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  1. Sinapis Semen
  2. Herbs in this category mostly tonify the kidneys, because they are the root of yang of the whole body, and also tonify the spleen and the heart.
  3. What category is used to treat damp heat conditions such as dysenteric disorders, urinary difficulty or pain, jaundice, furuncles, and eczema and are also BITTER and COLD?
  4. In general, what type of herbs need to be cooked less than 5 minutes?
  5. Which herb from the Nourish the Heart, Calm the Spirit category treats poor memory, insomnia, agitation, and heart spirit?
  1. a Aromatic herbs
  2. b Suan Zao Ren
  3. c Herbs that Clear Heat, Dry Damp
  4. d Bai Jie Zi
  5. e Herbs that Tonify Yang

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  1. Herbs that Stabilize and Bind
  2. Tian Hua Fen, Tian Men Dong, & Yu Zhu
  3. Lu Dou
  4. Di Fu Zi
  5. Niu Xi

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  1. Platycadi SemenBai Zi Ren


  2. Which herb is acrid, bitter, aromatic, enters the SP & ST, and moves qi upward and outward?Jing Jie


  3. Which category facilitates the proper workings of the qi dynamic, often enter the LU, LV, SP, & ST channels?Herbs that Regulate Qi


  4. Mume FructusSha Ren


  5. Toosendan FructusChuan Lian Zi


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