Social Studies Final


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Name the Spanish conquistador that defeated the Incas and the one that defeated the Aztecs.
Incas - Pizarro Aztecs- Cortes
Explain the rebellion of the Zapatistas in Mexico against NAFTA.
The Zapatistas seized control of several towns in southern Mexico.
What has Canada done to try to make the separatist of Quebec happy?
They have made French an official language.
What was the Columbian Exchange?
The Colombian Exchange was a network of Triangular Trade between the New World and Old World.
Why did Prince Henry send ships down the coast of Africa?
He wanted to map the coast of Africa so he could find a water route around Africa to Asia.
What was the most severe punishment of Germany in the Treaty of Versailles?
The 33 billion dollars in reperations.
What was the term used to describe the imaginary line dividing communist and non-communist Europe?
The Iron Curtain
What was the dividing line between communist and non-communist Germany during the Cold War?
The Berlin Wall
What caused the Russian Revolution?
The Czar of Russia was not treating his people right, and sending all supplies to the warfront, resulting in a rebellion against him.
What ended the Cold War?
The collapse of the Soviet Union
How did the Cuban Revolution impact the relationship between Cuba and the U.S.?
Since Castro seized control of all private businesses, the U.S. placed an economic trade embargo on the communist nation.
What country was established by the U.N. in 1947 for the Jews?
What prevented East Germans from crossing over to West Germany?
The Berlin wall
Who was the last emperor of the Aztecs?
Montezuma II
What countries did Simon Bolivar fight to make independent from Spain?
Panama, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela.
How did Canada become an independent country?
Peaceful agreements.
What group of people lived in Australia before colonization by Great Britain? How did those people reach Australia?
The Aborigines, and they reached Australia by migrating using boats from Asia.
Why do many people live in urban areas?
There are more job opportunities.
Where is the English Channel located?
Between the UK and the rest of Europe.
What mountains separate Spain and France? What mountains separate Italy and Germany? What mountains separate Europe and Asia?
The Pyrenees separate Spain and France, The Alps separate Italy and Germany and The Ural Mountains separate Europe and Asia.
Put these countries in the order west to east : Poland, France, Belgium, Ukraine, Spain, Germany, Russia
Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia.
How did the environmental disaster occur in Chernobyl? What country is this in? What was the lasting result?
A nuclear reactor exploded in Ukraine, resulting in soil contamination and no life for thousands of years.
On a map of Australia, identify the Great Barrier Reef, the Coral Sea, Ayers Rock, and the Great Victoria Desert.
The Great Barrier Reef is in the Coral Sea, in the northeast coast of Australia. Ayers Rock is near the center, and the Great Victoria Desert is in the southwest.
Which country colonized Australia and influenced their language and religion the most?
Great Britain.
What area in Canada is rich in mineral resources?
The Canadian Shield.
Why should Canada be concerned about pollution in the Great Lakes?
The water is impure for citizens to drink
What language tree do the major languages of Europe come from? Name the 3 main branches.
The Indo-European tree, and the main 3 branches are Germanic, Romance, and Slavic.
What is one problem caused by having multiple native languages spoken in Europe?
Legal documents have to be reprinted several times in different languages.
What is the name of the place the Jewish worship?
What religion fasts during Ramadan?
Name three different Christian divisions?
Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Protestant.
Why do most Australians live along the Southeast coast?
There are urban areas, which means more jobs.
Which form of government is ruled by ONE person with citizens having no input into decisions?
Of all the countries in North and South America, which ONE country has a government most different from the others?
Name 3 countries that that have both a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy?
Canada, U.K, Australia.
Why was the European Union created?
To make trade easier.
Who is the head of the Australian government?
Prime Minister
Describe how Great Britains Monarch relates to Australia.
The British Monarch is the head of state in Australia
What type of government does Cuba have?
What was one lasting impact of the Cuban Revolution?
Loss of personal freedoms for Cubans
Mexico has a federal government. What does this mean?
Power is divided between central and regional governments
Name two countries outside of Europe that have a Prime Minister as head of government.
Australia and Canada
What is the difference between a parliamentary and presidential system of government.
Parliamentary: citizens vote for parliament only, parliament selects prime minster
Presidential: People vote for President and law making body.
What is the main purpose of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)?
Free trade for member nations
Of the countries of Europe and Latin America, which has an economic system that is closest to pure command?
Which type of economy is controlled by government?
Which type of economy is controlled by private citizens (buyers / sellers)?
Pure Market
Which type of economy is most common today?
What is the difference between each of these trade barriers: quota, tariff, and embargo?
Quota: limited amount of a good imported
Tariff: tax on imports
Embargo: to stop trade completely with a country. (ex: U.S and Cuba)
What is physical capital? What is human capital? Give an example of investment in each.
Physical capital: machines, technology, factory, equipment (ex: buying a better machine)
Human Capital: knowledge, skills, and education of the worker (ex: paying for training)
When is it necessary for countries to exchange currencies?
When they are trading with each other, makes trade easier
What largely supports Australia's economy today?
What is meant by the term "pure market" economy?
No government regulations
What type of economy can cause shortages if the government does not correctly predict which goods will be needed by the people?
What is specialization?
how a factory can produce more goods for less money and less time.
What are savings?
putting money aside for a great benefit later
What is interest?
a fee the bank charges to loan money
What is spending?
exchanging of money for goods or services