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superior nuchal line of occipital bone

Occipitalis Origin

galea aponeurotica

Occipitalis Insertion

tenses and retracts scalp

Occipitalis Action

galea aponeurotic

Frontalis Origin

skin of eyebrows

Frontalis Insertion

raises eyebrows

Frontalis Action

medial margin of orbit

Orbicularis Oculi Origin

skin of lips

Orbicularis Oculi Insertion

compresses corner of mouth/purses lips

Orbicularis Oculi Action

alveolar process of maxillary bone

Buccinator origin

blends into fibers of orbicularis oris

Buccinator Insertion

compresses cheeks and directs food

Buccinator Action

zygomatic bone near zygomatic maxillary suture

Zygomaticus Major Origin

skin at angle of mouth

Zygomaticus Major Insertion

retracts and elevates corner of mouth (smile)

Zygomaticus Major Action

zygomatic bone posterior to zygomatic temporal suture

Zygomaticus Minor Origin

upper lip

Zygomaticus Minor Insertion

retracts and elevates corner of mouth (smile)

Zygomaticus Minor Action

superior thorax between cartilage of 2nd rib and acromion of scapula

Platysmus Origin

mandible and skin of cheek

Platysmus Insertion

tenses skin of neck and depresses mandible (frown)

Platysmus Action

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