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Questions are based on CEL 1. This is set 1 of 6 of CEL 1 Quizlet Questions.


a device which is part of the computer that follows instructions and carries out actions. Normally found on circuit boards.


a _______________ machine can perform complex mechanical automation.


computerised machines and robots have ____________ microprocessors inside them.


____________ in assembly lines have arm-like structures and are programmed to perform various tasks. They increase productivity.


Production lines help to reduce cost of goods and improve ______________.


Disadvantage. Robots cannot react to ________________ cases or new situations.


Disadvantage. Robots are _________________ to set up at the start.


Advantage. Robots can perform _________________ jobs without getting bored or tired.


Advantage. Robots are ________________ and give consistent quality.


A plastic __________ machine, a bar code scanner, a drilling machine are examples of non-computerised machines.

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