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  1. Which category is indicated when bodily substances are discharged abnormally, or structures within the body have slipped from their position (prolapsed)?
  2. Which herb in the Clear Heat from Deficiency category does the following actions: relieves summerheat, stops bleeding, and treats malaria-like symptoms?
  3. Which herb expels parasites, promotes movement of qi and urine, and unblocks the bowels?
  4. Cinnamomi Cortex
  1. a Herbs that Stabilize and Bind
  2. b Bing Lang
  3. c Qing Hao
  4. d Rou Gui

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  1. Zi Su Ye
  2. Aromatic Herbs that Transform Dampness
  3. Di Long
  4. Ge Gie
  5. Bai Zhi

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  1. A patient presents with difficult breathing, cough, recent joint pain, fear of cold, no sweating, superficial pulse and normal tongue coat. Which two herbs would treat this patient?Zhi Fu Zi


  2. Which herb does not adjust the ying and wei (Wen Bing Theory)?Niu Bang Zi


  3. Polygalae RadixSha Shen


  4. What category is used to treat damp heat conditions such as dysenteric disorders, urinary difficulty or pain, jaundice, furuncles, and eczema and are also BITTER and COLD?Herbs that Clear Heat, Dry Damp


  5. Purgatives, Moist Laxatives, Harsh Expellants are subcategories of which general category?Chai Hu & Sheng Ma