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Blood Collection, Equipment, Additives, and Order of Draw

What additive in a blood sample can inhibit the metabolism of glucose by cells?
NaF (Sodium Fluoride)
What tube would you use to collect a serum specimen?
SST (Serum Separator Tube)
In a successful venipuncture, evacuated tubes fill automatically as soon as the tube is pierced because of:
premeasured vacuum in each tube
Lavender stopper or closure tubes are most commonly used to collect:
hematology tests
Lithium heparin is a suitable anticoagulant for what test?
BMP (basic metabolic panel)
What additive can be found in a royal blue top collection tube?
EDTA or no additive
Measurement of copper, a trace element, requires blood collection in a tube with a:
royal blue top
If phlebotomists have dermitis, they should:
wear a barrier hand cream or lotion
Which disinfectant is preferred by the HICPAC for use on surfaces and instruments?
EPA-registered sodium hypochlorite product
After a blood spill, a disinfectant is applied and have at least________minutes of contact time for cleanup to be effective.
10 minutes
If hands are heavily contaminated with organic material, and a sink is not available, the phlebotomist should clean them with:
detergent-containing wipes followed by a sanitizer
What is a venoscope?
transillumination device for locating veins
This guage of needle is used primarily as a transfer needle rather than for blood collection.
Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA) regulations require that after use the:
tube holder with needle attached be disposed of as a unit
The headspace in an evacuated tube is:
a consistent amount of air space left when a tube is filled properly
Tubes designed by the manufacturer to be "short draw" are:
made to fill only partially
ETS tube additives are:
clot activators, anticoagulants, silicon gels
Plastic red top tubes used to collect blood specimens contain:
This test can be affected by cross-contamination from a light blue top:
What test might be affected by carryover from an EDTA tube?
creatine kinase
These additives can potentially affect an alkaline phosphate test:
citrate, oxalate, EDTA
The partial thromboplastin time is potentially affected by these additives:
This antiseptic has been traditionally used to obtain the high degree of skin antisepsis required when collecting blood cultures.
Which is the preferred solution to clean up blood spills?
An EPA-approved bleach product
A solution used to clean the site before routine venipuncture is:
70% isopropyl alcohol
Wearing gloves during phlebotomy procedures is mandated by the following agency:
What criterion is used to decide which needle guage to use for venipuncture?
size and condition of the vein
To what does the "guage" of the needle relate?
Multisample needles are typically available in these guages.
The slanted tip of the needle is called the:
The purpose of the rubber sleeve that covers the tube end of a multi-sample needle is to:
prevent leakage of blood during tube changes
A phlebotomy needle that does not have a safety feature:
musst be used with a holder with a safety feature
Glass evacuated tubes are coated with silicon to:
keep blood from clinging to the tube interior
Which stopper color identifies a tube used for coagulation testing?
light blue
Which tube will yeild a serum sample?
red top
The cleaning agent in hand sanitizers used in healthcare is:
Heparin prevents blood from clotting by:
inhibiting thrombin
Which department would most likely perform the test on a specimen collected in an SPS tube?
A royal blue top with green color coding on the label contains:
What substance is an anticoagulant:
It is important to fill oxalate tubes to the stated fill capactiy because excess oxalate:
causes hemolysis of blood specimens
This substance in contained in a serum separator tube?
thixotropic gel
What is the purpose of an antiglycolytic agent?
preserve glucose
Glass particles present in serum separator tubes:
activate clotting
What is the best tube for collecting and ETOH (ethanol) specimen?
gray top
This test is collected in a light blue top tube:
prothrombin time
What STAT test is typically collected in a lithium heparin tube?
This tube stopper color indicates that the tube contains EDTA.
What anticoagulant is contained in a plasma separator(gel-barrier) tube?
The purpose of sodium citrate is specimen collection is to:
protect coagulation factors
The part of the syringe that shows measurements in cc or mL is called the:
This part of the evacuated tube holder is meant to aid in smooth tube removal:
The best choice of equipment for drawing difficult veins is a:
butterfly and ETS holder
If a blood pressure cuff is used for venipuncture in place of a tourniquet, the pressure used must be:
below the patient's diastolic pressure
This gel separator tube contains EDTA:
PPT (Plasma preparation tube)
Which additive contains a substance that inhibits phagocytosis of bacteria by white blood cells?
sodium polyanethol sulfonate
Which type of test is most affected by tissue thromboplastin contamination?
A pink top tube containing EDTA is primarily used for:
blood bank test
Which chemistry tube could contain either of two different forms of an anticoagulant salt because both have the same stopper. blue, gray, green, or tan?
How many tubes with different color stoppers can go to the chemistry department?
An ETS holder and a syringe transfer device look very similar. What is the difference between the two?
there is a permanently attached needle with a sleeve inside the transfer device
A prothrombin time (PT) and platelet count are ordered on an 80-year-old female patient. Deciding to use a butterfly and "short draw" evacuated tubes on the tiny cephalic vein on the dorsal side of the right arm, the phlebotomist collects the light blue tube first and the lavender last. Why would you suspect that the PT test results might be incorrect and the platelet count unaffected.
no tube was drawn to remove air in the butterfly tubing