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一 分
いちぶ; n, one tenth, one hundredth, one percent, one tenth of a sun, one quarter ryou (an old coin)
一 二
いちに; n, the first and second, a few
十 一
じゅういち; n, 11, eleven, Hodgson's hawk-cuckoo (Cuculus fugax), Horsfield's hawk cuckoo
一 時
いちじ; n-t, one o'clock, n-adv, n-t, once, at one time, formerly, before, n-adv, n-t, adj-no, for a time, for a while, for the time being, for the present, for the moment, temporarily, n, a time, one time, once
一 月
いちがつ; n-adv, January
一 日
ついたち; n, first day of the month, first ten days of the lunar month
十 二
じゅうに; n, 12, twelve
二 十
にじゅう; n, twenty
二 分
にぶん; n, vs, adj-no, halving, bisection, the two equinoxes (vernal and autumnal)
二 月
にがつ; n-adv, February
二 日
ふつか; n, second day of the month, two days
三 十
さんじゅう; num, thirty
十 三
じゅうさん; n, 13, thirteen
三 月
さんがつ; n-adv, March
三 日
みっか; n, the third day of the month, three days
三 時
さんじ; n-adv, 3 o'clock, 3 o'clock snack
四 月
しがつ; n-adv, April
四 日
よっか; n, fourth day of month, four days
十 四
じゅうし; n, 14, fourteen
四 十
よんじゅう; n, forty
十 五
じゅうご; n, 15, fifteen
五 十
ごじゅう; n, fifty
五 分
ごぶ; n-adv, n, half, 50%, tie, evenness, 5 parts, 5%
五 日
いつか; n, the fifth day of the month, five days
五 月
ごがつ; n-adv, May
六 十
ろくじゅう; n, sixty
十 六
じゅうろく; n, 16, sixteen
六 日
むいか; n, sixth day of the month, six days
六 月
ろくがつ; n-adv, June
七 十
しちじゅう; n, seventy
十 七
じゅうしち; n, 17, seventeen
七 日
なのか; n-adv, the seventh day of the month, seven days
七 月
しちがつ; n-adv, July
八 十
はちじゅう; n, eighty
十 八
じゅうはち; n, 18, eighteen
八 日
ようか; n, the eighth day of the month, eight days
八 月
はちがつ; n-adv, August
九 九
くく; n, multiplication table, times table
十 九
じゅうきゅう; n, 19, nineteen
九 十
きゅうじゅう; n, ninety
九 月
くがつ; n-adv, September
九 日
ここのか; n, the ninth day of the month, nine days
十 月
じゅうがつ; n-adv, October
十 日
とおか; n, the tenth day of the month, ten days
十 分
じゅうぶん; adj-na, plenty, enough, sufficient, satisfactory, adequate, n, vs, division into ten, adv, perfectly, thoroughly, fully, in full
何 十
なんじゅう; n, several tens
月 日
がっぴ; n, (the) date
曜 日
ようび; n, day of the week
半 日
はんにち; n-adv, n-t, half day
日 時
にちじ; n, date and time
日 日
ひにち; n, the number of days, date
日 曜
にちよう; n-adv, n, Sunday
今 日
きょう; n-t, today, this day, these days, recently, nowadays
何 時
いつ; n-adv, pn, when, how soon
時 半
じはん; n, about an hour, short time, suf, half past (the hour)
水 分
すいぶん; n, water, liquid, fluid, moisture, humidity, sap, juice
半 分
はんぶん; n-adv, n, half
何 分
なにぶん; n, adj-no, some, any, (a) little, of some kind, of some sort, adv, please, anyway, anyhow, at any rate, after all
今 週
こんしゅう; n-adv, n-t, this week
今 年
ことし; n-adv, n-t, this year
今 月
こんげつ; n-adv, n-t, this month
半 年
はんとし; n-adv, n-t, half year
半 月
はんつき; n-adv, n-t, half-moon, half month, semicircle
年 金
ねんきん; n, adj-no, annuity, pension
年 月
としつき; n, months and years
月 曜
げつよう; n-adv, n-t, Monday
火 曜
かよう; n-adv, n, Tuesday
水 曜
すいよう; n-adv, n, Wednesday
木 曜
もくよう; n-adv, n, Thursday
土 木
どぼく; n, public works
お 金
おかね; n, money
金 曜
きんよう; n-adv, n-t, Friday
土 曜
どよう; n-adv, n, Saturday
三 千
さんぜん; n, 3000, many
一 千
いっせん; n, 1,000, one thousand
何 千
なんぜん; n, many thousands
四 千
よんせん; n, four thousand
万 国
ばんこく; n, adj-no, all countries, the whole world, universal, all nations
万 人
ばんにん; n, all people, everybody, ten thousand people
万 一
まんいち; n, emergency, unlikely event, adv, by some chance, by some possibility
百 万
ひゃくまん; n, 1,000,000, one million, million, many
十 万
じゅうまん; n, 100,000, hundred thousand
万 年
まんねん; n, ten thousand years, eternity
少 年
しょうねん; n, boy, juvenile, young boy, youth, lad
少 女
しょうじょ; n, young lady, little girl, virgin, maiden, daughter
午 後
ごご; n-adv, n-t, afternoon, p.m.
後 半
こうはん; n, second half, latter half
後 日
ごじつ; n-adv, n-t, in the future, another day, later
前 後
ぜんご; n, front and rear, front and back, before and behind, before and after, order, context, consequences, n, vs, inversion, reversion, getting out of order, co-occurring, n-suf, n, around, about, approximately, nearly
今 後
こんご; n-adv, n-t, from now on, hereafter
生 後
せいご; n-adv, n-t, post-natal, since birth
午 前
ごぜん; n-adv, n-t, morning, a.m.
前 週
ぜんしゅう; n-adv, n-t, last week, the week before
お 前
おまえ; pn, adj-no, you (formerly honorific, now sometimes derog. term referring to an equal or inferior), presence (of a god, nobleman, etc.)
名 前
なまえ; n, name, full name, given name, first name
人 前
ひとまえ; n, the public, company
前 年
ぜんねん; n-adv, n-t, the preceding year, the previous year, last year
前 日
ぜんじつ; n-adv, n-t, previous day, day before, eve, prior day, preceding day
生 前
せいぜん; n-adv, n-t, while alive, during one's lifetime
男 前
おとこまえ; n, handsome man
前 半
ぜんはん; n, first half
何 百
なんびゃく; n, hundreds
四 百
よんひゃく; n, four hundred
三 百
さんびゃく; n, 300, three hundred, 300 mon, trifling amount, two-bit item, shyster
二 百
にひゃく; n, two hundred, 200
一 円
いちえん; n, one yen, suf, adv, throughout (an area), whole district
毎 年
まいとし; n-t, every year, yearly, annually
毎 月
まいげつ; n-adv, n, every month, each month, monthly
毎 日
まいにち; n-adv, n-t, every day
毎 週
まいしゅう; n-adv, n-t, every week
語 学
ごがく; n, language study
学 生
がくせい; n, student (esp. a university student)
学 年
がくねん; n, year in school, grade in school
学 校
がっこう; n, school
先 月
せんげつ; n-adv, n-t, last month
先 日
せんじつ; n-adv, n-t, the other day, a few days ago
先 人
せんじん; n, predecessor, pioneer, ancestor
先 週
せんしゅう; n-adv, n-t, last week, the week before
先 生
せんせい; n, teacher, master, doctor, suf, with names of teachers, etc. as an honorific, n, previous existence
半 生
はんせい; n, half a lifetime
年 生
ねんせい; n, pupil in ... year, student in ... year
一 生
いっしょう; n-adv, n-t, adj-no, whole life, a lifetime, all through life, one existence, a generation, an age, the whole world, the era, adj-no, (the only, the greatest, etc.) of one's life
人 生
じんせい; n, (human) life (i.e. conception to death)
土 間
どま; n, dirt floor, pit, parterre
週 間
しゅうかん; n, week, weekly
時 間
じかん; n-adv, n, time, ctr, hours
人 間
にんげん; n, human being, man, person, character (of a person)
月 間
げっかん; n, adj-f, month-long period, (during) month
年 間
ねんかん; n-t, year (period of)
母 子
ぼし; n, mother and child
母 国
ぼこく; n, adj-no, one's homeland
父 母
ふぼ; n, father and mother, parents
母 校
ぼこう; n, alma mater
分 母
ぶんぼ; n, denominator
父 子
ふし; n, father and child (son)
外 人
がいじん; n, foreigner (esp. one of European ancestry), gaijin, outsider
友 人
ゆうじん; n, friend
三 人
さんにん; n, three people
一 人
ひとり; n, one person, alone, unmarried, solitary
名 人
めいじん; n, master, expert
人 名
じんめい; n, person's name
二 人
ふたり; n, two persons, two people, pair, couple
何 人
なにびと; n, everyone, every person, all, anyone
国 人
くにびと; n, indigenous person, inhabitant of a country
外 国
がいこく; n, adj-no, foreign country
国 語
こくご; n, national language, Japanese language (often as a school subject in Japan), native Japanese words (as opposed to loanwords)
三 国
さんごく; n, three countries, Japan, China & India, Japan, Korea & China, all the world, Three Kingdoms (of ancient China: Wei, Shu, Wu)
一 国
いっこく; adj-na, n-adv, n-t, whole country, hotheaded, stubborn
国 外
こくがい; n, outside the country
国 名
こくめい; n, country name
国 土
こくど; n, country, territory, domain, realm
年 男
としおとこ; n, Man of the Year, referring to a man born in a year with the same Chinese zodiac sign as the current year
三 男
さんなん; n, three men, third son
男 子
だんし; n, youth, young man
男 女
だんじょ; n, men and women, man and woman, both sexes, both genders
女 子
じょし; n, adj-no, woman, girl
三 女
さんじょ; n, third daughter
子 女
しじょ; n, sons and daughters, male and female children, children, girl
金 子
きんす; n, money, funds
分 子
ぶんし; n, adj-no, numerator, molecule, member, element
名 月
めいげつ; n, harvest moon, bright moon, full moon
一 校
いっこう; n, whole school, the first proof, one proofreading
年 会
ねんかい; n, conference, annual convention
会 食
かいしょく; n, vs, dining together, mess
会 見
かいけん; n, vs, interview, audience
会 話
かいわ; n, vs, conversation
学 会
がっかい; n, scientific society, academic meeting, academic conference
国 会
こっかい; n, adj-no, National Diet, parliament, congress
飲 食
いんしょく; n, vs, food and drink, eating and drinking
日 食
にっしょく; n, solar eclipse
間 食
かんしょく; n, vs, eating between meals, snacking
外 食
がいしょく; n, vs, eating out
月 食
げっしょく; n, lunar eclipse
食 後
しょくご; n-adv, n-t, after a meal
読 書
どくしょ; n, vs, reading
書 名
しょめい; n, book title
本 書
ほんしょ; n, text, script, this book
見 聞
けんぶん; n, vs, information, observation
先 行
せんこう; n, vs, adj-no, preceding, going first, leading, going ahead, taking priority
一 行
いちぎょう; n, line, row, troupe, party
外 来
がいらい; n, adj-no, external origin, imported, outpatient
本 来
ほんらい; n-adv, n-t, adj-no, originally, primarily, essentially, naturally, by nature, in (and of) itself, proper, legal
来 年
らいねん; n-adv, n-t, next year
来 月
らいげつ; n-adv, n-t, next month
来 日
らいにち; n, vs, arrival in Japan, coming to Japan, visit to Japan
来 週
らいしゅう; n-adv, n-t, next week
年 来
ねんらい; n-adv, n-t, for some years
見 学
けんがく; n, vs, inspection, study by observation, field trip
二 見
ふたみ; adj-no, forked (road, river)
見 本
みほん; n, adj-no, sample, specimen, pattern, model, example
後 見
こうけん; n, vs, guardianship, guardian, (theatrical) assistant, prompter
月 見
つきみ; n, viewing the moon
外 見
がいけん; n, adj-no, outward appearance
下 見
したみ; n, vs, preview, preliminary inspection, siding (on a house)
一 見
いっけん; n, vs, look, glimpse, glance, vs, to glance, to glimpse, first meeting, adv, apparently, seemingly
休 学
きゅうがく; n, vs, temporary absence from school, suspension
休 日
きゅうじつ; n-adv, n, holiday, day off
休 校
きゅうこう; n, vs, closing school (temporarily), dropping one's studies
週 休
しゅうきゅう; n, weekly holiday
一 言
ひとこと; n, vs, single word, a few words, brief comment
言 語
げんご; n, language
本 土
ほんど; n, mainland, one's home country, the country proper
本 国
ほんごく; n, one's own country
本 名
ほんみょう; n, real name
本 年
ほんねん; n-adv, n-t, this (current) year
本 山
ほんざん; n, head temple, this temple
本 人
ほんにん; n, adj-no, the person himself
本 日
ほんじつ; n-adv, n-t, today
四 本
よんほん; adj-f, four (long cylindrical things)
三 本
さんぼん; adj-f, three (long cylindrical things)
一 本
いっぽん; n, one long cylindrical thing, one film, one TV shows, etc., one goal, one home run, etc., one version, one book, a certain book, ippon, one point, a blow, experienced geisha, n-suf, single-minded focus on ...
川 上
かわかみ; n, upper reaches of a river, upstream
山 川
さんせん; n, mountains and rivers
時 雨
しぐれ; n, drizzle, shower in late autumn (fall) or early winter
雨 水
あまみず; n, rain water, "rain water" solar term (approx. Feb 19)
火 山
かざん; n, adj-no, volcano
下 山
げざん; n, vs, descending (mountain)
山 間
さんかん; n, adj-no, among the mountains
左 右
さゆう; n, vs, left and right, influence, control, domination
東 北
とうほく; n, north-east, Tohoku (northernmost six prefectures of Honshu)
北 西
ほくせい; n, adj-no, northwest
北 東
ほくとう; n, adj-no, northeast
北 国
きたぐに; n, northern provinces, northern countries
南 北
なんぼく; n, south and north
北 上
ほくじょう; n, vs, going north
東 南
とうなん; n, south-east
南 西
なんせい; n, adj-no, southwest
南 東
なんとう; n, adj-no, southeast
西 南
せいなん; n, south-west
南 国
なんこく; n, southern countries
東 西
とうざい; n, adj-no, east and west, Orient and Occident, East and West, exp, Ladies and Gentlemen!, Your attention, please!, roll-up, roll-up
年 上
としうえ; n, adj-no, older, senior
水 上
すいじょう; n, aquatic, on the water
上 下
じょうげ; n, top and bottom, high and low, above and below, upper and lower ends, up and down, n, vs, going up and down, rising and falling, fluctuating, going and coming back, n, upper and lower classes, ruler and ruled, the government and the people, first and second volumes
年 下
としした; n, adj-no, younger, junior
下 水
げすい; n, drainage, ditch, gutter, sewerage, sewage, black water
下 火
したび; n, burning low, waning, declining
大 手
おおて; n, adj-no, major company, big company, front castle gate, force attacking the front of a castle
入 手
にゅうしゅ; n, vs, obtaining, coming to hand
先 手
せんて; n, the first move, forestalling, initiative, black player (shogi)
手 本
てほん; n, copybook, model, pattern
手 間
てま; n, time, labour, labor
手 話
しゅわ; n, sign language
右 手
みぎて; n, right hand
名 手
めいしゅ; n, expert
山 手
やまて; n, adj-no, place near the mountains, n, hilly section of a city (e.g. Tokyo, Kobe, Yokohama)
土 手
どて; n, embankment, bank, beef sinew stewed in miso and mirin
一 手
いって; n, move (in game), method, single-handed, monopoly
空 手
からて; n, karate, empty handed
下 手
へた; adj-na, n, unskillful, poor, awkward, imprudent, untactful
上 手
じょうず; adj-na, n, skill, skillful, dexterity, n, flattery
後 手
ごて; n, losing the initiative (in Go), rear guard, white player (shogi)
新 手
あらて; n, adj-no, fresh supply of troops, newcomer, new method
手 口
てぐち; n, modus operandi, criminal technique, trick
手 前
てまえ; n, before, this side, one's standpoint, one's appearance, pn, adj-no, we, you
左 手
ひだりて; n, left hand
手 中
しゅちゅう; n, in one's hands, in one's control
名 目
めいもく; n, adj-no, name, title, appellation, (something) nominal, (under the) pretext (of), pretense
目 安
めやす; n, criterion, standard, yardstick, reference, aim, rough estimate, approximation
目 上
めうえ; n, superior, superiors, senior
目 下
もっか; n-adv, n-t, at present, now
目 先
めさき; n, near future, immediate, before one's eyes, under one's nose
目 前
もくぜん; n, adj-no, before one's very eyes, under one's nose, imminence, close at hand
一 目
ひとめ; n-adv, n-t, (a) glance, (a) look, (a) glimpse, n, (a) stone (in Go), complete view, bird's-eye view
人 目
ひとめ; n, public gaze, public notice
口 語
こうご; n, adj-no, spoken language, literary style based on (modern) spoken language
東 口
ひがしぐち; n, east entrance
入 口
いりぐち; n, adj-no, entrance, entry, gate, approach, mouth
水 口
みずぐち; n, a spout
口 火
くちび; n, fuse, spark plug, cause (of war), origin (of a quarrel)
火 口
ひぐち; n, burner, nozzle, origin of a fire
大 口
おおぐち; n, adj-no, big mouth, boastful speech, tall talk, large amount, large sum
口 上
こうじょう; n, vocal message, speech, statement, prologue at the start of a kabuki performance
口 先
くちさき; n, lip service, mere words, professions, lips, mouth, snout, proboscis
一 口
ひとくち; n, mouthful, bite, sip, draft, draught, one word
北 口
きたぐち; n, north entrance
人 口
じんこう; n, population, common talk
西 口
にしぐち; n, west entrance
南 口
みなみぐち; n, south entrance
出 口
でぐち; n, exit, gateway, way out, outlet, leak, vent
間 口
まぐち; n, frontage
出 前
でまえ; n, vs, catering, meal delivery service
出 入
しゅつにゅう; n, vs, in and out, income and expenses, free associations, run of the house
外 出
がいしゅつ; n, vs, outing, trip, going out
出 金
しゅっきん; n, vs, withdrawal (of money), payment, contribution, investment, financing
出 生
しゅっしょう; n, vs, adj-no, birth
人 出
ひとで; n, crowd, turnout
出 来
でき; n, workmanship, craftsmanship, execution, finish, grades, results, score, record, quality (e.g. of a crop), dealings, transactions
出 火
しゅっか; n, vs, outbreak of fire
出 土
しゅつど; n, vs, archeological excavation (archaeological)
出 国
しゅっこく; n, vs, departure from a country
出 店
でみせ; n, vs, food stand, food stall, branch store
日 出
にっしゅつ; n, sunrise
入 学
にゅうがく; n, vs, entry to school or university, matriculation
入 国
にゅうこく; n, vs, entry to a country
入 金
にゅうきん; n, vs, deposit, payment, money received, money due
入 社
にゅうしゃ; n, vs, entry to a company
新 入
しんにゅう; n, newly arrived, joined, newly-entered
新 聞
しんぶん; n, adj-no, newspaper
新 車
しんしゃ; n, new car
新 生
しんせい; n, vs, adj-no, rebirth, new birth, nascent
新 人
しんじん; n, adj-no, new face, newcomer, modern humans (from Cro-Magnon man onwards)
一 新
いっしん; n, vs, complete change, reform, restoration, remodeling, remodelling, renewal
新 書
しんしょ; n, new book, 17 x 11 cm paperbook book
新 年
しんねん; n-adv, n-t, New Year
多 少
たしょう; adj-no, adv, n, more or less, somewhat, a little, some
多 大
ただい; adj-na, n, adj-no, heavy, much
多 分
たぶん; adv, n, perhaps, probably, adj-na, adj-no, generous, many, much, great
高 名
こうめい; adj-na, n, adj-no, fame, renown
高 山
こうざん; n, adj-no, high mountain, alpine
高 校
こうこう; n, senior high school
円 高
えんだか; n, high-valued yen, exchange in favor (favour) of the yen
高 見
こうけん; n, watching with detachment
先 安
さきやす; n, lower future quotations
円 安
えんやす; n, cheap yen
長 男
ちょうなん; n, eldest son (may be the only son), first-born son
学 長
がくちょう; n, university president
会 長
かいちょう; n, president (of a society), chairman
駅 長
えきちょう; n, station master
社 長
しゃちょう; n, company president, manager, director
長 話
ながばなし; n, vs, long talk
生 長
せいちょう; n, vs, growth, increment
店 長
てんちょう; n, shop manager
年 長
ねんちょう; adj-na, n, seniority
長 女
ちょうじょ; n, eldest daughter, first-born daughter
長 大
ちょうだい; adj-na, n, very long, great length
長 年
ながねん; n-adv, n-t, long time, many years
校 長
こうちょう; n, principal, headmaster
空 間
くうかん; n, space, room, airspace
空 車
くうしゃ; n, empty conveyance, free taxi, parking lot with spaces available
空 気
くうき; n, air, atmosphere, mood, situation, someone with no presence, someone who doesn't stand out at all
空 母
くうぼ; n, aircraft carrier
空 前
くうぜん; n, adj-no, unprecedented, record-breaking
空 中
くうちゅう; n, sky, air
上 空
じょうくう; n, sky, the skies, high-altitude sky, upper air
大 空
おおぞら; n, heavens, firmament, sky
古 来
こらい; adj-no, adv, n, from time immemorial, ancient, time-honoured, time-honored
古 本
ふるほん; n, secondhand book, ancient book, antiquarian books
古 書
こしょ; n, old book, rare book
古 今
ここん; n, adj-no, ancient and modern times, all ages, past and present
中 古
ちゅうこ; n-t, adj-no, used, second-hand, old, n, Middle Ages
電 子
でんし; n, electron, (esp. as a prefix) electronic, electronics
国 電
こくでん; n, national railroad
電 気
でんき; n, electricity, (electric) light
電 話
でんわ; n, vs, adj-no, telephone call, phone call, n, adj-no, telephone (device), phone
電 車
でんしゃ; n, (electric) train
語 気
ごき; n, tone, manner of speaking
外 気
がいき; n, open air
大 気
たいき; n, atmosphere
天 気
てんき; n, weather, the elements, fair weather, fine weather
気 分
きぶん; n, feeling, mood
気 前
きまえ; n, generosity
本 気
ほんき; adj-na, n, adj-no, seriousness, truth, sanctity
水 気
みずけ; n, moisture, dampness, vapor, vapour, dropsy, edema, oedema
一 気
いっき; n, chug!, drink! (said repeatedly as a party cheer)
人 気
にんき; n, adj-no, adj-na, popularity, popular feeling, business conditions
車 中
しゃちゅう; n-adv, n-t, in a train or vehicle
下 車
げしゃ; n, vs, alighting (from train, bus, etc.), getting off
車 道
しゃどう; n, roadway
外 車
がいしゃ; n, foreign automobile
食 道
しょくどう; n, adj-no, esophagus, gullet, esophageal
人 道
じんどう; n, humanity, sidewalk, footpath
中 道
ちゅうどう; n, adj-no, middle of the road, moderation, golden mean, the middle (of what one is doing), half-way, middle way, middle path
国 道
こくどう; n, national highway
書 道
しょどう; n, adj-no, calligraphy
山 道
さんどう; n, mountain road, mountain trail
水 道
すいどう; n, water service, water supply
大 道
だいどう; n, main street, avenue
駅 前
えきまえ; n, in front of station
書 店
しょてん; n, bookshop, bookstore
本 店
ほんてん; n, head office, flagship store, main store, this store
大 店
おおだな; n, large store
来 店
らいてん; n, vs, coming to the store
店 先
みせさき; n, store front
天 国
てんごく; n, adj-no, paradise, heaven, Kingdom of Heaven
雨 天
うてん; n, rainy weather
天 下
てんか; n, the whole world, the whole country, society, the public, supremacy over a nation, government of a country, the ruling power, having one's own way, doing as one pleases, adj-no, peerless, incomparable, superlative, world-famous, n, shogun (Edo period)
日 立
ひたち; n, Hitachi (company)
国 立
こくりつ; n, adj-no, national
中 立
ちゅうりつ; n, neutrality
社 会
しゃかい; n, society, public, community, the world, social studies
本 社
ほんしゃ; n, head office, main office, headquarters, parent company, main shrine, this company, this shrine
会 社
かいしゃ; n, company, corporation, workplace
大 社
たいしゃ; n, Grand Shrine
社 名
しゃめい; n, name of company
大 小
だいしょう; n, adj-no, sizes (various), large and small, daisho (matched pair of long and short swords), large and small drums, long months and short months
大 学
だいがく; n, post-secondary education institution, incl. university, college, etc., former central university of Kyoto (established under the ritsuryo system for the training of government administrators), the Great Learning - one of the Four Books
大 国
たいこく; n, large country, major powers
大 山
たいざん; n, great mountain
大 水
おおみず; n, adj-no, flood
大 木
たいぼく; n, large tree
大 火
たいか; n, large fire
大 半
たいはん; n, majority, mostly, generally
大 名
だいみょう; n, daimyo (Japanese feudal lord), daimio
大 分
だいぶ; adv, considerably, greatly, a lot
大 人
おとな; n, adult
大 会
たいかい; n, adj-no, convention, tournament, mass meeting, rally
大 雨
おおあめ; n, heavy rain
一 大
いちだい; n, one large ..., a great ...
大 金
たいきん; n, large amount of money, great cost
小 雨
こさめ; n, light rain, drizzle
小 川
おがわ; n, streamlet, brook
小 山
こやま; n, hill, knoll
小 学
しょうがく; n, elementary school, primary school, grade school
小 火
ぼや; n, small fire
小 人
しょうにん; n, child, small person, dwarf, narrow-minded person, mean person
小 国
しょうこく; n, small country
中 小
ちゅうしょう; n, small to medium
年 中
ねんじゅう; n, whole year, all year round, throughout the year, adv, always, all the time, n, middle class (of a nursery school, etc.)
水 中
すいちゅう; n, adj-no, underwater
中 間
ちゅうかん; n-adv, n, middle, midway, interim
中 国
ちゅうごく; n, China, South-west most region of Honshu, middle of a country, the Hiroshima area
中 中
なかなか; adv, very, considerably, easily, readily, fairly, quite, highly, rather, by no means (with negative verb)
中 東
ちゅうとう; n, adj-no, Middle East
中 日
ちゅうにち; n, China and Japan, the middle day, the equinoctial day
中 年
ちゅうねん; n, adj-no, middle-age, middle age, midlife, one's middle years
中 学
ちゅうがく; n, middle school, junior high school
間 中
あいだじゅう; n, during
日 中
にっちゅう; n-adv, n-t, daytime, during the day, n, Sino-Japanese
手 軽
てがる; adj-na, n, easy, simple, informal, offhand, cheap
気 軽
きがる; adj-na, carefree, buoyant, lighthearted, sprightly, n, ease
重 大
じゅうだい; adj-na, n, serious, important, significant, grave, weighty
二 重
にじゅう; n, adj-no, double, two-fold, two layers, duplex, pref, diplo-, dipl
三 重
さんじゅう; n, adj-no, triple, treble, threefold, three-ply, triplicate
一 重
ひとえ; n, adj-no, one layer, single, onefold
九 重
ここのえ; n, ninefold, imperial palace, the Court
八 重
やえ; n, multilayered, doubled
多 重
たじゅう; n, adj-no, adj-na, multiple, multiplex
強 大
きょうだい; adj-na, n, mighty, powerful
強 行
きょうこう; n, vs, forcing, enforcement, adj-na, forced, enforced
強 気
つよき; adj-na, adj-no, n, confident, assured, self-assured, firm, strong, cocksure, bullish (e.g. market)
弱 気
よわき; adj-na, adj-no, n, timid, weak-kneed, fainthearted, bearish (e.g. market)
悪 寒
おかん; n, chill, shakes, ague
悪 口
あっこう; n, vs, abuse, insult, slander, evil speaking, bad mouth
悪 女
あくじょ; n, wicked or ugly woman
悪 人
あくにん; n, adj-no, bad person, villain, scoundrel, wrongdoer, wicked person
悪 気
わるぎ; n, ill will, malice, evil intent, ill feeling, distrust
明 暗
めいあん; n, light and darkness, light and shade
暗 黒
あんこく; adj-na, n, adj-no, darkness
明 白
めいはく; adj-na, obvious, clear, plain, evident, apparent, explicit, overt
明 日
あした; n-t, tomorrow, near future
明 言
めいげん; n, vs, declaration, statement
明 年
みょうねん; n-adv, n-t, next year
間 近
まぢか; adj-na, n-adv, n, proximity, nearness, soon, nearby
近 道
ちかみち; n, vs, short way, shortcut
近 日
きんじつ; n-adv, n-t, soon, in a few days
近 年
きんねん; n-adv, n-t, recent years
遠 山
えんざん; n, distant mountain
寒 気
さむけ; n, chill, the shivers, shivering fit, cold, coldness, cold air
気 楽
きらく; adj-na, n, carefree, comfortable, at ease, easygoing, happy-go-lucky
行 楽
こうらく; n, outing, picnic, excursion, pleasure trip
大 正
たいしょう; n, Taisho era (1912.7.30-1926.12.25)
正 午
しょうご; n-adv, n-t, noon, mid-day
正 月
しょうがつ; n, New Year, New Year's Day, the first month, January
正 道
せいどう; n, adj-no, path of righteousness, path of duty, right track, correct path
早 口
はやくち; n, adj-no, fast-talking, rapid talking
広 大
こうだい; adj-na, huge, very large, vast, extensive, magnificent, grand
広 東
かんとん; n, adj-no, Guangdong (China), Kwangtung, Guangzhou, Kwangchow, Canton (China)
高 低
こうてい; n, vs, high and low, rise and fall
低 下
ていか; n, vs, fall, decline, lowering, deterioration, degradation
短 気
たんき; n, adj-na, adj-no, quick temper, short temper
長 短
ちょうたん; n, length, long and short, advantages and disadvantages, pluses and minuses, strong and weak points, merits and demerits
短 大
たんだい; n, junior college
真 空
しんくう; adj-na, n, vacuum, hollow, empty
真 上
まうえ; n, adj-no, just above, right overhead
白 黒
しろくろ; n, adj-no, black and white, monochrome, exp, vs, good and evil, right and wrong, guilt and innocence
空 白
くうはく; adj-na, n, adj-no, blank space, vacuum, space, null (NUL)
白 色
はくしょく; n, white
目 白
めじろ; n, white-eye family of birds (Zosteropidae), Japanese white-eye (Zosterops japonicus)
白 人
はくじん; n, adj-no, white person, Caucasian
黒 子
ほくろ; n, dark mole, facial mole, beauty spot
黒 人
こくじん; n, adj-no, black person
黒 色
こくしょく; n, adj-no, black (colour, color)
黒 木
くろき; n, unbarked lumber
赤 道
せきどう; n, adj-no, equator
赤 色
せきしょく; adj-na, n, adj-no, red
青 山
せいざん; n, blue or green mountain, grave, burial place
青 木
あおき; n, Japanese laurel, spotted laurel, Aucuba japonica, live tree
青 年
せいねん; n, youth, young man
青 空
あおぞら; n, blue sky
新 緑
しんりょく; n, adj-no, fresh verdure, new green leaves
緑 色
みどりいろ; adj-na, n, adj-no, green, emerald green, green color of new foliage, verdure
色 気
いろけ; n, colouring, coloring, shade of colour, shade of color, interest in the opposite sex, sex appeal, sensuality, seductiveness, glamor, glamour, sexual passion, romance, poetry, charm, desire, interest, inclination, ambition
金 色
きんいろ; n, adj-no, golden (colour, color)
水 色
みずいろ; n, adj-no, light blue
一 色
いっしょく; adj-na, n, one color, one colour, one article, same tendency, everyone being caught up in the same thing
医 者
いしゃ; n, (medical) doctor, physician
医 学
いがく; n, medical science, medicine
医 大
いだい; n, medical university, medical school, med school
一 員
いちいん; n, person, member
人 員
じんいん; n, number of persons, personnel
店 員
てんいん; n, adj-no, shop assistant, employee, clerk, salesperson
会 員
かいいん; n, member, the membership
社 員
しゃいん; n, company employee, company stockholders (esp. in legal contexts), members of a corporation
駅 員
えきいん; n, station attendant
行 員
こういん; n, bank clerk
長 者
ちょうじゃ; n, millionaire, one's superior, one's elder, one's senior, virtuous and gentle person, female owner of a whorehouse in a post town, chief of a post town
何 者
なにもの; n, who, what kind of person
学 者
がくしゃ; n, adj-no, scholar
前 者
ぜんしゃ; n, the former
後 者
こうしゃ; n, adj-no, the latter
弱 者
じゃくしゃ; n, weak person, the weak
強 者
つわもの; n, soldier, warrior, strong man, exceptional person, man of courage
悪 者
わるもの; n, bad fellow, rascal, ruffian, scoundrel
読 者
どくしゃ; n, reader
三 者
さんしゃ; n, three persons, three parties
民 主
みんしゅ; n, democracy, popular sovereignty, adj-f, democratic
民 族
みんぞく; n, adj-no, people, race, nation
民 家
みんか; n, private house
国 民
こくみん; n, nation, nationality, people, citizen
民 話
みんわ; n, adj-no, folklore
民 間
みんかん; n, adj-no, private, civilian, civil, popular, folk, unofficial
人 民
じんみん; n, people, public
先 方
せんぽう; n, companion, other party (side), he, she, they, destination, person in front
方 言
ほうげん; n, adj-no, dialect
大 方
おおかた; n-adv, n, perhaps, almost all, majority
親 方
おやかた; n, master, boss, chief, foreman, supervisor, stable master, craftsman, artisan, foster parent
何 方
どなた; n, who?
東 方
とうほう; n, adj-no, eastern direction, the Orient, n, eastern fighter in a match (e.g. sumo wrestling)
目 方
めかた; n, weight
見 方
みかた; n, viewpoint, point of view, way of understanding, way of appreciating, how to look at something (e.g. noh, train schedule)
西 方
せいほう; n, western direction, Western Pure Land (Amitabha's Buddhist paradise), western fighter in a match (e.g. sumo)
北 方
ほっぽう; n, adj-no, northern (district), northward
行 方
ゆくえ; n, (one's) whereabouts, course, direction
南 方
なんぽう; n, adj-no, south, southern, southward
四 方
しほう; n, every direction
上 方
かみがた; n, adj-no, Kyoto and vicinity, Kyoto-Osaka region, Kansai region (esp. during Edo period)
三 方
さんぼう; n, three sides, small offering stand
下 方
かほう; n, lower region, lower part
一 方
いっぽう; n, one (esp. of two), the other, one way, the other way, one direction, the other direction, one side, the other side, one party, the other party, conj, on the one hand, on the other hand, whereas, although, but at the same time, meanwhile, in turn, n-adv, n-suf, (after noun, adjective-stem or plain verb) just keeps, being inclined to ..., tending to be ..., tending to do ..., continuously ..., just keeps on ...ing, only
遠 方
えんぽう; n, adj-no, long way, distant place
後 方
こうほう; n, adj-no, behind, in the rear, in back
出 方
でかた; n, attitude, move, theater usher, theatre usher
前 方
ぜんぽう; n, adj-no, forward, frontward, rectangular front
八 方
はっぽう; n, all sides, large hanging lantern
姉 妹
しまい; n, sisters
兄 弟
きょうだい; n, siblings, brothers and sisters
父 兄
ふけい; n, guardians, parents and older brothers
私 語
しご; n, vs, whispering, whisper, secret talk, murmur
私 見
しけん; n, personal opinion
私 立
しりつ; n, vs, adj-no, private (establishment)
弟 子
でし; n, adj-no, pupil, disciple, adherent, follower, apprentice, young person, teacher's student-helper
子 弟
してい; n, young(er) people
親 族
しんぞく; n, adj-no, relatives
家 族
かぞく; n, adj-no, family, members of a family
一 族
いちぞく; n, family, relatives, dependents, household
大 家
たいか; n, expert
本 家
ほんけ; n, head house (family), birthplace, originator
家 電
かでん; n, consumer electronics, consumer electrical appliances
一 家
いっか; n, a house, a home, a family, a household, one's family, one's folks, a style
家 人
かじん; n, the family, one's folks
家 主
やぬし; n, landlord
家 出
いえで; n, vs, running away from home, leaving home
国 家
こっか; n, state, country, nation
生 家
せいか; n, (parents') home
主 食
しゅしょく; n, staple food
主 体
しゅたい; n, main constituent, core, nucleus, subject (philosophical), protagonist
主 人
しゅじん; n, adj-no, head (of a household), proprietor (of a store), proprietress, landlord, landlady, one's husband, (one's) employer, (one's) master, host, hostess
店 主
てんしゅ; n, shopkeeper
女 児
じょじ; n, baby girl, primary schoolgirl
小 児
しょうに; n, adj-no, young child, infant
男 児
だんじ; n, boy, son, man
親 書
しんしょ; n, handwritten or autograph letter
親 日
しんにち; n, adj-no, pro-Japanese
父 親
ちちおや; n, father
親 子
おやこ; n, adj-no, parent and child
近 親
きんしん; n, adj-no, near relative
親 友
しんゆう; n, close friend, bosom (old, intimate) friend, buddy, crony, chum
親 分
おやぶん; n, boss, kingpin, chief, head (e.g. of a crime syndicate)
母 親
ははおや; n, adj-no, mother
重 心
じゅうしん; n, centre of gravity (center), centroid, barycenter, (one's) balance
良 心
りょうしん; n, conscience
本 心
ほんしん; n, true feelings
気 心
きごころ; n, temper, disposition
真 心
まごころ; n, sincerity, devotion
心 中
しんちゅう; n, in one's heart, true motives, mind
安 心
あんしん; adj-na, n, vs, relief, peace of mind
中 心
ちゅうしん; n, adj-no, center, centre, middle, heart, core, focus, pivot, emphasis, balance, suf, -centered, -centred, -focussed, -oriented, centered on, focussed on
心 外
しんがい; adj-na, regrettable, vexing, upsetting, unthinkable, wholly unexpected
一 心
いっしん; adv, n, one mind, wholeheartedness, one's whole heart
人 心
じんしん; n, human nature, human heart, human spirit, kindness, sympathy
会 心
かいしん; n, vs, congeniality, satisfaction
首 長
しゅちょう; n, head (of organization, organisation), chief
一 首
いっしゅ; n-adv, n-t, tanka, poem
手 首
てくび; n, wrist
足 首
あしくび; n, ankle
目 頭
めがしら; n, inner canthus, inner corner of the eye
前 頭
まえがしら; n, adj-no, rank-and-file wrestlers in the highest division
頭 上
ずじょう; n, overhead, high in sky
出 頭
しゅっとう; n, vs, appearance, presence, attendance, surrender (e.g. to the police), turning oneself in (e.g. to the police)
店 頭
てんとう; n, adj-no, shop front, counter, shop, over-the-counter (financial)
先 頭
せんとう; n, head, lead, vanguard, first
頭 金
あたまきん; n, down payment, deposit
口 頭
こうとう; n, adj-no, oral
真 顔
まがお; n, serious look
顔 色
かおいろ; n, complexion, one's colour, one's color, countenance, expression, one's face
遠 足
えんそく; n, vs, excursion, outing, trip
手 足
てあし; n, one's hands and feet, limbs
足 早
あしばや; adj-na, n-adv, n, quick-footed, light-footed, quick pace
土 足
どそく; n, shoes
足 下
あしもと; n, adj-no, at one's feet, underfoot, one's step (as in "watch your step"), n, gait, pace, step, pn, you, thou
一 足
ひとあし; n, step, short distance, short time
生 体
せいたい; n, adj-no, organism, living body
体 長
たいちょう; n, length of an animal (sometimes including and sometimes excluding the tail)
書 体
しょたい; n, calligraphic style, calligraphic styles, typeface
母 体
ぼたい; n, adj-no, mother's body, esp. when pregnant or after giving birth, parent body, parent organization, heartland
本 体
ほんたい; n, adj-no, substance, real form, body (of a machine), object of worship (at a shrine, temple, etc.), noumenon
体 重
たいじゅう; n, body weight (usu. one's own)
正 体
しょうたい; n, natural shape, one's true colors, one's true colours, true character, identity, true identity, consciousness, one's senses
車 体
しゃたい; n, body (of car), frame
気 体
きたい; n, vapour, vapor, gas
大 体
だいたい; n-adv, n-t, general, substantially, outline, main point, approximately, about
天 体
てんたい; n, adj-no, heavenly body, celestial body, astronomical object
立 体
りったい; n, adj-no, solid body, three-dimensional object, multi-storey car park
重 体
じゅうたい; adj-na, adj-no, n, seriously ill, serious condition, critical state
上 体
じょうたい; n, upper body
一 体
いったい; adv, ...the heck (e.g. "what the heck?"), ...in the world (e.g. "why in the world?"), ...on earth (e.g. "who on earth?"), n, one object, one body, unity, one form, one style, one Buddhist image (or carving, etc.), n-adv, generally, in general
新 体
しんたい; n, new style
人 体
じんたい; n, human body
国 体
こくたい; n, national polity, National Athletic Meet
大 声
おおごえ; n, adj-no, large voice
声 楽
せいがく; n, adj-no, vocal music
声 明
せいめい; n, vs, declaration, statement, proclamation
名 声
めいせい; n, fame, reputation, renown
小 声
こごえ; n, adj-no, low voice, whisper
声 高
こわだか; adj-na, n, with a loud voice
歯 車
はぐるま; n, gear, cog-wheel
胸 中
きょうちゅう; n, adj-no, one's heart, one's mind, one's intentions
起 立
きりつ; n, vs, standing up
寝 言
ねごと; n, adj-no, sleep-talking, nonsense, gibberish
寝 顔
ねがお; n, sleeping face
早 寝
はやね; n, vs, go to bed early
歩 行
ほこう; n, vs, walk
歩 道
ほどう; n, footpath, walkway, sidewalk
一 歩
いっぽ; n-adv, n-t, (a) step, level, stage, small degree, small amount
走 行
そうこう; n, vs, running a wheeled vehicle (e.g. car), running to program, job, etc., traveling, travelling
走 者
そうしゃ; n, runner
貸 間
かしま; n, room to let, room for rent
貸 金
かしきん; n, loan
貸 家
かしや; n, house for rent
貸 借
たいしゃく; n, vs, loan, debit and credit, lending and borrowing
借 家
しゃくや; n, vs, house for rent, rented house, renting a house
借 金
しゃっきん; n, vs, debt, loan, liabilities
開 校
かいこう; n, vs, opening a school
開 閉
かいへい; n, vs, opening and shutting
開 会
かいかい; n, vs, opening of a meeting
開 口
かいこう; n, vs, opening, aperture (e.g. camera), opening one's mouth, beginning to speak, adj-f, open, broad
開 国
かいこく; n, vs, founding a country, opening of a country (e.g. Japan) to the world
開 始
かいし; n, vs, start, commencement, beginning, initiation
開 店
かいてん; n, vs, opening (of a shop)
閉 会
へいかい; n, vs, closure (of a ceremony, event, meeting, etc.)
閉 口
へいこう; n, vs, adj-no, dumbfounded, stumped, at one's wits end, nonplussed, annoyed
閉 店
へいてん; n, vs, closing shop
年 始
ねんし; n-t, New Year's call, beginning of the year, New Year's greetings
終 始
しゅうし; n, vs, beginning and end, from beginning to end, doing a thing from beginning to end, adv, consistently, the whole time
始 終
しじゅう; adv, n, continuously, from beginning to end, from first to last
終 電
しゅうでん; n, last train
終 日
しゅうじつ; n-adv, n-t, all day, for a whole day
手 引
てびき; n, vs, guidance, guide, introduction, guideline
強 引
ごういん; adj-na, n, overbearing, coercive, pushy, forcible, high-handed
万 引
まんびき; n, vs, shoplifting, shoplifter
手 続
てつづき; n, vs, procedure, (legal) process, formalities
後 続
こうぞく; n, adj-no, vs, succeeding, following, trailing
続 行
ぞっこう; n, vs, continuation, continuance, going on, resuming
続 出
ぞくしゅつ; n, vs, appearance one after another
中 止
ちゅうし; n, vs, suspension, stoppage, discontinuance, interruption
休 止
きゅうし; n, vs, adj-no, pause, cessation, rest
電 動
でんどう; n, adj-no, electric
言 動
げんどう; n, speech and conduct, words and deeds
手 動
しゅどう; n, adj-no, manual (operation)
作 動
さどう; n, vs, operation, functioning, running
動 作
どうさ; n, vs, action, movements, motions, bearing, behaviour, behavior, execution, actuation, operation, manners
動 員
どういん; n, vs, mobilization, mobilisation
出 動
しゅつどう; n, vs, sailing, marching, going out, dispatch
行 動
こうどう; n, vs, adj-no, action, conduct, behaviour, behavior, mobilization, mobilisation
日 産
にっさん; n, daily output, Nissan (Japanese car company)
お 産
おさん; n, (giving) birth, childbirth, delivery, confinement
土 産
みやげ; n, present, souvenir
国 産
こくさん; n, adj-no, domestic products
出 産
しゅっさん; n, vs, adj-no, (child)birth, delivery, production (of goods)
生 産
せいさん; n, vs, production, manufacture
死 体
したい; n, adj-no, dead body, corpse, cadaver
死 人
しにん; n, corpse, dead person
死 後
しご; n-adv, n-t, after death
死 者
ししゃ; n, casualty, deceased
水 死
すいし; n, vs, drowning
生 死
せいし; n, life and death, samsara (cycle of death and rebirth), death
使 者
ししゃ; n, adj-no, messenger, envoy, emissary
大 使
たいし; n, adj-no, ambassador
天 使
てんし; n, adj-no, angel
行 使
こうし; n, vs, use, exercise
知 人
ちじん; n, friend, acquaintance
作 者
さくしゃ; n, author, authoress
大 作
たいさく; n, epic
名 作
めいさく; n, masterpiece
新 作
しんさく; n, vs, new work, new production
作 家
さっか; n, author, writer, novelist, artist
帰 国
きこく; n, vs, return to one's country
送 金
そうきん; n, vs, remittance, sending money
分 乗
ぶんじょう; n, vs, riding separately
乗 車
じょうしゃ; n, vs, taking a train, bus, etc., entraining
乗 員
じょういん; n, crew
着 色
ちゃくしょく; n, vs, adj-no, colouring, coloring, colorant
着 目
ちゃくもく; n, vs, attention
着 手
ちゃくしゅ; vs, to start work (on), to undertake, n, embarkation, launch
古 着
ふるぎ; n, old clothes, secondhand clothing
水 着
みずぎ; n, bathing suit, swimsuit, swimmers
一 着
いっちゃく; n-t, first arrival, first in race, n, suit of clothes
下 着
したぎ; n, underwear
上 着
うわぎ; n, adj-no, coat, tunic, jacket, outer garment
先 着
せんちゃく; n, vs, first arrival
大 切
たいせつ; adj-na, n, important, valuable, worthy of care
一 切
いっさい; n, adj-no, n-suf, all, everything, the whole, lock, stock, and barrel, n-adv, absolutely not (with negative), without exception, entirely not
親 切
しんせつ; adj-na, n, kindness, gentleness
切 手
きって; n, stamp (postage), merchandise certificate
歌 人
かじん; n, poet (of tanka poems)
短 歌
たんか; n, tanka, 31-mora Japanese poem
歌 声
うたごえ; n, singing voice
歌 手
かしゅ; n, singer
国 歌
こっか; n, national anthem
校 歌
こうか; n, school song
歌 集
かしゅう; n, anthology, book of poetry
水 洗
すいせん; n, vs, rinsing with water, flushing
思 考
しこう; n, vs, adj-no, thought, consideration, thinking
持 続
じぞく; n, vs, continuation
試 写
ししゃ; n, vs, preview, private showing
試 作
しさく; n, vs, trial manufacture, experiment, test piece, prototype
試 合
しあい; n, vs, match, game, bout, contest
入 試
にゅうし; n, adj-no, entrance examination
試 食
ししょく; n, vs, sampling food
試 行
しこう; n, vs, making an attempt, trial run
写 生
しゃせい; n, vs, sketching, drawing from nature, portrayal, description
写 真
しゃしん; n, photograph, photo, movie
正 座
せいざ; n, vs, kneeling with the tops of the feet flat on the floor, and sitting on the soles
口 座
こうざ; n, account (e.g. bank)
座 長
ざちょう; n, chairman
一 座
いちざ; n, vs, party, those present, troupe, first seat
売 店
ばいてん; n, shop, stand
読 売
よみうり; n, Yomiuri (newspaper)
小 売
こうり; n, vs, retail
売 買
ばいばい; n, vs, trade, buying and selling
取 引
とりひき; n, vs, transactions, dealings, business
頭 取
とうどり; n, (bank) president, greenroom manager (in a theater)
上 映
じょうえい; n, screening (a movie), showing, vs, to screen a movie
返 上
へんじょう; n, vs, give up, relinquish, serve up, let loose
大 別
たいべつ; n, vs, general classification
分 別
ぶんべつ; n, vs, separation (e.g. of rubbish when recycling), classification, discrimination, division, distinction
別 人
べつじん; n, different person, someone else, changed man
産 別
さんべつ; n, industrial union
別 名
べつめい; n, alias, pseudonym, pen name, nom de plume, different name, other name
送 別
そうべつ; n, vs, adj-no, farewell, send-off
家 計
かけい; n, household economy, family finances
合 計
ごうけい; n, vs, sum total, total amount
会 計
かいけい; n, adj-no, account, finance, accountant, treasurer, paymaster, reckoning, bill
計 上
けいじょう; n, vs, including a sum of money in one's calculations, appropriation (a sum of money)
主 計
しゅけい; n, paymaster, accountant
時 計
とけい; n, watch, clock, timepiece
集 計
しゅうけい; n, vs, totalization, totalisation, aggregation, tally (e.g. votes)
生 計
せいけい; n, livelihood, living
光 学
こうがく; n, adj-no, optics
光 明
こうみょう; n, bright light, hope, bright future, light emanating from a buddha or bodhisattva, symbolizing their wisdom and compassion
電 光
でんこう; n, lightning
月 光
げっこう; n, moonlight, moonbeam
日 光
にっこう; n, sunlight
合 金
ごうきん; n, alloy
歩 合
ぶあい; n, rate, ratio, commission, percentage, poundage
集 合
しゅうごう; n, vs, adj-no, gathering, assembly, meeting, set
気 合
きあい; n, scream, yell, fighting spirit
待 合
まちあい; n, vs, meeting place, assignation place, geisha entertaining room, teahouse, machiai
合 作
がっさく; n, vs, adj-no, collaboration, joint work
百 合
ゆり; n, lily (Lilium spp.), comics and novels about female homosexuality
会 合
かいごう; n, vs, adj-no, meeting, assembly, association, conjunction
合 間
あいま; n, adj-no, interval, break, pause, spare moment
運 行
うんこう; n, vs, service (bus, train), operation, motion, revolution, movement
運 送
うんそう; n, vs, transport, freight, shipping
運 動
うんどう; n, vs, motion, exercise
運 休
うんきゅう; n, vs, service suspended (e.g. trains)
行 進
こうしん; n, vs, march, parade
新 進
しんしん; n, adj-no, rising, up-and-coming
前 進
ぜんしん; n, vs, advance, drive, progress
進 行
しんこう; n, vs, advance, progress
先 進
せんしん; n, adj-no, seniority, advance, leadership
進 歩
しんぽ; n, vs, progress, advance, improvement, development
進 学
しんがく; n, vs, entering a higher-level school, esp. going on to university
進 出
しんしゅつ; n, vs, advance (into a new market or stage of progress), launching (a new career or venture), expanding (into a new market), stepping forward, emerging
後 進
こうしん; n, one's junior, next generation, n, vs, reversing, going astern, going backwards
進 入
しんにゅう; n, vs, penetration, entry
集 会
しゅうかい; n, vs, meeting, assembly, gathering, congregation, convention, rally
集 中
しゅうちゅう; n, vs, adj-no, concentration, convergence, centralization, integration, gathering together
集 落
しゅうらく; n, village, community, settlement, town, colony (animals, etc.)
集 金
しゅうきん; n, vs, money collection
落 語
らくご; n, rakugo, traditional Japanese comic storytelling, comic story (told by a professional storyteller)
急 落
きゅうらく; n, vs, sudden fall, sharp fall, sudden drop, sharp drop
落 下
らっか; n, vs, fall, drop, come down
下 落
げらく; n, vs, depreciation, decline, fall, slump
開 通
かいつう; n, vs, opening, open, taking effect, becoming active
一 通
いっつう; n, one copy (of a document), one letter
通 話
つうわ; n, vs, telephone call, talking, calling, ctr, counter for telephone calls
通 行
つうこう; n, vs, passage, passing, common usage
通 知
つうち; n, vs, notice, notification, report, posting
通 年
つうねん; n, adj-no, all year, year round
通 学
つうがく; n, vs, commuting to school, school commute
建 立
こんりゅう; n, vs, (act of) building (temple, monument, etc.), erection
建 国
けんこく; n, vs, founding of a nation
急 死
きゅうし; n, vs, sudden death
早 急
さっきゅう; adj-na, n, adj-no, urgent
急 行
きゅうこう; n, vs, adj-no, moving at high speed, express (e.g. train that bypasses many stations)
英 字
えいじ; n, English letter, alphabetic character
英 語
えいご; n, adj-no, English (language)
英 気
えいき; n, great wisdom, excellent disposition, strength (to face something), willpower, energy
英 明
えいめい; adj-na, n, intelligent, wise, bright, brilliant, clear-sighted
英 文
えいぶん; n, sentence in English, article in English, English text, English literature (study of)
英 知
えいち; n, wisdom, intelligence, intellect
入 室
にゅうしつ; n, vs, entering a room, studying under a Buddhist teacher
室 長
しつちょう; n, room monitor
一 室
いっしつ; n, adj-no, one room
寝 室
しんしつ; n, bedroom
教 室
きょうしつ; n, classroom
別 室
べっしつ; n, separate room, special room
黒 字
くろじ; n, adj-no, balance (figure) in the black
漢 字
かんじ; n, Chinese characters, kanji
字 画
じかく; n, number of strokes in character
名 字
みょうじ; n, adj-no, surname, family name
一 字
いちじ; n, letter, character
十 字
じゅうじ; adj-no, n, cross, crossed, cruciform
字 引
じびき; n, dictionary
赤 字
あかじ; n, adj-no, deficit, (being in or going into) the red, red text, red letters, corrections (by a teacher or proofreader) written in red
文 字
もじ; n, letter (of alphabet), character, adj-no, literal
漢 方
かんぽう; n, traditional Chinese medicine
漢 文
かんぶん; n, Chinese classical literature, literature written entirely in kanji
漢 語
かんご; n, Chinese word, Sino-Japanese word
説 教
せっきょう; n, vs, adj-no, propound, preach, sermon
説 明
せつめい; n, vs, adj-no, explanation, exposition
小 説
しょうせつ; n, adj-no, novel, (short) story
学 説
がくせつ; n, theory
社 説
しゃせつ; n, editorial, leading article
低 音
ていおん; n, low tone, bass, low voice
音 声
おんせい; n, voice, (the concept of) sound
音 楽
おんがく; n, music, musical movement
弱 音
よわね; n, complaints
高 音
こうおん; n, high-pitched tone, soprano
本 音
ほんね; n, real intention, motive
音 色
ねいろ; n, adj-no, tone color, tone colour, tone quality, timbre, synthesizer patch, synthesiser patch
音 頭
おんど; n, leading a group of people, someone who leads others into a song by singing the leading notes, workmen's songs, marching songs
音 質
おんしつ; n, tone quality, sound quality
音 読
おんどく; n, vs, reading aloud, on'yomi (adopted Chinese reading of a kanji)
足 音
あしおと; n, footsteps (sound)
古 紙
こし; n, used paper, paper for recycling
紙 上
しじょう; n, on paper, in the newspapers, in a letter
白 紙
はくし; n, adj-no, blank paper, white paper
本 紙
ほんし; n, this newspaper
手 紙
てがみ; n, adj-no, letter
色 紙
しきし; n, square fancy cardboard, used for autographs, poetry, etc.
勉 学
べんがく; n, vs, study, pursuit of knowledge
勉 強
べんきょう; n, vs, study, diligence, discount, reduction
開 業
かいぎょう; n, vs, opening of business or practice (practise)
業 者
ぎょうしゃ; n, trader, merchant, manufacturer, contractor
家 業
かぎょう; n, family business, trade, occupation, line of work, one's father's occupation
本 業
ほんぎょう; n, principal occupation, core business
作 業
さぎょう; n, vs, work, operation, manufacturing, fatigue duty
学 業
がくぎょう; n, studies, schoolwork, classwork
始 業
しぎょう; n, vs, start of work, commencement, opening
産 業
さんぎょう; n, adj-no, industry
休 業
きゅうぎょう; n, vs, closed (e.g. store), business suspended, shutdown, holiday
文 語
ぶんご; n, written language, literary language, formal (or archaic) written style based on Heian-period Japanese
文 部
もんぶ; n, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
文 通
ぶんつう; n, vs, correspondence, exchange of letters
天 文
てんもん; n, astronomy
本 文
ほんぶん; n, text (of document), body (of letter)
作 文
さくぶん; n, vs, writing (an essay, prose, etc.), composition, formal writing with little real meaning
文 中
ぶんちゅう; exp, in the document, n, Bunchuu era (of the Southern Court) (1372.4.?-1375.5.27)
文 体
ぶんたい; n, adj-no, literary style
一 文
いちもん; n, something insignificant, one mon (10th sen)
文 書
ぶんしょ; n, document, writing, letter, paperwork, note, records, archives
人 文
じんぶん; n, humanity, civilization, civilisation, culture
文 明
ぶんめい; n, civilization, civilisation, culture, Bummei era (1469.4.28-1487.7.20)
文 民
ぶんみん; n, adj-no, civilian
文 楽
ぶんらく; n, Japanese puppet theatre (theater), bunraku
前 文
ぜんぶん; n, preamble, the above statement
文 学
ぶんがく; n, literature
返 答
へんとう; n, vs, reply
問 答
もんどう; n, vs, questions and answers, dialogue
映 画
えいが; n, adj-no, movie, film
名 画
めいが; n, famous picture, masterpiece
計 画
けいかく; n, vs, plan, project, schedule, scheme, program, programme
画 集
がしゅう; n, book of paintings in print
動 画
どうが; n, adj-no, vs, animation, motion picture, video, moving picture, in-betweening (in anime)
画 家
がか; n, adj-no, painter, artist
研 究
けんきゅう; n, vs, study, research, investigation
究 明
きゅうめい; n, vs, investigation (esp. in academic and scientific contexts)
体 験
たいけん; n, vs, personal experience
試 験
しけん; n, vs, examination, test, study, trial, experiment
体 質
たいしつ; n, adj-no, constitution (physical), genetic make-up, predisposition (to disease)
悪 質
あくしつ; adj-na, n, bad quality, malignancy, vicious, malignant
人 質
ひとじち; n, hostage, prisoner
本 質
ほんしつ; n, adj-no, essence, true nature, substance, reality
質 問
しつもん; n, vs, adj-no, question, inquiry, enquiry
気 質
きしつ; n, n-suf, spirit, character, trait, temperament, turn of mind, disposition
水 質
すいしつ; n, water quality
言 質
げんち; n, commitment, pledge or promise
良 質
りょうしつ; adj-na, n, adj-no, good quality, superior quality
学 問
がくもん; n, vs, scholarship, study, learning
一 問
いちもん; n, one question
問 題
もんだい; n, problem, question
主 題
しゅだい; n, subject, theme, motif
出 題
しゅつだい; n, vs, setting a question (for an exam), setting a theme (for composition of poetry)
題 名
だいめい; n, title
話 題
わだい; n, adj-no, topic, subject
意 見
いけん; n, vs, adj-no, opinion, view, comment
合 意
ごうい; n, vs, adj-no, agreement, consent, mutual understanding, accord
真 意
しんい; n, real intention, true motive, true meaning
意 外
いがい; adj-na, adv-to, n, unexpected, surprising
悪 意
あくい; n, adj-no, ill will, spite, evil intention, bad meaning, n, (criminal) malice, mala fides (criminal intent to deceive)
意 味
いみ; n, vs, meaning, significance
意 気
いき; n, spirit, heart, disposition
意 思
いし; n, intention, purpose
味 方
みかた; n, vs, adj-no, friend, ally, supporter
気 味
きみ; n, sensation, feeling, tendency, propensity
育 児
いくじ; n, vs, childcare, nursing, upbringing
教 育
きょういく; n, adj-no, vs, training, education
体 育
たいいく; n, physical education, gymnastics, athletics
生 育
せいいく; n, vs, growth, development, breeding
西 部
せいぶ; n, western part, the west (of a region), the West (i.e. of the US)
胸 部
きょうぶ; n, adj-no, chest, breast
学 部
がくぶ; n, adj-no, department of a university, adj-f, undergraduate (course, program, etc.)
部 落
ぶらく; n, hamlet, subunit of village, burakumin area
南 部
なんぶ; n, southern part, the south (of a region)
北 部
ほくぶ; n, adj-no, northern part, the north (of a region)
二 部
にぶ; n, two parts, two copies, the second part
部 長
ぶちょう; n, head (chief, director) of a section or department, head of a (school) club, head of a (school) team
下 部
かぶ; n, lower part, substructure, subordinate (office), good and faithful servant
上 部
じょうぶ; n, adj-no, top part, surface
前 部
ぜんぶ; n, adj-no, front part, fore, front
一 部
いちぶ; n-adv, n, one part, one portion, one section, some, one copy (e.g. of a document)
三 部
さんぶ; n, three parts, three copies
中 部
ちゅうぶ; n, center, centre, middle, heart, Chubu region (inc. Aichi, Nagano, Shizuoka, Niigata, Toyama, Ishikawa, Fukui, Yamanashi and Gifu prefectures)
本 部
ほんぶ; n, headquarters, head office, main office
部 族
ぶぞく; n, adj-no, tribe, clan, house
東 部
とうぶ; n, eastern part, the east (of a region)
部 員
ぶいん; n, adj-no, staff, member
部 分
ぶぶん; n, portion, section, part
部 下
ぶか; n, subordinate person
頭 部
とうぶ; n, head, cranium, adj-no, cephalic
後 部
こうぶ; n, adj-no, rear, stern
外 部
がいぶ; n, the outside, adj-no, external
単 語
たんご; n, adj-no, word, vocabulary, (usually) single-character word
単 産
たんさん; n, (single-industry) industrial union
単 一
たんいつ; adj-na, n, adj-no, single, simple, sole, individual, unitary
教 頭
きょうとう; n, deputy head teacher, vice principal
教 習
きょうしゅう; n, vs, training, instruction
正 教
せいきょう; n, orthodoxy, (Greek) orthodox church
教 会
きょうかい; n, adj-no, church
教 員
きょういん; n, teaching staff
学 習
がくしゅう; n, vs, study, learning, tutorial
仕 事
しごと; n, vs, adj-no, work, job, business, occupation, employment, vocation, task, work
仕 業
しわざ; n, deed (esp. negative), act, action, one's doing
仕 方
しかた; n, way, method, means, resource, course
返 事
へんじ; n, vs, reply, answer, response
用 事
ようじ; n, tasks, things to do, errand, business (to take care of), affairs, engagement
理 事
りじ; n, director, board of directors
知 事
ちじ; n, adj-no, prefectural governor
民 事
みんじ; n, adj-no, civil affairs, civil case
火 事
かじ; n, fire, conflagration
大 事
だいじ; adj-na, n, important, valuable, serious matter
家 事
かじ; n, housework, domestic chores, family affairs, household matters
万 事
ばんじ; n, all, everything
事 変
じへん; n, accident, disaster, incident, uprising, emergency
物 事
ものごと; n, things, everything
食 事
しょくじ; n, meal, vs, to eat
人 事
じんじ; n, adj-no, personnel affairs, human affairs, human resources, HR
見 事
みごと; adj-na, splendid, magnificent, beautiful, admirable, n, praiseworthy act, feat, commendable deed, adj-na, utter (esp. defeat), total, complete
事 前
じぜん; n, adj-no, prior, beforehand, in advance, before the fact, ex ante
悪 事
あくじ; n, evil deed, crime, wickedness
事 業
じぎょう; n, project, enterprise, business, industry, operations, act, deed, conduct
時 事
じじ; n, events of the day, current affairs
行 事
ぎょうじ; n, event, function
何 事
なにごと; n, what, something, everything, nothing (with neg. verb), something or other, unspecified matter
事 後
じご; n-adv, n-t, after-, post-, ex-, after the fact, ex post
品 目
ひんもく; n, item, commodity, list of articles
品 物
しなもの; n, goods, article, thing
品 名
ひんめい; n, name of product
薬 品
やくひん; n, medicine, chemicals
金 品
きんぴん; n, money and goods
下 品
げひん; adj-na, n, vulgarity, meanness, indecency, coarseness
上 品
じょうひん; adj-na, n, elegant, refined, polished
一 品
いっぴん; n, item, article, dish, course
物 品
ぶっぴん; n, goods, articles
小 品
しょうひん; n, something very small, essay, literary sketch
部 品
ぶひん; n, parts, accessories, components
食 品
しょくひん; n, commodity, foodstuff
手 品
てじな; n, sleight of hand, conjuring trick, magic, juggling
品 質
ひんしつ; n, (material) quality
用 品
ようひん; n, articles, supplies, parts
出 品
しゅっぴん; n, vs, exhibit, display
産 品
さんぴん; n, products
新 品
しんぴん; n, adj-no, (brand-)new article
作 品
さくひん; n, work (e.g. book, film, composition, etc.), opus, performance, production
服 用
ふくよう; n, vs, taking medicine, dosing
私 服
しふく; n, adj-no, civilian clothes, plain clothes
不 服
ふふく; adj-na, n, dissatisfaction, discontent, disapproval, objection, complaint, protest, disagreement
同 行
どうぎょう; n, vs, fellow pilgrim, fellow practicer of austerities
同 社
どうしゃ; n, the same firm
同 月
どうげつ; n-adv, n-t, the same month
同 校
どうこう; n, same school
同 業
どうぎょう; n, same trade, same business
同 時
どうじ; n, adj-no, simultaneous(ly), concurrent, same time, synchronous, together
同 日
どうじつ; n-adv, n-t, the same day
同 店
どうてん; n, the same store, the same shop
同 意
どうい; n, vs, adj-no, agreement, consent, same opinion, approval, same meaning
同 室
どうしつ; n, vs, the same room
同 年
どうねん; n-adv, n-t, that year, same year, same age
大 同
だいどう; exp, largely the same, n, Daidou era (806.5.18-810.9.19)
同 名
どうめい; n, adj-no, same name
合 同
ごうどう; n, vs, adj-no, adj-na, combination, union, incorporation, amalgamation, fusion, congruence
同 乗
どうじょう; n, vs, riding together, riding with
同 上
どうじょう; n, same as above, ditto, ibid.
同 一
どういつ; adj-na, n, adj-no, identity, sameness, similarity, equality, fairness
一 同
いちどう; n, n-suf, all present, all concerned, all of us
同 人
どうじん; n, literary group (coterie), same person, said person, clique, fraternity, kindred spirits, comrade, colleague
同 音
どうおん; n, adj-no, the same sound, one voice
特 集
とくしゅう; n, vs, feature (e.g. newspaper), special edition, report
特 質
とくしつ; n, characteristic, feature, special quality
特 色
とくしょく; n, characteristic, feature, idiosyncrasy, personal colour, spot color (in printing)
特 産
とくさん; n, vs, specialty, special product
特 急
とっきゅう; n, limited express (train, faster than an express), great hurry
特 大
とくだい; n, adj-no, extra-large
特 売
とくばい; n, vs, adj-no, special sale
特 別
とくべつ; adj-na, adv, n, adj-no, special
特 使
とくし; n, special envoy
不 足
ふそく; adj-na, n, vs, insufficiency, shortage, deficiency, lack, dearth
不 通
ふつう; n, suspension, interruption, stoppage, tie-up, cessation
不 運
ふうん; adj-na, n, adj-no, unlucky, misfortune, bad luck, fate
不 安
ふあん; adj-na, n, anxiety, uneasiness, insecurity, suspense
不 変
ふへん; adj-na, n, adj-no, eternal, everlasting, unchangeable, immutable, immovable, constant, permanent, indestructible
不 問
ふもん; n, n-suf, something not questioned, something not asked about, something not relevant, something of no object
不 動
ふどう; adj-na, n, adj-no, immobility, firmness, fixed, steadfastness, motionless, idle
不 作
ふさく; n, poor crop, crop failure
不 正
ふせい; adj-na, n, injustice, unfairness, iniquity, impropriety, irregularity, dishonesty, illegality, fraud
不 明
ふめい; adj-na, n, unknown, obscure, indistinct, uncertain, ambiguous, ignorant, lack of wisdom, anonymous, unidentified
不 意
ふい; adj-na, n, adj-no, sudden, abrupt, unexpected, unforeseen
不 良
ふりょう; adj-na, adj-no, n, badness, inferiority, delinquency, failure, defect, blemish
着 用
ちゃくよう; n, vs, wearing (e.g. uniform, seat belt), having on
使 用
しよう; n, vs, use, application, employment, utilization, utilisation
作 用
さよう; n, vs, action, operation, effect, function
起 用
きよう; n, vs, appointment (to a position, job, etc.), being used for a role, promotion
代 用
だいよう; n, vs, adj-no, substitution
急 用
きゅうよう; n, urgent business
用 語
ようご; n, term, terminology, wording, choice of words, phraseology
引 用
いんよう; n, vs, adj-no, quotation, citation, reference
運 用
うんよう; n, vs, making use of, application, practical use, investment, operation
通 用
つうよう; n, vs, popular use, circulation, vs, to pass as
用 紙
ようし; n, blank form, sheets of paper, sheet of paper
私 用
しよう; n, adj-no, vs, personal use, private business
用 意
ようい; n, vs, preparation, arrangements, provision, getting ready, laying out (e.g. a meal)
用 水
ようすい; n, irrigation water, water for fire, city water, cistern water
食 用
しょくよう; n, adj-no, for use as food, edible
悪 用
あくよう; n, vs, abuse, misuse, perversion
用 心
ようじん; n, vs, care, precaution, guarding, caution
重 度
じゅうど; n, adj-no, heavy, severe
高 度
こうど; adj-na, n, altitude, height, advanced, high-grade, strong
毎 度
まいど; n-adv, n-t, each time, thank you for your continued patronage
強 度
きょうど; adj-na, n, strength, intensity
一 度
いちど; n-adv, once, one time, on one occasion, temporarily, for a moment, one degree, one tone, one musical interval
度 胸
どきょう; n, courage, bravery, pluck, nerve, grit, guts
三 度
さんど; n, three times, thrice, third (musical interval), adv, several times, often, frequently
度 合
どあい; n, degree, extent
今 度
こんど; n-adv, n-t, now, this time, next time, another time
年 度
ねんど; n, n-suf, fiscal year (usu. April 1 to March 31 in Japan), financial year, academic year, school year, product year
二 度
にど; n, two times, twice, two degrees
何 度
なんど; n, how many times?, how often?
回 答
かいとう; n, vs, reply, answer
毎 回
まいかい; n-adv, n-t, every time, each round
一 回
いっかい; n-adv, once, one time, one round, one game, one bout, one heat, one inning
回 帰
かいき; n, vs, return (to), revolution, recurrence, recursion, comeback, revival
今 回
こんかい; n-adv, n-t, now, this time, lately
何 回
なんかい; n, how many times?
前 回
ぜんかい; n-adv, n-t, previous time, last time, previous installment, previous instalment, previous session
近 代
きんだい; n, adj-no, present day, modern times
先 代
せんだい; n, family predecessor, previous age, previous generation
年 代
ねんだい; n, age, era, period, date
代 行
だいこう; n, vs, adj-no, acting as agent
代 金
だいきん; n, price, payment, cost, charge, the money, the bill
代 理
だいり; n, vs, adj-no, representation, agency, proxy, deputy, agent, attorney, substitute, alternate, acting (principal, etc.)
古 代
こだい; adj-na, n-adv, n-t, ancient times
三 代
さんだい; n, three generations, three periods, third generation
一 代
いちだい; n, generation, lifetime, age
十 代
じゅうだい; n, adj-no, the teens (10-19), teenage, n, the tenth generation
代 人
だいにん; n, substitute, deputy, proxy, representative, agent
千 代
せんだい; n, thousand years, very long period, forever
時 代
じだい; n-t, n, period, epoch, era, age, the times, those days, oldness, ancientness, antiquity, antique, period piece
自 明
じめい; adj-na, n, adj-no, obvious, self-evident, trivial, axiomatic, self-explanatory
自 民
じみん; n, Liberal Democratic Party, LDP
自 白
じはく; n, vs, confession, acknowledgement, acknowledgment
自 立
じりつ; n, vs, adj-no, independence, self-reliance
自 社
じしゃ; n, one's company, company one works for, adj-f, in-house, belonging to the company
自 習
じしゅう; n, vs, adj-no, self-study
自 主
じしゅ; n, vs, independence, autonomy
自 作
じさく; n, vs, adj-no, one's own work
自 力
じりき; n, adj-no, by oneself, self-made
自 前
じまえ; n, adj-no, taking care of one's responsibilities by oneself, one's own efforts, one's own expense, going into business for oneself (selling one's own products), entrepreneur of such a business
自 分
じぶん; pn, adj-no, myself, yourself, oneself, himself, herself, I, me
自 動
じどう; adj-no, n, automatic, self-motion, intransitive verb
自 問
じもん; n, vs, asking oneself
自 国
じこく; n, adj-no, one's own country
自 室
じしつ; n, one's own room
自 家
じか; adj-f, own, personal, autologous
自 首
じしゅ; n, vs, surrender, give oneself up
食 欲
しょくよく; n, adj-no, appetite (for food)
意 欲
いよく; n, n-suf, will, desire, ambition, urge (e.g. creative urge)
元 年
がんねん; n-adv, n-t, first year (of a specific reign)
元 本
がんぽん; n, principal (invest.), capital
元 来
がんらい; n-adv, originally, primarily, essentially, logically, naturally
元 日
がんじつ; n, New Year's Day
耳 元
みみもと; n, close to the ear
元 首
げんしゅ; n, ruler, sovereign
中 元
ちゅうげん; n, 15th day of the 7th lunar month, (last day of) Bon lantern festival, Bon gifts
家 元
いえもと; n, head of a school (of music, dance), head family of a school
手 元
てもと; n, (money) on hand or at home, one's purse (handbag), usual skill
元 気
げんき; adj-na, n, health(y), robust, vigor, vigour, energy, vitality, vim, stamina, spirit, courage, pep
良 好
りょうこう; adj-na, n, favorable, favourable, satisfactory
好 天
こうてん; n, fine weather
好 意
こうい; n, good will, favor, favour, courtesy
友 好
ゆうこう; n, friendship
好 物
こうぶつ; n, favourite dish (favorite), favourite food
薬 物
やくぶつ; n, medicines, drugs
物 音
ものおと; n, sounds
着 物
きもの; n, clothing, clothes, kimono (or other trad. Japanese clothing)
大 物
おおもの; n, adj-no, important person, big-shot, big game (animal, fish)
物 質
ぶっしつ; n, material, substance
物 語
ものがたり; n, vs, adj-no, tale, story, legend
名 物
めいぶつ; n, famous product, special product, speciality, specialty
本 物
ほんもの; n, adj-no, genuine article, real thing, real deal
安 物
やすもの; n, adj-no, cheap article, poor quality article
見 物
けんぶつ; n, vs, sightseeing, sightseer, watching, watcher
物 理
ぶつり; n, adj-no, physics, law of nature
小 物
こもの; n, accessories, small articles
物 産
ぶっさん; n, product
作 物
さくもつ; n, produce (e.g. agricultural), crops
書 物
しょもつ; n, books
物 心
ものごころ; n, awareness of things around one, ability to understand what is going on around oneself, judgment, judgement, discretion
動 物
どうぶつ; n, animal
物 体
ぶったい; n, body, object
産 物
さんぶつ; n, product, result, fruit
生 物
なまもの; n, raw food, perishables
建 物
たてもの; n, building
人 物
じんぶつ; n, character, personality, person, man, personage, talented man
食 物
しょくもつ; n, adj-no, food, foodstuff
お 茶
おちゃ; n, tea (usu. green), tea break (at work), tea ceremony
茶 色
ちゃいろ; n, adj-no, light brown, tawny
茶 道
さどう; n, tea ceremony, Way of Tea
緑 茶
りょくちゃ; n, green tea, Japanese tea
赤 飯
せきはん; n, red rice (beans and mochi) for auspicious occasions
ご 飯
ごはん; n, cooked rice, meal
真 理
しんり; n, adj-no, truth
料 理
りょうり; n, vs, cooking, cookery, cuisine, dealing with something, handling, administration, management
合 理
ごうり; n, rational
病 理
びょうり; n, pathology
道 理
どうり; n, reason, truth
心 理
しんり; n, state of mind, mentality, psychology
生 理
せいり; n, adj-no, physiology, menstruation, one's period, menses
料 金
りょうきん; n, fee, charge, fare
飲 料
いんりょう; n, beverage, drink
食 料
しょくりょう; n, food
送 料
そうりょう; n, postage, carriage
新 薬
しんやく; n, a new medicine
目 薬
めぐすり; n, eye drops, eyewash
薬 学
やくがく; n, adj-no, (study of) pharmacy, pharmaceutics
医 薬
いやく; n, adj-no, medicine, Pharmaceutical and Food Safety Bureau
火 薬
かやく; n, gunpowder, powder
試 薬
しやく; n, reagent
出 力
しゅつりょく; n, vs, output (e.g. of dynamo)
電 力
でんりょく; n, electric power
入 力
にゅうりょく; n, vs, input, (data) entry
水 力
すいりょく; n, adj-no, hydraulic power, water power
気 力
きりょく; n, willpower, energy, vitality
火 力
かりょく; n, heating power, steam power
力 説
りきせつ; n, vs, insistence, (major) emphasis, stress
学 力
がくりょく; n, scholarly ability, scholarship, knowledge, literary ability
主 力
しゅりょく; n, adj-no, main force, chief object, mainline
重 力
じゅうりょく; n, gravity
体 力
たいりょく; n, physical strength
国 力
こくりょく; n, national power
動 力
どうりょく; n, adj-f, power, motive power, dynamic force
力 学
りきがく; n, mechanics, dynamics
強 力
きょうりょく; adj-na, n, powerful, strong
引 力
いんりょく; n, attraction (e.g. magnetic, gravitation), affinity, attractiveness, magnetism
持 病
じびょう; n, chronic disease
急 病
きゅうびょう; n, sudden illness
病 弱
びょうじゃく; adj-na, n, adj-no, weak constitution
病 死
びょうし; n, vs, death from disease, death from illness
病 気
びょうき; n, adj-no, illness, disease, sickness
病 名
びょうめい; n, name of a disease
大 病
たいびょう; n, vs, serious illness, dangerous disease
病 人
びょうにん; n, sick person, patient, invalid
病 室
びょうしつ; n, sickroom, hospital room
旅 行
りょこう; n, vs, adj-no, travel, trip
旅 先
たびさき; n, destination, goal (of travel), place one stays during a journey
大 変
たいへん; adv, very, greatly, adj-na, n, immense, enormous, great, serious, grave, dreadful, terrible, difficult, hard, major incident, disaster
変 動
へんどう; n, vs, change, fluctuation
一 変
いっぺん; n, vs, complete change, about-face
急 変
きゅうへん; n, vs, sudden turn, sudden change, (suddenly occurring) accident, emergency
変 質
へんしつ; n, vs, adj-no, alteration (of character or essence), change in quality, transformation, deterioration, degeneration, transmutation
肉 声
にくせい; n, natural voice (without a microphone)
肉 食
にくしょく; n, vs, adj-no, meat eating, eating of meat, meat diet, adj-f, carnivorous
食 肉
しょくにく; n, meat (for consumption)
牛 肉
ぎゅうにく; n, adj-no, beef
肉 親
にくしん; n, blood relationship, blood relative
肉 体
にくたい; n, adj-no, the body, the flesh
金 魚
きんぎょ; n, goldfish
子 牛
こうし; n, adj-no, calf
白 鳥
はくちょう; n, swan (Cygnus Bechstein, Cygnus ssp.), white-feathered bird
千 鳥
ちどり; n, plover
野 鳥
やちょう; n, wild bird
小 鳥
ことり; n, small bird, songbird, birdie, dickeybird, dickybird
水 鳥
すいちょう; n, waterfowl, water bird, shorebird
昨 秋
さくしゅう; n-adv, n-t, autumn of last year, fall of last year
春 秋
しゅんじゅう; n, spring and autumn, spring and fall, months and years, the Chronicles of Lu or the Spring and Autumn Annals - one of the Five Classics
今 秋
こんしゅう; n-adv, n-t, this (next, last) autumn (fall)
秋 風
あきかぜ; n, autumn breeze, fall breeze
秋 分
しゅうぶん; n, autumnal equinox, autumn equinox, fall equinox
真 夏
まなつ; n-adv, n-t, midsummer
売 春
ばいしゅん; n, vs, adj-no, prostitution
昨 春
さくしゅん; n-adv, n-t, last spring, the spring of last year
青 春
せいしゅん; n, adj-no, youth, springtime of life, adolescent
来 春
らいしゅん; n-t, next spring
春 分
しゅんぶん; n, vernal equinox, spring equinox
新 春
しんしゅん; n, New Year (Spring)
早 春
そうしゅん; n-adv, n, early spring
春 先
はるさき; n-adv, n-t, beginning of spring
今 春
こんしゅん; n-adv, n-t, this spring, spring this year
朝 夕
あさゆう; n-adv, n-t, morning and evening, from morning until night, constantly
夕 方
ゆうがた; n-adv, n-t, evening, dusk
夕 日
ゆうひ; n, evening sun, setting sun
夕 飯
ゆうはん; n, evening meal
夕 食
ゆうしょく; n, evening meal, dinner
七 夕
たなばた; n, Festival of the Weaver (July 7th), Star Festival (one of the five annual festivals)
夕 立
ゆうだち; n, (sudden) evening shower (rain)
昼 間
ひるま; n-adv, n-t, daytime, during the day, time from sunrise until sunset, diurnal period
昼 食
ちゅうしょく; n, lunch, midday meal, food served at a tea party (tea ceremony)
昼 前
ひるまえ; n-adv, n-t, forenoon, just before noon
昼 夜
ちゅうや; adv, n, adj-no, day and night
昼 寝
ひるね; n, vs, nap (afternoon), siesta
明 朝
みょうちょう; n-adv, n-t, tomorrow morning
本 朝
ほんちょう; n, this land, our country, Imperial Court
朝 方
あさがた; n-adv, n, early morning, early hours, toward morning
朝 日
あさひ; n, morning sun
毎 朝
まいあさ; n-adv, n-t, every morning
朝 食
ちょうしょく; n, breakfast
朝 飯
あさめし; n, breakfast
朝 顔
あさがお; n, Japanese morning glory (Ipomoea nil, Pharbitis nil), funnel shaped, bell (i.e. of a trumpet)
早 朝
そうちょう; n-adv, n-t, early morning
今 朝
けさ; n-t, this morning
夜 学
やがく; n, evening course, night-school
月 夜
つきよ; n, moonlit night
夜 中
よなか; n-adv, n-t, midnight, dead of night
一 夜
いちや; n-adv, n-t, one night, all night, overnight, one evening
前 夜
ぜんや; n-adv, n-t, last night, the previous night
夜 空
よぞら; n, night sky
今 夜
こんや; n-adv, n-t, this evening, tonight
通 夜
つや; n, all-night vigil over a body, wake
夜 間
やかん; n-adv, n-t, at night, nighttime
日 夜
にちや; n-adv, n, day and night, always
昨 晩
さくばん; n-adv, n-t, last night
昨 日
きのう; n-adv, n-t, yesterday
昨 年
さくねん; n-adv, n-t, last year
昨 今
さっこん; n-adv, n-t, nowadays, recently
晩 年
ばんねん; n-adv, n-t, (one's) last years
明 晩
みょうばん; n-adv, n-t, tomorrow evening
毎 晩
まいばん; n-adv, n-t, every night
一 晩
ひとばん; n-adv, n-t, one night, one evening, all night, overnight
今 晩
こんばん; n-adv, n-t, tonight, this evening
開 花
かいか; n, vs, flowers budding, blooming, flowering, showing results, becoming popular, blooming
花 道
はなみち; n, passage through audience to stage
火 花
ひばな; n, spark
花 火
はなび; n, fireworks
花 見
はなみ; n, vs, cherry blossom viewing, flower viewing
山 菜
さんさい; n, edible wild plants
野 菜
やさい; n, adj-no, vegetable
白 菜
はくさい; n, Chinese cabbage (Brassica campestris var. amplexicaulis), white rape, bok choy, pak choi
菜 食
さいしょく; n, vs, adj-no, vegetable diet
作 風
さくふう; n, literary style
洋 風
ようふう; n, adj-no, adj-na, Western style
北 風
きたかぜ; n, adj-no, north wind
一 風
いっぷう; n, eccentric
風 下
かざしも; n, adj-no, leeward, lee
風 上
かざかみ; n, adj-no, windward, upwind
風 力
ふうりょく; n, wind power
風 味
ふうみ; n, taste, flavor, flavour
風 土
ふうど; n, natural features, topography, climate, spiritual features
風 習
ふうしゅう; n, custom
強 風
きょうふう; n, strong wind, high wind, moderate gale
森 林
しんりん; n, adj-no, forest, woods
林 業
りんぎょう; n, forestry
山 林
さんりん; n, mountain forest, forest on a mountain, montane forest, mountains and forest
林 立
りんりつ; n, vs, stand close together
林 道
りんどう; n, path through forest, woodland path
野 山
のやま; n, hills and fields, hill and dale
野 心
やしん; n, ambition, aspiration, designs, treachery
野 外
やがい; n, adj-no, outdoors, fields, outskirts, open air, suburbs
野 生
やせい; n, vs, adj-no, wild, growing wild, pn, I
下 野
げや; n, vs, retirement from public office, going into opposition, losing power
上 野
うえの; n, section of Tokyo
分 野
ぶんや; n, field, sphere, realm, division, branch
野 中
のなか; n, in the middle of a field
山 野
さんや; n, hills and fields, countryside
外 野
がいや; n, outfield, outfielder, outfield bleachers, third party, outsider
大 野
おおの; n, large field
電 池
でんち; n, battery
海 運
かいうん; n, adj-no, maritime, marine transportation
東 海
とうかい; n, region south of Tokyo on Pacific Ocean side of Japan, eastern sea, East Sea (controversial name for the Sea of Japan proposed by Korea)
黒 海
こっかい; n, adj-no, Black Sea
南 海
なんかい; n, southern sea
海 上
かいじょう; adj-no, (by, at, on) sea, maritime, marine
海 中
かいちゅう; n, adj-no, in the sea
北 海
ほっかい; n, northern sea, North Sea
海 外
かいがい; n, adj-no, foreign, abroad, overseas
近 海
きんかい; n, adj-no, coastal waters, adjacent seas
海 水
かいすい; n, ocean water
海 洋
かいよう; n, adj-no, ocean
洋 食
ようしょく; n, Western-style meal
洋 間
ようま; n, Western-style room
外 洋
がいよう; n, open sea, ocean
大 洋
たいよう; n, adj-no, ocean
西 洋
せいよう; n, adj-no, the west, Western countries
東 洋
とうよう; n, adj-no, Orient
洋 上
ようじょう; n, on the sea or ocean
洋 室
ようしつ; n, Western-style room
洋 書
ようしょ; n, Western books
洋 服
ようふく; n, Western-style clothes (cf traditional Japanese clothes)
洋 楽
ようがく; n, western (non-Japanese) music
洋 画
ようが; n, Western painting, Western film, Western movie
三 洋
さんよう; n, Sanyo (company)
氷 山
ひょうざん; n, iceberg
園 長
えんちょう; n, head of a garden, kindergarten principal, nursery school principal, park director (botanical garden), zoo director (zoological garden), head of a plantation
入 園
にゅうえん; n, vs, enrollment in kindergarten, enrolment in kindergarten, entering a park, garden, zoo, etc.
花 園
はなぞの; n, flower garden
学 園
がくえん; n, adj-no, academy, campus
楽 園
らくえん; n, pleasure garden, paradise
園 児
えんじ; n, kindergarten pupil, kindergartener
庭 園
ていえん; n, garden, park
菜 園
さいえん; n, vegetable garden
田 園
でんえん; n, adj-no, country, rural districts, cultivated land, fields
本 島
ほんとう; n, main island, this island
小 島
こじま; n, small island, islet
島 国
しまぐに; n, island country (sometimes used as a metaphor for Japan)
半 島
はんとう; n, peninsula
中 島
なかじま; n, island in a pond or river
大 屋
おおや; n, landlord, landlady
問 屋
とんや; n, wholesale store
本 屋
ほんや; n, bookstore, bookshop, publisher, main building
茶 屋
ちゃや; n, tea house, tea dealer
屋 外
おくがい; n, adj-no, outdoors, alfresco
小 屋
こや; n, hut, cabin, shed, (animal) pen
部 屋
へや; n, room, stable
家 屋
かおく; n, house, building
質 屋
しちや; n, pawnshop
屋 上
おくじょう; n, rooftop
楽 屋
がくや; n, dressing room, green room, backstage
長 屋
ながや; n, tenement house, row house
開 港
かいこう; n, vs, open port, opening a port
空 港
くうこう; n, airport
出 港
しゅっこう; n, vs, departure, clearance (of a ship)
入 港
にゅうこう; n, vs, entry into port
校 庭
こうてい; n, schoolyard, campus
家 庭
かてい; n, adj-no, home, family, household
中 庭
なかにわ; n, courtyard, quadrangle, middle court
庭 木
にわき; n, garden tree
街 道
かいどう; n, highway (esp. one existing from the Edo period), main road
街 路
がいろ; n, road, street, avenue
街 頭
がいとう; n, in the street
市 街
しがい; n, adj-no, urban areas, the streets, town, city
木 場
きば; n, lumberyard
本 場
ほんば; n, adj-no, home, habitat, center, centre, best place, authentic, genuine
入 場
にゅうじょう; n, vs, entrance, admission, entering
夏 場
なつば; n, summertime
冬 場
ふゆば; n, the winter season
市 場
しじょう; n, (the) market (as a concept)
場 合
ばあい; n-adv, n, case, situation
場 所
ばしょ; n, place, location, spot, position, room, space, basho, wrestling tournament
足 場
あしば; n, scaffold, footing, foothold
立 場
たちば; n, standpoint, position, situation
広 場
ひろば; n, plaza, (public) square, piazza, forum, open space
会 場
かいじょう; n, assembly hall, meeting place, venue, grounds
道 場
どうじょう; n, dojo (hall used for martial arts training), manda (place of Buddhist practice or meditation, esp. the place under the bodhi tree where Buddha attained enlightenment)
出 場
しゅつじょう; n, vs, (stage) appearance, performance, participation (e.g. in a tournament)
開 場
かいじょう; n, vs, opening (the doors to an event, etc.), inauguration
入 所
にゅうしょ; n, vs, entrance, admission, imprisonment, internment
所 持
しょじ; n, vs, possession, owning
短 所
たんしょ; n, defect, demerit, weak point, disadvantage
所 長
しょちょう; n, chief, head (of an office, of a laboratory)
所 見
しょけん; n, view, opinion, finding, findings
名 所
めいしょ; n, famous place, name of a part (of an instrument, etc.), name and address
高 所
こうしょ; n, high altitude, heights, elevation, broad view
見 所
みどころ; n, point worthy of note, highlight (e.g. in a film), thing to note, good prospects for the future, promise
急 所
きゅうしょ; n, vitals, tender spot, key (of a problem), crux, essential point, secret, male crotch (as a target in fighting)
近 所
きんじょ; n, adj-no, neighbourhood, neighborhood
長 所
ちょうしょ; n, strong point, merit, virtue, advantage
出 所
しゅっしょ; n, vs, birthplace, origin, source, authority, release (discharge) from prison, exit, point of departure, time to take action
中 途
ちゅうと; n, adj-no, in the middle, half-way
一 途
いちず; adj-na, n, wholehearted, earnest
前 途
ぜんと; n, future prospects, outlook, the journey ahead
用 途
ようと; n, use, usefulness, utility, service, purpose
帰 途
きと; n, adj-no, on the way back, returning
途 方
とほう; n, way, destination, reason
途 中
とちゅう; n-adv, n-t, on the way, en route, in the middle of, midway
途 上
とじょう; n-adv, n-t, en route, half-way, on the road, in the street
近 世
きんせい; n, adj-no, early modern times (Azuchi-Momoyama period to Edo period, 1568-1867), modern times, recent times
出 世
しゅっせ; n, vs, success in life, getting ahead, successful career, promotion, climbing the corporate ladder, eminence
世 間
せけん; n, world, society
後 世
こうせい; n-adv, n, posterity, future life, life to come
中 世
ちゅうせい; n-adv, n-t, Middle Ages, medieval times, mediaeval times
世 代
せだい; n, adj-no, generation, the world, the age
一 世
いっせい; n, a lifetime, a generation, foreign immigrant, Japanese immigrant to USA
二 世
にせい; n, second generation, foreigner of Japanese parentage, junior, two existences, the present and the future, the second (king of the same name)
世 界
せかい; n, the world, society, the universe
世 話
せわ; n, vs, looking after, help, aid, assistance
学 院
がくいん; n, institute, academy
通 院
つういん; n, vs, commuting to hospital
医 院
いいん; n, doctor's office (surgery), clinic, dispensary
病 院
びょういん; n, adj-no, hospital
二 院
にいん; n, the two houses of legislature
入 院
にゅういん; n, vs, hospitalization, hospitalisation
院 長
いんちょう; n, director
書 院
しょいん; n, drawing room, study, publishing house, writing alcove
本 堂
ほんどう; n, main temple building, nave
一 堂
いちどう; n, one building (hall, temple, shrine, room)
食 堂
しょくどう; n, dining room, dining hall, cafeteria, messroom, restaurant, eatery, snack bar, diner
会 堂
かいどう; n, church, chapel, synagogue, tabernacle
室 町
むろまち; n, Muromachi (era 1392-1573, or 1333-1573, or 1336-1573)
町 長
ちょうちょう; n, town headman, town mayor
下 町
したまち; n, low-lying part of a city (usu. containing shops, factories, etc.), Shitamachi (low-lying area of eastern Tokyo near Tokyo Bay, inc. Asakusa, Shitaya, Kanda, Fukugawa, Honjo, Nihonbashi, Kyobashi and surrounds)
町 民
ちょうみん; n, townspeople
町 中
まちなか; n, downtown
休 館
きゅうかん; n, vs, adj-no, closure (of a library, museum, etc.)
会 館
かいかん; n, meeting hall, assembly hall
館 長
かんちょう; n, superintendent, director, curator, chief librarian
別 館
べっかん; n, (hotel) annexe (annex)
旅 館
りょかん; n, Japanese hotel, inn, ryokan
開 館
かいかん; n, vs, opening a hall for that day's business (museum, library, such like buildings), opening of new hall (museum, etc.)
本 館
ほんかん; n, main building
道 路
どうろ; n, road, highway
通 路
つうろ; n, passage, pathway, roadway, avenue, aisle
進 路
しんろ; n, route, course, career, university choices, course (of future life)
回 路
かいろ; n, circuit (electric)
路 地
ろじ; n, alley, alleyway, lane, bare earth (i.e. ground not covered by a roof), teahouse garden, path through a gate (or through a garden, etc.)
路 上
ろじょう; n, (on the) road, (on the) way
水 路
すいろ; n, waterway, canal, channel, aqueduct, conduit
古 都
こと; n, ancient city, former capital
都 立
とりつ; n, adj-no, metropolitan (i.e. established by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government)
京 都
きょうと; n, Kyoto
首 都
しゅと; n, adj-no, capital city, metropolis
都 民
とみん; n, city populace, resident of Tokyo
都 市
とし; n, adj-no, town, city, municipal, urban
都 心
としん; n, city centre (center) (esp. capital city), urban centre, heart of city a metropolis
東 都
とうと; n, the Eastern Capital (now Tokyo), Yedo, Edo
都 合
つごう; adv, n, circumstances, condition, convenience, vs, to arrange, to manage, to lend money, to raise money, adv, in all, in total, all told
都 会
とかい; n, adj-no, city
高 地
こうち; n, adj-no, high ground, plateau, heights
大 地
だいち; n, ground, earth, the solid earth, the (vast) land
天 地
てんち; n, heaven and earth, the universe, nature, top and bottom, realm, sphere, world, top and bottom, gods of heaven and earth
地 理
ちり; n, geography
山 地
さんち; n, adj-no, mountainous district
着 地
ちゃくち; n, vs, landing
地 道
じみち; adj-na, n, steady, honest, sober, straightforward
同 地
どうち; n, the same place, that place
借 地
しゃくち; n, vs, leased land
意 地
いじ; n, disposition, spirit, willpower, obstinacy, backbone, appetite
下 地
したじ; n, groundwork, foundation, inclination, aptitude, elementary knowledge of, grounding in, prearrangement, spadework, signs, symptoms, first coat of plastering, soy
心 地
ここち; n, feeling, sensation, mood, suf, sensation of doing (usu. after -masu stem of verb)
白 地
しろじ; n, white background, adj-pn, blank, n, female virgin
地 方
ちほう; n, adj-no, area, locality, district, region, province, countryside, rural area, coast (esp. as seen from the water), person singing ballads in noh, person in charge of music in a Japanese dance performance
見 地
けんち; n, point of view
立 地
りっち; n, vs, site, location (e.g. of industry)
地 味
じみ; adj-na, n, plain, simple, subdued, sober
土 地
とち; n, plot of land, lot, soil
地 区
ちく; n, adj-no, district, section, sector
地 名
ちめい; n, adj-no, place name
地 元
じもと; n, home area, home town, adj-no, local
地 図
ちず; n, map
地 上
ちじょう; n, adj-no, above ground
地 下
ちか; n, adj-no, basement, cellar, underground place, pref, underground, below ground, secret, under cover, n, underground (railway), subway, metro
地 中
ちちゅう; n, adj-no, underground, subterranean
地 主
じぬし; n, landlord, landowner
生 地
きじ; n, cloth, material, texture, one's true character, unglazed pottery, uncooked dough, batter
用 地
ようち; n, site
産 地
さんち; n, producing area
市 外
しがい; n, adj-no, outside the city area, suburbs
市 中
しちゅう; n, in the city
同 市
どうし; n, same city
市 部
しぶ; n, urban areas
市 長
しちょう; n, adj-no, mayor
市 民
しみん; n, citizen, townspeople
市 立
しりつ; n, adj-no, municipal, city
新 田
しんでん; n, new rice field, newly developed rice field, wasteland or marshland newly reclaimed as a rice field (Edo period)
水 田
すいでん; n, (water-filled) paddy field
上 田
じょうでん; n, high rice field, very fertile rice field
学 界
がっかい; n, academic or scientific world
業 界
ぎょうかい; n, business world, business circles, (the) industry
東 京
とうきょう; n, Tokyo (current capital of Japan)
帰 京
ききょう; n, vs, returning to Tokyo
上 京
じょうきょう; n, vs, proceeding to the capital (Tokyo)
北 京
ぺきん; n, Beijing (China), Peking
合 図
あいず; n, vs, sign, signal
意 図
いと; n, vs, intention, aim, design
図 書
としょ; n, books
村 人
むらびと; n, villager
山 村
さんそん; n, mountain village
村 民
そんみん; n, villager
村 長
そんちょう; n, village headman
区 長
くちょう; n, ward headman
区 間
くかん; n, n-suf, section (of track, etc.), segment, dimension, interval
区 画
くかく; n, vs, division, section, compartment, boundary, area, block
学 区
がっく; n, school district, school area
区 分
くぶん; n, vs, adj-no, division, section, demarcation, partition, segmentation, subdivision, (traffic) lane, compartment, classification, sorting
区 別
くべつ; n, vs, distinction, differentiation, classification
県 道
けんどう; n, prefectural road
県 立
けんりつ; adj-no, n, prefectural (institution)
同 県
どうけん; n, the same prefecture
県 民
けんみん; n, citizens of a prefecture
県 外
けんがい; n, adj-no, outside the prefecture
県 下
けんか; adj-no, n, in the prefecture, prefectural
所 得
しょとく; n, income, earnings
説 得
せっとく; n, vs, persuasion
損 得
そんとく; n, loss and gain, advantage and disadvantage
習 得
しゅうとく; n, vs, learning, acquisition
取 得
しゅとく; n, vs, acquisition
心 得
こころえ; n, knowledge, information
得 意
とくい; n, adj-no, adj-na, triumph, prosperity, pride, one's strong point, one's forte, one's specialty, frequent customer (client, etc.)