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Johann Gutenberg

He was a German man who developed a printing press that used movable type in the mid-1400s.

Christian humanism

The resulting combination of humanist and religious ideas.

Desiderius Erasmus

A Dutch priest, northern scholar. He was the most important among the northern scholars. In 1509, he published a book, THE PRAISE OF FOLLY, which he critcized corrupt clergy.

Albrecht Durer

Was a famous northern artist from Germany. He studied anatomy so he could paint people more realistically. He is most famous for his prints.

Miguel de Cervantes

Wrote Don Quixote. In this book Cervantes poked fun at a romantic tales of the Middle Ages.

William Shakespeare

Readers around the world considered him the greatest writer in the English language. Although he also wrote poems, Shakespeare is most famous for his plays.

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