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HyperpneaRapid breathingHypertensionHigh blood pressureHypothermiaLow body tempHypotensionLow blood pressureIdiopathiccondition of unknown causeLateralOuter side of the bodyOrthodonticsSpeciality in teethPathogeniccapable of producing diseaseTachycardiaFast heart rate - pulseThermometerdevice to measure body heatEdemaExcess interstitial fluid that makes skin swollenAnemiaBlood is deficient in red blood cellsAppendicitisinflammation of vermiform appendixArteriosclerosisHardening of the arteriesCardiopathyHeart diseaseAngiographyx-ray of vascular systemArthroscopyExamination of a jointBuccal membranetissue lining the inside of cheekCPREmergency method of life savingCephalocaudalProceeding in direction from head to toeElectroencephalogramtest or record of brain activityChondritisinflammation of the jointsdenturesFalse teethDentrificeAgent used to clean teethPulmonary embolusblockage of main artery in lungs by fatGingivitisgums are red swollen and bleedingHematocritProportion of RBC to total blood volumeLymphadentisSwollen glands - infection of lymph nodesOccipitofrontalback and front of headOralmethod of eating, a spoken ecamOropharynxPortion of the pharynx from the soft palate to the level of the hyoid boneSomatic painPain that originates in the bodyStethoscopeMedical device used to listen to internal noicesStomatitisinflammation of mucus lining in the mouthStomaMouthlike opening in oral cavityThrombosisblood cot in circulatory system in veinsPhlebitisInflammation in the veinVentrolateralPertaining to the front and side of the bodyAbductionThe movement of a limb away from the bodyAdductionMovement of limb towards the bodyAntipyreticAn agent that reduces feverAntibioticMedicine to fight bacterial infectionsBronchoscopeSee inside of lungs and airwaysBronchodilatorSubstance that dialates the bronchiolesCirrhosisDisease of the liver that yellows the liver and skinContralateralOpposite side of a point of referenceContraindicateA reason to withhold a medical treatmentCholecystogramVisualize gallbladder - xrayCysitisUrinary bladder inflamationCytologyThe study of cellsPhagocytosisCell eatingDextrogastriaStomach on right side of the bodyDorsal recumbent positionlay on your backEndoscopeTo look inside a body cavityErythrocyteRed blood cellErythemaRedness of the skinHemiplegiaParalysis of one side of the bodyHepatitisinflammation in the liverGastroenteritisInflammation of the stomachHeterosexualSexually interested in the opposite sexInfraclavicularBeneath the clavicleIntercostalBetween the ribsIntramuscularInside muscleIntravenousInside veinsLeukocyteWhite blood cellMalnutritionNot enough nutritionMalpracticebad practiceMastitisInfection in the breastMyelogramx-ray of the spinal cordMyocardial infarctionHeart attackOculomotorPair of cranial nerves essential for eye movements through intrinsic and extrinsic musclesOliguiraSmall amounts of urineOssificationDevelopment of boneOtoscopeINstrument used for inspecting the ear drumPandemicDisease nationwidePeriorbitalaround the eyePolydipsiaAbnormal thirstPolyuriaExcessive passage of urinePostinfectiousOccuring after infectionPreoperative periodPreceding a medical operationPseudocystFalse cystRetroperitonealBehind the perionealSinistrocularStronger vision of the left eyeSublingualunder the tongueSuperiorAboveSuprapubicAbove the pubisparacentesisFluid from the abdomen is removed with a needleGermicidalKilling pathogenic microorganismsPhagocyteCell that absorbs waste materialsAppendectomySurgical removal of the vermiform appendixGlycolysisBreakdown of glucose by enzymesCardiomegalyHypertrophy or enlargement of the heartGerotologyStudy of the aspects of agingColostomySurgical procedure in which a stoma is formed in the large intestineTracheotomyCutting into the tracheaArthroplastySurgical replacement of a deformed jointHemiplegiaParalysis of the same part of the bodyParaplegiaParalysis of the lower extremitiesGastroscopyViewing of the gastrotractProctoscopyViewing of the anal cavityCervicitisinflammation of the uterine cervixThermogenesisProduction of the heart by the cells of the bodyCongenitalHaving a particular trait at birthElectrocardiogramRecords heart activityRadiographyx-rayKinesthesiaSensing relative body partsLipomaTumor composed of fatty cellsPneumoniaInflammatory condition of the lungPulmonary embolusBlockage of the main arteryVisceralInternal organsEviscerationExtrusion of internal organs