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Captopril - Nursing Interventions

Assess for skin rash, pruritus. Assist with ambulation. Monitor urinalysis for protein uria. Assess for anorexia secondary to altered taste perception. Monitor serum potassium levels in tissue on concurrent diuretic therapy

Clonidine - Nursing Interventions

Monitor bowel movement. If W/D clonidine, discontinue concurrent beta-blocker therapy several days before discontinuing clondine, slowly reduce clondine dosage over 2-4 days

Hydralazine Hydrochloride - Nursing Interventions

Monitor for H, palpations, tachycardia. Assess for peripheral edema of hands, feet. Monitor daily pattern of bowel activity and stool consistency.

Losartan - Nursing Interventions

Maintain hydration. Assess for evidence of URI, cough. Assist with ambulation if drowsiness. Monitor daily bowel movement, monitor B/P, pulse

Furosemide - Nursing Interventions

Monitor B/P, vitals, electrolytes, I&O, wt., note extent of diuresis. Watch for change from initial assessment. Hyponatrimia may result in confusion, thirst, cold/clammy skin

Hydrochlorothiazide - Nursing Interventions

monitor B/P, vitals, electrolytes, I&O, wt., note extent of diuresis. Watch for change from initial assessment. Be especially alert for potassium depletion in pts. Taking digoxin. Potassium supplements are frequently ordered. Check for constipation.

Mannitol - Nursing Interventions

Monitor urinary output to ascertain treatment response, monitor serum electrolytes, BUN, renal/hepatic function test. Assess wital signs, skin turgor, mucous membrane, weigh daily.

Spironolactone - Nursing Interventions

Monitor electrolytes, B/P, hyponatremi, mental confusion, thirst, cold/clammy skin, drowsiness, dry mouth. Monitor for hyperkalemia, colic, diarrhea, muscle twitching followed by weakness, arrhythmias

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