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Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome AIDS
Cause by the human immunodeficiency virus HIV. Spread through body fluids like blood, semen, vaginal secretion. Unprotected sex. Not by saliva. Needle, infect mothers.
Follow standard precautions and bloodborne pathogen standard
Paralysis " plegia" on one side " hemi" of the body
Affect arteries that supply blood to the brain. CVA cerebro vascular accident
Stroke occur
A blood vessel in the brain bursts, cerebral hemorrhage. A blood clot block blood flow in the brain
Effect on person
Loss face, hand, arm, leg, or body control. Difficult swallowing " dysphasia " aphasia, urinary frecuency, urgency or incontinente, loss bowel control.
Sing of stroke
Numbness or weakness on face and arm or leg. Confusion, trouble speaking or understanding speech. Trouble seeing in one or both eyes. Walking trouble. Dizziness. Loss balance. Sever headaches
Reposition every 2 hours, deep breathing and coughing, apply elastic stocking " prevent blood clot" in leg. Assist range of motion ROM
Parkinson's disease
Slow disease, progressive disorder with no cure get worse over time
Signs and symptoms
Tremors, pull rolling, stiff muscles, slow movement, mask like expression
Multiple sclerosis
Stars between 20 and 40. Women and whites are great risk
MS sign and symptoms "multiple sclerosis
Blurred or double vision, blindness in one eye. Fatigue, symptoms can last few weeks or few months. Person is remission
Bone "osteo" becomes porous and brittle "porosos" older people are in risks
High blood pressure systolic 140mm Hg diastolic 90mm Hg or higher
Sign and symptoms hypertension
Narrow blood vessels, kidney disorder, head injuries, stroke, hardening of the arteries, heart attack, heart and kidney failure and blindness, and Death.
Pain jaw, neck, feel faint, and perspire. Dypsnea
Myocardial infarction symptoms
Chest pain, usually left side, crushing, stabbing,squeezing, numbness one or both arm, heartburn. Clammy skin, feeling of doom.
More likely to have indigestion. Myocardial
Heart failure
Sodium controlled diet, semi fowler's position is prevents for breathing
Person care
Measuring intake and output, wight daily. Assist with range of motion exercises. Applying elastic stocking = prevent clots.
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD
Involved bronchitis and emphysema. Cigarettes smoking is the most important risk factor
Alveoli enlarge " stay open" less elastic and do not expand. Smoking is the most common factor
Sign and symptoms pneumonia
Sputum: thick and white, green, yellow or rust colored.
Fluid intake is increased, semi- Flowler's position eases breathing, rest is important. Standard precaution are followed. Isolation, mouth care.
Tb is spread by airborne
Tb precaution
Standard precautions and isolation are needed. Biohazard bag