test results from four local schools. Andy has organized the results as four data series and needs to display the trends in a graphic format.

Andy has finished his chart but needs to save some space. What's the most effective way for Andy to reduce space without losing important data?
Overlay the legend in areas without data
On a 3-D chart, the ____ represents the object's depth.
____provide descriptive text for the individual data markers, such as pie slices
Data labels
Case 4-2
Anya has just surveyed 100 reviewers to get their reaction to a new marketing ad campaign she is heading. She has one data series that she wants to represent graphically, and she needs to display her data in a way that keeps the percent of the whole data in mind when viewing.

Since Anya is still reviewing her data, she wants to make sure that her chart reflects any changes she makes in her data source. She should ____.
do nothing since charts in Excel remain linked to data sources
To move one slice of a pie chart away from the pie creates a(n) ____.
exploded pie chart
Case 4-2
Anya has just surveyed 100 reviewers to get their reaction to a new marketing ad campaign she is heading. She has one data series that she wants to represent graphically, and she needs to display her data in a way that keeps the percent of the whole data in mind when viewing.

Since it's important for Anya to keep percentages of her whole reviewer base in mind, she wants to represent data as parts of a whole. What chart type would you suggest to Anya?
Depending on the pie chart layout you choose, you can ____.
display a chart legend
b. add percentages to pie slices
c. hide or display the chart title
The ____ is the only one of the following charts to compare relative values from different categories to the whole.
Embedded charts can be moved and resized.
Excel has a built-in format to display four-digit year values, so you do not need to create one
When data bars are used with negative values, the date bars originate from the center of the cell with negative bars extending to the left and positive bars extending to the right.
In pie charts with legends, it's best to make the slice colors as similar as possible.
Sparklines differ from data bars in that the sparklines are always placed in the cells containing the value they represent and each cell represents only a single bar from the bar chart.
Every chart must have a data source.
By default, embedded charts display the chart and any text or figures on separate pages.
PMT function
Pmt( interest_rate, number_payments, PV, FV, Type )
file opens with:
"timecard 1" "worksheet 1"
extension on template file
Every sheet in a workbook is in a group, you can only edit the current one
external cell reference
if out then put link with '=....'!
to change from relative to absolute cell reference