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  1. Cassiae Semen
  2. Which three herbs in the WARE category are used to treat nasal/sinus congestion?
  3. Long Dan Cao is in which category?
  4. Which herb in the Cool the Blood category is sweet (nourishes yin) and bitter (drains heat)?
  5. A patient presents with chills, craving for hot drinks, watery soft stool, pale tongue, and a submerged, thin pulse. Which category would be most appropriate to treat this patient?
  1. a Cang Er Zi, Xin Yi Hua, & Bai Zhi
  2. b Herbs that Warm the Interior and Expel Cold
  3. c Sheng Di Huang
  4. d Jue Ming Zi
  5. e Herbs that Clear Heat, Dry Damp

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  1. Tonifying Herbs
  2. Aromatic Herbs that Transform Dampness
  3. Wu Zhu Yu
  4. Sang Bai Pi
  5. Da Huang

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  1. PheretimaDi Long


  2. Which category calms the shen by either nourishing the heart yin and blood or by clearing phlegm accumulation?Herbs that Nourish the Heart and Calm the Spirit


  3. Which herb opens and disseminates LU qi and benefits the throat?Jie Geng


  4. Which category are the following herbs in? Yi Mu Cao, Chuan Niu Xi, Chuan Xiong, Yan Hu SuoHerbs that Invigorate the Blood


  5. Myristicae SemenXia Ku Cao