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A central gathering place is _____________
the Forum.
How would someone become a Roman slave?
Getting captured in war
What was "bread and circuses"? What was it used for?
Food and entertainment, to keep the poor happy so they do not rebel
Who would decide a case in Rome?
A jury
What did Roman families do to make offerings to the goddess of the hearth?
They would throw a small cake into the fire
Was there only one religion in Rome, why or why not?
No, foreigners brought their own religions
What is paterfamilias? How do you become one?
"father of the family", a man's father would have to die
What is the thermopolia?
"fast food" places
What types of food did the rich people eat?
Mice cooked in honey, roasted parrots, salted jellyfish, snails dipped in milk etc.
What were rich Romans houses built from? What were poor Roman's houses built from? If you were poor and living in the city, what would your home be like?
Rich Romans houses used stone/marble, poor used wood, in the city they lived in apartments
What was education like for a slave?
They were not sent to school. They would be trained to work. A girl slave might train to be a midwife
What was a regular event in the Colosseum? Why were these events held?
Gladiator fights, to entertain
Where did chariot races occur?
Circus Maximus
Many wealthy Romans had more than one home, where might they have each home?
One in the city and one in the country
Define forum.
the center of most of the important public activities of the city of Rome and its empire
Define rule of law.
the idea that people should live according to a set of agreed- upon law
Define paterfamilias.
the oldest male of a Roman household; his word was law for the family
Define Colosseum.
a large arena in Rome where gladiator contest and other games and sporting events were held
Define Circus Maximus.
a large Roman stadium primarily used for chariot races