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According to the big bang theory, the universe began about ___________

13.7 billion years ago

Based on the observed red shifts in the spectral lines of distant galaxies, astronomers conclude that ______________

The universe is expanding

Where is the sun located in the Milky Way?

Within one of the spiral arms

The next stage in the sun's life cycle

Red giant

Main-sequence star

Is the sun

Matter should admit this and be very hot before being engulfed into a black hole


This star is composed of matter in which electrons have combined with protons

Neutron stars

Is most responsible for the formation of a star


Another name for the interstellar matter that will eventually form a star


A diagram that shows the relationship between temperature and absolute magnitude

Hertz-Russell (H-R)

Is not a type of nebula


This magnitude is associated with the brightest star


If star A is farther from Earth than star B, but both stars have the same absolute magnitude, what is true about their apparent magnitude?

Star B has the greater apparent magnitude

The measure of a star's brightness


Are the units used to express stellar distances


The mass of a star can be determined by studying ________

Binary star systems

The color of a star with the highest surface temperature


The source of the sun's energy

Nuclear fusion

The sun's surface has a grainy texture produced by numerous bright markings called __________


The part of the sun which lies directly above the visible "surface" of the sun


What advantage do space telescopes have over telescopes used on Earth

They are not affected by Earth's atmosphere

The first space telescope built by NASA

Hubble Space Telescope

Weaken the images of stars

Chromatic aberration

Which property of an optical telescope is associated with sharper images?

Resolving power

Is used in a refracting telescope to produce an image

Objective lens

Large doppler shifts indicate __________

high speeds

A typical incandescent light bulb produces a _________

Continuous spectrum

Has the longest wavelength


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