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  1. Crysanthemi Flos
  2. Polygoni Multiflori Caulis
  3. Gentianae Cortex
  4. Purgatives, Moist Laxatives, Harsh Expellants are subcategories of which general category?
  5. Which herb category treats very severe shen disorders (i.e. closed and open syndromes)?
  1. a Aromatic Substances that Open the Orifices
  2. b Ju Hua
  3. c Ye Jiao Teng
  4. d Long Dan Cao
  5. e Downward Draining Herbs

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  1. Shan Zha
  2. Dan Shen
  3. Zhi Shi
  4. Chai Hu & Sheng Ma
  5. Herbs that Clear Heat, Resolve Toxicity

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  1. Dioscoreae RadixFang Feng


  2. A patient presents with distention, fullness in the abdomen, nausea, vomiting/spitting up of sour fluids, absence of thirst, loss of appetite, morning lethargy, grogginess, stiffness in the joints, diarrhea, leukorrhea, greasy tongue coating, and a soggy, slippery pulse. Which category would be most appropriate to treat this patient?Herbs that Tonify Blood


  3. Which category are the following herbs in? San Qi, Ai Ye, & Xue Yu TanHerbs that Stop Bleeding


  4. This herb, from the WARE category, treats measles?Jing Jie


  5. Which herb in the Blood Tonifying category must be melted into strained decoction, tonifies the blood, stops bleeding, and moistens LU yin?E Jiao