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Based on best practices, which three site elements should remain consistent throughout when designing a website? (Choose three.)
page layout
font formatting
navigation buttons
Which element or idea would NOT be used to improve website usability?
avoid using images
Which three elements are new to HTML5? (Choose three.)
Which option is a capability of Dreamweaver for editing or altering an image?
scaling an image
Which two elements of a web page do screen readers read (choose two.)
alternative text for images
captions for images
Which two file formats are used on web pages so that images can be understood and
rendered by browsers?
7. What are three methods you can use to apply CSS to HTML documents (choose three).
attaching an external style sheet
adding inline styles to individual elements
embedding styles in the head of the document
What is true about copyrights as they pertain to obtaining images for use on a web project?
Unlike patents, copyright is an automatic right and doesn't require registration
Which HTML element assists in increasing your site's popularity by helping search
engines to index the site properly?
When discussing the design plans for an e-commerce site with a retailer moving online,
which goal would address the target audience?
focus on a specific market for online sales
Which three items might appear on the project plan when discussing an upcoming
website with a design team? (Choose three.)
due dates
planning analysis
development timeline
Which file management technique allows a user to notify other group members that
they are working on a specific file, and it should not be altered
using the check out feature
Which option is NOT a benefit of using HTML5 to include video in a web page
it workds on all versions of all browsers
When designing a website, which three layout design techniques create a mirror image
while still providing balance? (Choose three)
horizontal symmetric layout
diagonal symmetric layout
vertical symmetric layout
Which provides the foundation for creating one web site that adapts across a multitude of
CSS3 media queries
Which three video formats are supported by HTML5?
Which path type is a good choice if you move files around a lot or are working on a very
large site?
site root-relative paths
When you set up a remote folder, you also select a connection method for Dreamweaver to
upload and download files to and from your web server. Which is the most typical connection
What are three characteristics of the Properties panel? (choose 3)
its options are contextual and depend on what is selected on the page
it has HTML and CSS buttons that toggle between panes
it provides a field for entering the document title
Circle the following methods that will create a new Document in Dreamweaver.
selecting an option in the welcome screen
pressing a keyboard shortcut
selecting a command under the File menu
Circle all options that are included in the Advances Settings category of the Site Setup dialog
Local Info
Connection type
Web Fonts
Animation Assets (known as EDGE Animation Assets in earlier versions)
Which Dreamweaver Site setup options allows the user to exclude all files that end with the
extension .fla from all site operations?
What are three characteristics of the DOM panel?
It lets you copy paste and duplicate elements
It allows you to drag and drop elements to change their order in the layout
It renders an interactive HTML tree for static and dynamic content.
Which browser has historically present the most challenges for rendering web pages, and
should be checked thoroughly before deploying a site.
internet explorer
Which three areas of feedback should you gather from a client as they relate to the design
plans of a new website?
initial site impression
Which statement is true about optimizing a page for modern search engines?
The meta robots tag is an important tool for controlling web crawler access.
Which two units of measurement allow for the flexible scaling of page elements? (choose