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How are fungus classified?
by the way they reproduce or their reproductive structures
What type of cells do all fungi have?
Fungus cell walls are made of _____?
What important role do fungi have in nature?
Which two organisms often make up a lichen symbiotic relationship?
algae and fungi
Zygote fungi are often observed as _____?
bread molds
What is a commom example of a sac fungi (ascomycote)?
Yeast undergo what process to make bread rise?
Why is the imperfect fungus penicillan important to medicine?
penicillin fungi produce a useful antibiotic
what are thread-like filaments in a multicellular fungus called?
What is a mass of hyphae called?
How are fungi and plants SIMILAR?
they have cell walls

some anchor in soil (grow underground)

eukaryotic cells

may produce spores
What are three ways the fungi and UNLIKE plants?
1. they don't have chlorophyll (cant' photosynthesize)
2. never reproduce by seeds
3. cell walls made of chitin
Fungal spores can be dispersed by _____, ______, and ______.
wind, water, and animals
Ascomycotes are also called _______.
sac fungi
Basidiomycotes are also called _______.
club fungi
Sporangium fungi are also called _______.
What happens when mycelium of two different mating strains meet?
fuze and form a new mycelium that has more nutrients
what does a mycelium with two nuclei in its cells form?
it forms a button, and then a mushroom
What are three fungal diseases?
1. ring worms
2. athletes foot
3. thrush
two types of asexual reproduction in fungi
budding and fragmentation
14. Mushrooms, puffballs, and bracket fungi belong to the group called _______.
club fungi
16. The complex carbohydrate found in the cell wall of most fungi is _______.
the LIVING part of the fungus is found where?
undergroud (the mycelium)
Where is the REPRODUCTIVE parts of the fungus found?
above ground (can't spread spores underground)
the mutualistic relationship between a fungus and a plant root that provides nutrients is _____________
Fungi reproduce sexually by producing _______.
What are some fungi that act as pathogens?
athletes foot
What are fungi that act as mutualists?
lichens (fungus and algae living together)
How are fungi useful?
as food
as antibiotics
as model systems for research
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