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A Midsummer Night's Dream Characters


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Hermia's father; wants Hermia to marry Demetrius; is upset when she refuses; asks Theseus to make Hermia marry Demetrius
Daughter of Egeus; wants to marry Lysander; refuses to marry Demetrius; plans to run away with Lysander; tells Helena her and Lysander's plan to run away; doesn't run away with Lysander; ends up marrying Lysander
Loves Hermia; makes a plan to run away with Hermia; falls in love with Helena in woods; fights Demetrius for Helena; ends up marrying Hermia; doesn't run away with Hermia
Loves Hermia; used to love Helena; goes into woods to find Hermia and Lysander before they can flee; hates Helena; while in woods, he falls in love with Helena; ends up marrying Helena; fights Lysander over Helena
Loves Demetrius; was once loved by Demetrius; while in woods, is loved by both Lysander and Demetrius; old friend of Hermia; tells Demetrius Hermia and Lysander's plan; follows Demetrius into woods; ends up marrying Demetrius
Tradesman; decides to put on play for wedding; assigns parts
Tradesman; assigned Pyramus; wants to play every part of play; head gets turned into a donkey's head; is loved by Titania; only mortal who can see fairies
Tradesman; likes things to be put nice and tight together; assigned the
Tradesman; assigned the part of the ; fixes the tea kettle spouts
Queen of the fairies; falls in love with Bottom; is taking care of an Indian boy; fights with Oberon; had a crush on Theseus; refuses to give up the Indian boy
King of the fairies; fights Titania; wants the Indian boy; tells Puck to put the flower jiuce on Titania's and Demetrius's eyes