Vocabulary Workshop Level A Unit 9

20 terms by lelliott1969

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(v.) to get revenge for, get even for, settle a score; to punish someone or get satisfaction for a wrong or an injury Synonym-retaliate


(v.) to give up, surrender; to hand over to another Synonym-yield


(n.) a great flood; a heavy fall of rain; anything that comes in vast quantity (like a flood); (v.) to flood Synonym-swamp


(n.) good judgement; care in speech or action; freedom to judge or choose Synonym-tact


(adj.) dizzy; light-headed; lacking seriousness Synonym-faint


(n.) the striking of one object against the other; the shock caused by collision; (v.) to affect, especially forcefully Synonym-blow


(v.) to make timid or frighten by threats; to use fear to get someone to do (or not to do) something Synonym-bully


(v.) to free from bondage or domination; to release Synonym-untie


(adj.) reasonable; making use of reason or good sense Synonym-sensible


(v.) to give a false or untrue idea Synonym-distort


(adj.) left to one's own choice; not required Synonym-voluntary


(adj.) complete; instantaneous; without reservation (adj.) completely, instantaneously Synonym-total


(v.) to meet in accordance with a plan; (n.) a meeting by agreement; a meeting place Synonym-date


(adj.) rounded and plump; full or rich in sound Synonym-round


(v.) to stroll; walk in an easy, leisurely way; (n.) a stroll Synonym-amble


(adj.) lazy; slow-moving; not active, dull Synonym-unhurried


(adj.) lower in rank or position, secondary; (n.) one who is in a lower position or under the orders of someone else; (v.) to put in a lower or secondary position Synonym-helper


(n.) a delicate color or hue; a slight trace of something; (v.) to give color to something to dye Synonym-shade


(adj.)likely to undergo change; changeable; a value or quantity that varies; a symbol for such Synonym-shifting


(n.) the point at which something begins or happens; a border; (v.) to incline, tend toward, approach; to be in the process of becoming something else Synonym-brink

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