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  1. Eucommiae Cortex
  2. Aurantii Fructus Immaturus
  3. Which general category does Drain Fire fall under?
  4. A patient presents with an itchy *******, changes in appetite, para-umbilical pain, and vomiting. Which category would be most appropriate to treat this poor, pathetic patient?
  5. Chaenomelis Fructus
  1. a Herbs that Clear Heat
  2. b Herbs that Expel Parasites
  3. c Zhi Shi
  4. d Du Zhong
  5. e Mu Gua

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  1. Hua Shi
  2. Herbs that Invigorate the Blood
  3. Warm Acrid Release the Exterior
  4. Herbs that Clear Heat, Dry Damp
  5. Gua Lou

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  1. Which category is indicated when bodily substances are discharged abnormally, or structures within the body have slipped from their position (prolapsed)?Herbs that Invigorate the Blood


  2. A patient presents with chills, craving for hot drinks, watery soft stool, pale tongue, and a submerged, thin pulse. Which category would be most appropriate to treat this patient?Herbs that Clear Heat, Resolve Toxicity


  3. Which herb in the Cool the Blood category clears heat, cools blood, and dissipates nodules?Jie Geng


  4. Which herb in the WARE category treats measles and skin conditions?Jing Jie


  5. Which herb expels parasites, promotes movement of qi and urine, and unblocks the bowels?Ma Huang