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v. To declare or be evidence of something as true, genuine, or accurate.


n. A statement or principle that requires no proof because its truth is obvious.


adj. Lacking good manners; rude, impolite.


v. To make up, prepare, or invent.


n. Something that grows out of or results from an earlier form or condition. adj. Based on what has gone before; lacking originality.


v. 1. To see the difference; to distinguish. 2. To be or make different.


v. To criticize in a negative, disrespectful manner.


v. 1. To break up and spread out so thinly as to disappear; to scatter or be scattered. 2. To spend or use foolishly.


adj. Not generally known or understood; familiar to only a relatively small number of people.


adj. Relating to the sense of smell.


n. Too great a number; an excess.


v. To make like new; to renovate.


v. 1. To produce and give off. 2. To place so as to be hidden from view; to conceal.


n. (usually plural) A departure from the normal, expected course; a whim or unpredictable action.


adj. 1. Evaporating quickly. 2. Changing readily; explosive; unpredictable.

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