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Tourism in Bujagali, Uganda


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Whitewater rafting
This is the main tourist attraction on the White Nile
Many travel to the White Nile and several weeks just to do this activity
Multiplier effect
This is the idea that money in an area circulates and brings benefits to everyone in a community by creating jobs directly and indirectly, and therefore bringing more taxes to the government.
Volunteer tourism
This is a type of tourist where people help with a charitable organisation.
Income inequality
This means differences in the amount of money that people earn in their job. In Bujagali the local safety kayakers and raft guides earn around $40 / trip whereas some people in the community (older villagers usually) are poor subsistence farmers.
Soft Power Education
A charity that works in Bujagali and the surrounding area to improve the conditions in schools. They rely on volunteer tourists and bring the benefits of tourism to the whole community.
Soft Power Health
A charity that works in Bujagali to improve health care. They have a clinic in the village and educate people about family planning (how many children to have) and malaria prevention.
Kayak the Nile
A kayaking company based on the river. Owned by a British couple, they employ Ugandan guides who teach people how to kayak.
Nile River Explorers
A white water rafting company and the main campsite in Bujagali.
This is the idea that money from tourism leaves the area. This is often the case with large western businesses where profits go back to the Head Office location, or supplies need to be brought from abroad. This reduces the economic benefit of tourism for the local area.
Erosion of culture
When local traditions get lost as local people begin to embrace the culture of the tourists. In Bujagali this is happening with some younger people who dress and act more like the tourists.
New skills
Tourism can bring opportunities for local people to learn new things. For example the quad biking company has trained guides and mechanics. Those involved in tourism are also learning English from tourists.
Boda boda
These are motorbike taxis that get business from tourists.
These are minibus taxis that get business from tourists.
All Terrain Adventures
The quad biking company in Bujagali
Horse riding
A new attraction for tourists near to Bujagali to travel through local villages and by the river on horseback
Learning English
One of the benefits local people get from interacting with tourists
Skipping school
Some children do this because they can earn money from tourists, especially irresponsible tourists
The White Nile
This is the part of the Nile river that starts in Uganda.
Lake Victoria
This is the largest lake in Africa, and the start of the White Nile
The adventure capital of East Africa. It is a town / city 8km from Bujagali.
Local entrepreneurs
Backpackers, volunteer tourists and kayakers are happy to spend money in local restaurants and use local transport. This means locals get money directly from tourists, creating more jobs, reducing leakage and maximising the multiplier effect.

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