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Generativity versus stagnation

generativity involves reaching out to others in ways that give to and guide the next generation

Midlife crisis

are self doubt and stress especially great during the forties and do they prompt major restructuring of the personality

Possible Selves

future oriented representation of what one hopes in become and what one is afraid of becoming

Parental Imperative Theory

holds that identification with traditional gender roles is maintained during the active parenting years to help ensure the survival of children. after children reach adulthood, parents are free to express the other gender side of their personalities.

Big Five personality Traits

neuroticisim, extroversion, openness to experience, agreeableness, and conscientiousness

Feminization of Poverty

a trend in which women who support themselves or their families have become the majority of the adult population living in poverty regardless of age and ethnic group.


gathering the family for celebration and making sure everyone stays in touch

Skipped-generation families

children live with grandparents but apart from parents

Sandwich generation

is widely used to refer to the idea that middle aged adults must care for multiple generations above and below them


a condition in which long term job stress lead to mental exhaustion a sense of loss of personal control and feelings of reduced accomplishment

Glass Ceiling

invisible barrier to advancement up the corporate ladder

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