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1st Amendment
Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Right to Assemble and Petition
2nd Amendment
Right to Bear Arms
3rd Amendment
No Quartering of Soldiers
4th Amendment
Freedom from unlawful search and seizure
5th Amendment
Protection from double jeopardy and self incrimination
6th Amendment
Right to a fair and speedy trial
7th Amendment
Guarantees the right to jury trial in civil suits involving $20.00 or more.
8th Amendment
Freedom from cruel and unusual punishment and from excessive bail.
9th Amendment
The people retain all of their rights, even those not mentioned in the Constitution.
10th Amendment
All power not granted by the Constitution is reserved for the States and the People.
Bill of Rights
First 10 amendments to the Constitution
lemon test
A three-part test to determine if the establishment clause has been violated.
establishment clause
Prohibits the establishment of a national religion-1st amendment
habeas corpus
an accused person cannot be jailed indefinitely without being charged with a crime
ex post facto clause
congress can't pass a law that punishes a person retroactively (after the fact)
double jeopardy
Cannot be tried for the same crime twice
eminent domain
allows the government to take property for public use but also requires the government to provide just compensation for that property

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