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High "hyper" sugar "gly" in the blood
low blood "Emia" sugar "glyc"
Follow standard precautions and bloodborne pathogen standard. Turn the person's head well to one side, prevents aspirations. Provide comfort
Observer vomitus
Color. odor,and un digested food. Report observations
Hepatitis A spread
By feces from an infected person
Can not produce insulin
Treatment type 1
Daily insulin, healthy eating, and exercise. Good foot care
Post-traumatic stress disorder
PTSD occur after terrifying ordeal
Emotional lows and emotional high
Loss of interest in sex, sad,
ADD physical or mental impairment or both
Developmentally disabled. Need long life care. Independence to the external possibles
Person with DDs
Have the same rights as every citizen
Tantrum "autism"
Problem with social skills
The physical, emotional,social, cultural, and spiritual factors that affect a person's feeling and attitudes about his or her sex
Sexually aggressive person
Politely ask the person not to touch you
Illness baby signs
Jaundice, yellowish color skin, has a fever, cough or sneeze, reddened or irritate eyes.
Anaphylaxis signs
Irregular pulse, low pressure, hoarseness, dypsnea
Tell EMS the time, position person in recovery position, raise head without flexion, loose clothing, keep person quiet and warm.
Emergency care seizure
Time stared, do not leave them alone, loosen jewelry, clothes around neck. Turn in side position. Move furniture, sharp objects. Time ends
Advanced directive
A document stating a person's wishes about health care when that person can not make his or her own decisions
Terminal illness
An illness or injury from which the person will not likely recover
Hospice care
Have less than 6 months to live, focus in physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs
Older people
Fear to dying alone
Stage of dying
Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance
Is last function lost
Self determination act
Advanced directive. Wishes about health care
Signs of death
Body temperature rises, pain decrease, no pulse, no blood pressure and no respiration