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  1. Notoginseng Radix
  2. Acanthopanacis Cortex
  3. Which herb in the Yang Tonics category does the following functions? Helps to assist kidney yang and helps the kidney to grasp qi to treat wheezing and asthma, is salty and neutral, tonifies the lung qi and kidney essence to treat cough. This herb should be taken in pill or powder form.
  4. Arctii Fructus
  5. The following subcategories fall under which general category? Herbs that Anchor, Settle, & Calm the Spirit and Herbs that Nourish the Heart & Calm the Spirit
  1. a Niu Bang Zi
  2. b San Qi
  3. c Wu Jia Pi
  4. d Ge Gie
  5. e Herbs that Calm the Spirit

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  1. Zhi Ban Xia
  2. Da Huang
  3. Man Jing Zi
  4. Qing Hao
  5. Herbs that Tonify Qi

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  1. This herb in the Drain Damp category is best to treat dermatological problems with itching, like eczema and scabies.Di Fu Zi


  2. Which herb does not adjust the ying and wei (Wen Bing Theory)?Ma Huang


  3. Which category of herbs nourishes the sinews and network vessels, relaxes and softens muscles, stops pain, and supplements liver and kidney?Herbs that Tonify Yin


  4. Corni FructusSang Shen


  5. Which herb from the Nourish the Heart, Calm the Spirit category is best at treating phlegm that mists the heart orifices? (Symptoms will manifest as mental and emotional disorientation.)Bai Zi Ren