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U.S. History Chapter 21

Why did FDR use the work "depression"?
He thought it sounded less depressing.
What two steps did Hoover take almost immediately to combat the oncoming depression with federal action?
He cut taxes and increased what the Government spent on public problems.
What kind of assistance to the poor did Hoover favor in place of a dole?
work relief.
What episode involving WW1 veteran in WA D.C. became a problem to the Hoover administration?
the demanded the he give them their bonuses early.
Who were the two major party candidates for the presidency in 1932?
Hoover and Roosevelt.
What two things did Roosevelt do after his inaugeration to del with the depression.
civilian conservation camps (CCC), and the Public Works Administration (PWA).
What was the name for Roosevelt's radio talks used to inspire confidence and approvale for his New Deal Measures?
fireside talks.
What was the common purpose of the CC, the PwA and the WPA?
to provide work for citizen.
Which New Deal program involved the government in the ownership and control of a large electricity-producing industry?
the ten. Valley Authority
How did Roosevelt attempt to make the Supreme Court Support his new deal?
by the court-packing plan. (to add 6 new ppl in congress replacing members over seventy)
In what way did American blacks change their voting patterns during the depression?
they began to vote for the democrats rather than the republicans.
What kidnapping event captured national attention in the 1930s?
the kidnapping of Charles Lindburg's baby.
What was the most popular means of home entertainment during the depression?
the radio.
Why was hoover blamed for the depression?
Because the stock market crashed right after he came into office. He had hoped for continued prosperity but instead was faced with this crisis.
What was the result of Hoovers attempts to get voluntary cooporation in dealing with the depression?
Many business tried to cooperate with him but the rapid decline of the economy kept these efforts from being successful and soon the business owners had.
Why was HOover unable to take action against eh depression in the final months of his office?
because FDR wouldn't agree to any of his plans.
What problematic situation rose to heighten economic tensions in the final days before FDR's inaugeration?
A banking crisis bank failures caused by runs on the banks.
How did FDR calm the banking crisis?
He gave the bank a holiday to calm the public and allow sound banks to prove their stablility.
What two major parts of the new deal legislation were shot down by the Supreme Court?
NIRA and the AAA
What proposal made by FDR following the 1936 election alarmed many democrats and republicans?
the court-packing plan.
What tactic for the CIO introduce to gain concession for workers from industries?
the sit-down strike.