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  1. Bessie Stillman (d1947)
  2. Suzanne Carreker
  3. Anna Gillingham (1878-1964)
  4. June Lyday Orton (1898-1977)
  5. Samuel T. Orton, MD (1879-1946),
  1. a Founded the Orton Society (now IDA), President, 1950-1960.
  2. b Teacher. Worked closely with Anna Gillingham and develop the Gillingham-Stilman training manuals.
  3. c CALT, Houston, Texas. Developer of textbooks/training materials.
  4. d Educator and psychologist. Introduced, compiled and published a systematic and orderly approach of categorizing and teaching set of 70 phonograms, single letters and letter pairs representing the 44 phonemes of English. Trained teachers and worked with Dr. Orton.
  5. e Physician/neuropsychiatrist/pathologist. Concept of "multisensory" teaching - integrating kinesthetic (movement-based) and tactile (sensory-based) learning strategies with the teaching of visual and auditory concepts. Reading instruction that integrated right and left brain functions. Influenced by the work of fellow psychiatrist Grace Fernald.

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  1. Practitioner, writer, author. Developed a series of controlled readers for dyslexics; writes information pamphlets for IDA.
  2. Educator, New York. Served as director of professional services of the New Yor-based National Center for Learning Disabilities.
  3. Teacher, author, producer of videos and computer programs. Well known for his ability to translate theory into practical and common sense strategies which produce the desired educational results.
  4. Frankfort-born protege of Samuel Orton. Worked in the Language Disorder Clinic Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center New York. Contributed to the understanding of developmental language disabilities, particularly in the areas of neurophysiological immaturity, the cluttering syndrome, the prediction of reading failure, and normal language development. Co-author with Jeanette Jansky of "Presenting Reading Failure" (1972)
  5. Professor of psychology at the University of California at LA. Developed a kinesthetic approach involving writing in the air and tracing words in large written or scripted format, while simultaneously saying the names and sounds of the letters. The Fernald Method.

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  1. Richard L. Masland (1910-2003)Teacher, tutor, teacher educator. Classroom O-G instruction developed while in Punahou School in Hawaii.. Slingerland Screening Tests for identifying children with specific language disability (grades 1-6).


  2. Margaret Byrd Rawson (1899-2001)Alphabetic Phonics. Texas


  3. Thomas WestDirector of the Center for the Study of Dyslexia and Talent, George Mason U. Studies talent and giftedness in dyslexics.


  4. Jeannette J. Jansky, PhDEducational Director of the Hirsch-Robinson Reading Clinic at NY Medical Center.


  5. Priscilla L. VailTeacher, author. Her work centered on the identification of different learning styles and their accommodation in the regular classroom, small groups and individual work.