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Texas Revolution

first place that Santa Anna's army encountered Texans; a mission close to San Antonio; difficult to defend because it was so large; siege lasting 13 days; Mexicans took no quarter and no prisoners; 200 men fought to the death; 1 black slave and some escapees managed to escape.
Santa Anna
Mexican dictator who was in charge when war broke out between the Mexicans and Americans. He lost Texas to rebels, and was the leader of the armed forces during the war.
Stephen Austin
first and most successful Texan empresario
Miles marched by Santa Anna's army
Santa Anna was proud that his army knew how to ______
Jim Bowie
United States pioneer and a leader of the Texas revolt against Mexico
Davy Crockett
United States frontiersman and Tennessee politician who died at the siege of the Alamo
William Barrett Travis
The man who led the Texan rebels to revolt against Mexico; held Alamo for nearly two weeks before dying
William Barrett Travis' slave
30 dollars and convert to Catholicism
American immigrants to Texas needed to pay and do this in order to get their land
Sam Houston
leader of Texian army during Texan Revolution
Goliad and Alamo
Two Texan defeats which served only to strengthen their morale with these battle cries
Treaty of Velasco
Texans captured Santa Anna and forced him to sign it recognizing Texas.
Blood red flag
Signifies that no quarter will be given
Battle of Gonzalez
"Come and Take It" battle
Battle of San Jacinto
Sam Houston defeated Santa Anna decisively
Santa Anna was the country's ____ ___
Cannon Shot
Reply to the Red Flag
Amount of soldiers who died while marching to Texas
acres of land
Americans who moved to Texas were offered ____
An extra reason that Santa Anna lost was because he did not have any ______