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  1. Which category has substances that are predominantly for internally generated wind that is from liver yang rising, and are mostly animal products?
  2. Corni Fructus
  3. Which category is used for treating interior cold, which can either be internally-generated or result from an invasion of cold pathogen into the organs?
  4. Aconiti Radix Lateralis Preparata
  5. Which herb in the Clear Heat, Dry Damp category clears ST heat/fire, HT heat, and is associated with the middle jiao?
  1. a Huan Lian
  2. b Zhi Fu Zi
  3. c Herbs that Warm the Interior and Expel Cold
  4. d Shan Zhu Yu
  5. e Substances that Extinguish Wind and Stop Tremors

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  1. Shi Gao
  2. Hei Zhi Ma
  3. Herbs that Drain Fire
  4. Zhi Ban Xia
  5. Warm Acrid Release the Exterior

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  1. Which category is indicated when bodily substances are discharged abnormally, or structures within the body have slipped from their position (prolapsed)?Herbs that Invigorate the Blood


  2. Notoginseng RadixSan Qi


  3. A patient presents with low energy, low sex drive, low back pain, lower limb coldness, and constipation. Which herb would be most appropriate to treat this patient?Herbs that Tonify Qi


  4. Eucommiae CortexDu Zhong


  5. Prunella SpicaXia Ku Cao