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21 terms

Muscles of Expression

superior nuchal line of occipital bone
Occipitalis Origin
galea aponeurotica
Occipitalis Insertion
tenses and retracts scalp
Occipitalis Action
galea aponeurotic
Frontalis Origin
skin of eyebrows
Frontalis Insertion
raises eyebrows
Frontalis Action
medial margin of orbit
Orbicularis Oculi Origin
skin of lips
Orbicularis Oculi Insertion
compresses corner of mouth/purses lips
Orbicularis Oculi Action
alveolar process of maxillary bone
Buccinator origin
blends into fibers of orbicularis oris
Buccinator Insertion
compresses cheeks and directs food
Buccinator Action
zygomatic bone near zygomatic maxillary suture
Zygomaticus Major Origin
skin at angle of mouth
Zygomaticus Major Insertion
retracts and elevates corner of mouth (smile)
Zygomaticus Major Action
zygomatic bone posterior to zygomatic temporal suture
Zygomaticus Minor Origin
upper lip
Zygomaticus Minor Insertion
retracts and elevates corner of mouth (smile)
Zygomaticus Minor Action
superior thorax between cartilage of 2nd rib and acromion of scapula
Platysmus Origin
mandible and skin of cheek
Platysmus Insertion
tenses skin of neck and depresses mandible (frown)
Platysmus Action