Black History Bowl- science & inventors


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Bessie Coleman
She became the World's first African-American woman pilot in 1921. She taught other black women to fly and thrilled thousands with her daring airborne feats.
Meharry Medical College
Between 1876-1976 nearly half of the practicing African American doctors in the United States graduated from this medical college. What is the name of the college?
Andrew Jackson Beard
The automatic railroad coupler, also know as the "Jenny" coupler was patented by an African American inventor in 1897. Who was he?
Michael P. Anderson
Who was the lieutenant colonel in the US Air Force killed on Feb 1, 2003 when the Space Shuttle Columbia broke up during reentry over Texas?
Dr. Alexa Canady
Who became the first black woman in America to perform neurosurgery in 1984?
Guion Bluford
Who was the first Black American to journey into space?
George Washington Carver
What black American scientist and inventor received a patent for his process of producing paint?
Lt. Col. Guion Bluford, Jr.
The first Black astronaut to go in space. During his career as an astronaut, he logged 688 hours in space working on 4 shuttle missions.
Frederick Jones
What Black American invented a temperature control system?
Dr. Susan McKinney
Who was the first African American woman to be formally certified as a doctor?
Rufus Stokes
Who was the African American inventor who received a patent in 1968 for the development of an air purification device that reduced gas and ash emissions from furnace and power plant smokestacks?
National Medical Association
Name the medical organization founded by black doctors in 1947 in response to the discriminatory membership practices of the then all-white American Medical Association.
Dr. Terrence Roberts
Following the historic year at Central High School, his family moved to Los Angeles where he completed high school. He earned a doctorate degree and teaches at the University of California at Los Angeles and Antioc College. He also is a clinical psychologist. Who is he?
Approximately how many years did it take Matthew Henson and Robert Peary to reach the top of the North Pole?
Archie A. Alexander (1888 - 1958)
Who built the Whitehurst Freeway in Washington, D. C.?
Mark Dean
He was the first African American to receive an IBM Fellowship and in 1999 lead the team that built a gigaherz (1000mhz) chip that performed a billion calculations per second. Who is he?
Pedro Alonso Nino
Who was the pilot of the Nina, one of the three boats in Christopher Columbus's historic voyage?
Peanuts, sweet potatoes and soybeans
George Washington Carver discovered products from which three sources?
Tuskegee Institute
Where did George Washington Carver conduct his research?
Louis Howard Latimer
Who developed the carbon filament, which greatly improved Thomas Edison's incandescent lamp?
Boston New England Hospital for Women and Children
Caroline Still's (a pioneer in the field of medicine) application for an internship was rejected due to her race at which hospital?
Louis Howard Latimer
As the chief draftsman of General Electric and Westinghouse Companies, who supervised the installation of electric lights in New York, Philadelphia, Montreal and London
Elijah McCoy
Who invented the automatic lubricator, a lubricating cup that distributed oil automatically to the moving parts of trains?
Jan Matseliger
Who created the lasting machine, an invention that substantially cut shoe manufacturing costs and revolutionized the shoe manufacturing industry?
Garrett Morgan
Who created the gas mask?
Garrett Morgan
Who invented the first automatic traffic signal?
Granville Woods
Who created an automatic air brake system, an important step toward greater railroad safety?
Telephone transmitter, third rail for electric railways, electric egg incubator, automatic safety cutoff for electrical circuits, electromagnetic brake
What are some of the other inventions of Granville Woods?
William A. Hinton
Who was the first black professor of the Harvard Medical School?
William A. Hinton
The Hinton test is named for its inventor?
Norbert Rillieux
Who invented a vacuum pan and chamber that revolutionized the way sugar was made?
Patricia E. Bath, M. D.
Who invented the cataract laserphacoprobe, a medical instrument that removes cataracts from the eye?
Patricia E. Bath, M. D.
Who was the first black female surgeon appointed to UCLA and founded the Student Medical Association at Howard University?
Hermon L. Grimes
Who received a patent as the inventor of the Folding Wing Aircraft, which was used in combat on aircraft carriers?
(improved) monkey wrench
For what tool did Jack Johnson receive a patent?
John James Audobon
The Audobon Society, an organization for the protection of birds is named after?
George Washington Murray
Which inventor and U. S. Congressman placed the names of 91 black inventors in the Congressional Record?
Dr. Daniel Hale Williams
Who founded Chicago's Provident Hospital?
Dr. Daniel Hale Williams
He performed the first surgery on the pericardium, the sac surrounding the heart in 1893, and was the only black charter member of the American College of Surgeons. Who was he?
Benjamin Banneker
In 1791 who was recruited to assist in the survey of federal land for a new national capital city, Washington, D.C.?
Dr Ronald McNair
On February 3, 1984, which mission specialist along with his fellow crewmembers on space shuttle mission 41-B executed the first runway landing of the Challenger at Kennedy Space Center?
Pediatric Neurosurgeon or Neurosurgeon
Best known for his role in a complex operation separating Siamese twins joined at the head, what is the profession of Dr Benjamin Carson?
Lonnie Johnson
Who is the African American inventor who holds over 20 patents and created the popular toy, the Super Soaker water gun that has grossed over a million dollars in retail sales?
Otis Boykin
He was the inventor of a variable resistor used in guided missiles and an electronic control unit for an artificial heart stimulator (pacemaker). Who was he?
James Beckwourth/Beckwourth Pass
In 1844, who discovered a passage through the Sierra Nevada mountain range, which became an overland wagon route to the upper Sacramento Valley? What is the pass now called?
Mae C. Jemison
On Sept 12, 1992 she became the first African-American woman in space on board the space shuttle Endeavor?
Dorie Miller
a messman aboard the USS Arizona, manned a 50-caliber anti-aircraft machine gun, downing 4 planes during this attack on December 7, 1941 on Pearl Harbor Attack
Norma Merrick Sklarek
I was the first Black woman to be licensed as an architect in the U. S. in 1950. I formed my own architectural firm 'Siegel, Sklarek, Diamond' in 1985. I was born on April 15, 1928. Who am I?
Matthew A. Henson
In 1909, I accompanied Robert E. Peary on the first successful U.S. expedition to the North Pole. Who am I
John Albert Burr
I invented the lawn mower in 1899. Who am I?
William Barry
I invented the postmarking and canceling machine in 1897. Who am I?
Elijah McCoy
I invented the oil cup in 1876? Who am I?
William B. Purvis
I invented the fountain pen in 1890 and the hand stamp in 1883. Who am I
Andrew J. Beard
I invented the rotary engine in 1892. Who am I?
Jerome B. Rhodes
I invented the water closet in 1899. Who am I?
Willis Johnson
I invented the egg beater in 1884. Who am I
William F. Burr
I invented the switching device for railways in 1899? Who am I?
Regina Benjamin, MD
I became Surgeon General to the U. S. in 2009 and was the youngest person to be elected to the American Medical Association's Board of Trustees.
Bessie Coleman
I was the first licensed African American pilot in the world.
Jocelyn Elders
I was the first African American woman to serve as the Surgeon General to the U. S.
Nathaniel Alexander
I was the first to patent the folding chair. Who am I?
Thomas Martin
I patented the fire extinguisher in 1872. Who am I?
John Love
I invented the pencil sharper in 1892. Who am I?
Gloria Ray Karlmark
What Black America She graduated from Illinois Technical College and received a post-graduate degree in Stockholm, Sweden. She was a prolific computer science writer and at one time successfully published magazines in 39 countries. Now retired, she divides her time between homes in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Stockholm where her husband's family lives. Who is she?
The first wooden clock in the American colonies
In 1753, what did Benjamin Banneker build?
Charles Drew
scientist developed a way of separating blood plasma?