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anterior tibilais
O: tibia (upper 2/3 of lateral surface) interossesous membrane highest part of the superficial crural fascia
I: media cuneiform (medial and plantar surface) medial surface of 1st metatarsal
action: taclocrual-> dorsiflexion
subtalar-> inversion
O: fibula (head, neck, posterior surface) tibia (soleal line via tendinous arch)
I: calcaneal tuberosity via the calcaneal (achilles) tendon
action: talocrual --> plantar flexion
posterior tib
O- interossesous membrane adjacent borders of tibia and fibula
I- Navicular tuberoisty cuneiform (medial, intermeidate lateral) base of 2-4th metartasal
action: talocrural - plantar flexion , subtalar- inversion
Obturator Internus
O:inner surface of obturator membrane and its bony boundaries
I: medial surface of greater trochanter
Action- external rotation, ADD, extension
O: pelvic surface of sacrum
I: apex of greater trochanter of femur
action: external rotation, ABD and extension
Glut med
O: ilium (gluteal surface below the iliac crest btwn the anterior and posterior gluteal line)
I: greater trochanter of femur (lateral surface)
action ABD
superior O: ischial spine
inferior O: ischial tuberosity
jointly w/ obutrator interior tendon (middle surface of the greater trochanter)
action- ER, ADDd, extension
Quadratus femoris
O: lateral border of ischial tuberosity
I: intertrochanteric crest of the femur
action: external rotation and ADD
O: pectin pubis
I: pectineal line and proximal linea aspera of the femur
action: ADD, ER