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Know your biomes! This is a pretty easy section and there will probably be questions on it, so there's no reason not to know it like the back of your hand.

precipitation in desert

rainfall very low

precipitation in grassland

rainfall low

precipitation in shrubland

wet winters; dry summers

precipitation in temperate deciduous forest

moderate rainfall

precipitation in tropical rainforest

rainfall high to very high

precipitation in tundra

little precipitation, mostly as snow

temperature in desert

warm to very hot days and cold nights

temperature in grassland

warm or hot summers and cold winters

temperature in shrubland

cool (wet) winters and hot (dry) summers, often with fires

temperature in temperate deciduous forest

warm summers and cool winters

temperature in tropical rainforest

hot or very hot in all seasons

temperature in tundra

very low temperatures

plant life in desert

very few plants, some storing water and some growing quickly after rain

plant life in grassland

dominated by grasses and other herbs that can withstand grazing

plant life in shrubland

drought-resistant shrubs dominate, often with evergreen foliage

plant life in temperate deciduous forest

trees that shed their leaves in the winter dominate with shrubs and herbs beneath

plant life in tropical rainforest

a huge diversity of plants: tall evergreen trees, smaller trees, shrubs and herbs

plant life in tundra

very small trees, a few herbs, mosses, and lichens are present

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