NBE Prep - Caskets/Containers

What are the softwoods?
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Thin crinkled cloth of silk, cotton, rayon, or woolCrepeSmooth, lustrous face and dull back. made from silk, nylon, or rayon.SatinSilk, cotton and possibly rayon, with a thick, soft pile or napVelvetMade from flax; noted for strength, coolness and lusterLinenWoven to look like linenLinen weaveThreads are crossed over one another to give an appearance of diagonal linesTwill weaveFully opened at the head and footFull couchTop is divided into two sections. Only the head section is open.Half couchCap is in two pieces, the rim (ogee) and foot panel is one piece which is hinged to the top body molding; and the head panel being the second piece which is hinged to the rim (ogee)Single hinged panelThe rim (ogee), crown and pies are formed as one unit and raise as one piecePerfection full couchThe rim (ogee), crown and pies are formed as one unit with a transverse cut in the cap, forming a tow piece lid for the casketPerfection half couchType of finish that is painted, then scratched, then polished to a high gloss. On high end caskets because it is so labor intensive.BrushedType of finish where a base metal is coated by another metal via an electrolytic process.PlatedType of finish where a substance wrinkles as it dries. Used on less expensive caskets.CrinkledInterior size of metal casket23-24" X 78"Interior size of wood casket22-24" X 75"Exterior size of caskets29" X 84"Twilled, napped, woolen or worsted fabricBroadclothHeavy durable cotton fabricDoeskin (Moleskin)Utilizes the air pressure created by placing the dome of the vault onto the base.Air sealUtilizes an epoxy compound in conjunction with a tongue-in-groove closure at the top.Top sealUtilizes air seal with an epoxy at the junction of the dome and base.Double sealVault dimenstions30" X 86"Protection from earth load without sealingGrave linerProtection from earth load, outside elements, and it sealsVaultAny container designed for placement in the grave around the casketOuter burial containerTypes of alternative containersCorrugated, particle board/plywood, rental casket insertMinimum volume for urn200 cubic inchesSalixMany different species of woodAny metal formed from iron (galvanized steel, steel, stainless steel)Ferrous metalUS Standard Gauge. Standard MeasurementGaugeSteel coated with zincGalvanizedNot from iron. (Copper and bronze)Non-ferrousHow is non-ferrous measured?In ounces per square foot. Brown and Sharp Gauge. Usually 32 oz or 48 oz. The higher the number the thicker the metal.Outer enclosure for protection during transportationTransfer containerTransfer container with wooden tray with a cardboard coveringAir trayGasket-sealed container. Can be inserted into a casket or seperate shipping container.Ziegler caseParticle board box with cardboard tray and cover to satisfy air shipping regulations.Combination caseNon-movable handle consisting of a lug only?Swing bar handleWhat helps you remember padding materials?Could Polly Send Some Excelsior (Cotton, Polyethylene Foam, Shredded Paper, Spun Polyester, Excelsior)What helps you remember lining materials?Crap! Some Velvet Lined Liar Twerked (Crepe, Satin, Velvet, Linen, Linen weave, Twill weave)An alloy of copper, tin, and sometimes zinc?Bronze