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Ancient China


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Mandate of Heaven
China's ruler was chosen by heaven and gave him power
Silk Road
An ancient trade route from China through Central Asia to the Mediterranean Sea.
Unelected government officials
Forbidden City
Both a home of the Emperor and the central location for the Chinese government.
Great Wall
series of defenses built along the northern border of China to protect against invasions
A line of rulers from a single family hold power until overthrown
Genghis Khan
Founder of the Mongol Empire by uniting nomadic tribes of Northeast Asia; effective leader, created code of laws for everyone, tolerant of other religions and cultures
a religious or philosophical tradition of Chinese origin which emphasizes living in harmony with the Tao
A Chinese teacher, editor, politician, and philosopher who emphasized proper behavior
Yellow and Yangtze Rivers
provide fertile soil, fertile soil for farming, large deltas, and support large populations
North China Plain
90% of China's population lives around this physical feature
based on the teachings of Buddha, the Four Noble Truths, spread to China by Silk Road merchants
Chinese Inventions
paper, silk, gunpowder, ships, porcelain, paper money, wheel barrow, compass
Plateau of Tibet
large area of land north of the Himalayas that has a high elevation
Emperor Qin
first emperor of China that is credited with unifying china and starting the Great Wall
Yin Yang
symbol that illustrates the opposite forces in life