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Do u know what mad gab is?

Easel Aid Ease Man

He's a lady's man

Know Sayer

Nose Hair

Ease Ace Life Ox

He's a sly fox

Eye Pillow Fizz Sigh

Apple of his eye

Eight Wean Gull Any Size

A twinkle in his eye

Stirring Beak He Knee

String bikini

Of Lions Quarrel

A flying squirrel

Abe Who Beat Wrap

A booby trap

Dawned Rink Hand Arrive

Don't drink and drive

You Shore New Dull

Use your noodle

Why Tail Huff Hunt

White elephant

Dew Wino Hue

Do i know you?

Sea Can't Higher Dove Fit

Sick and tired of it

Ape Hand Hub Hair

A panda bear

Pretty Shack Scent

British accent

Hiney Duck Hiss

I need a kiss

Bail Heed Ant Sir

Belly dancer

Pooh Teal Is Shush


Dawned Pea Hugger Limb Ann

Don't be a girly man

Mike Ranch Healed Wren

My grandchildren

Dwell Fro Sis

Twelve roses

Up Arrow Tin Issues

A pair of tennis shoes

Ail Huck Each Arm

A lucky charm

Weedy Man Done Ant Sir

We demand an answer

Owe Forth Account Herd Rug

Over-the-counter drug

House Wheat This Hound

How sweet the sound

Fin Skate

Fence gate

Assess Seam Ease Heed

A sesame seed

House The Why Funk Heads

How's the wife and kids?

Us Punk Kick Hid

A spunky kid

Ache Inks High Sped

A king size bed

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