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Julius Caesar Test

Shakespearean Tragedy

a play, written by William Shakespeare, in which the action leads to the main character's downfall


a speech in which one character, alone on the stage, states private thoughts


a remark that a character on the stage makes to another character or to the audience, out of the hearing of the other characters on stage

Dramatic Irony

a situation in which the audience knows something that a character on the stage does not know yet

Blank Verse

unrhymed lines of iambic pentameter

Mise en scene

the way that sets, props, actors and other elements work together to express a director's ideas

Character Trait

a feature of someone's personality

Character Motive

a person's reason for taking an action

Internal Conflict

a clash between opposing thoughts and feelings in a person's mind

External Conflict

a clash between people who oppose each other


the set of events that tell a story

Iambic Pentameter

a rhythm in which a line has five stressed syllables, each of which follows an unstressed syllable

Cause-and-Effect Relationship

a connection between events in which one event makes another happen

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