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Emancipation of Expressionism


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Who is Kenrick 'H2O' Sandy?
- British choreographer
- Hip hop dancer and teacher,
- Co-founder of Boy Blue Entertainment
Who are Boy Blue Entertainment?
- Founded in 2002
- Performed at the London Olympics Opening Ceremony,
When and where was Boy Blue Entertainment's first performance?
- Sadler's Wells Theatre
- Monday 6th May, 2013
What is Boy Blue Entertainment's Choreographic Approach?
- Abstract
- Signature moves include the ninja walk/glide/static and the Chariots of Fire
What is Boy Blue Entertainment's Choreographic Intention?
To challenge the audience's traditional idea of hip hop
dance and theatrical dance
What were Boy Blue Entertainment's original Stimuli?
- Music - 'Til Enda'
- The idea of emancipation of expression
- The importance of being free to express ourselves
- empowerment
What is the name of Section 1?
How many sections are in the entire piece?
What is Section 1 about?
- The beginning
- Being back in the womb
- The moment when a feeling or movement starts to grow
How does Kenrick describe the movement in Section 1?
Electrical pulsing
Describe the Aural Setting of Section 1.
- Galactic
- Strong bass
- Synthesised
- The music to movement relationship
- Direct correlation
- Eg. arm ripple followed by a lock
- Flowing on the odd beats or locking on the accents
Describe the Space in Section 1.
- All facing different directions
- Scattered in a circle
- Symbolises womb
- Everyone is lying down
- One person is standing in the middle
- One main person in the middle
- Shows she is important/powerful
Describe the Actions in Section 1.
- Popping and locking
- Waacking (pointing)
- Controlling (arm gestures)
- Question and answer (big group answer)
Describe the dynamics of Section 1.
- Sometimes slow/fluid
- Sometimes fast/choppy
- Timing with the music
- Sharp on accents
- Fluid otherwise
- Pulsing
What is the name of Section 1?
What is Section 2 about?
- Growth and struggle
- Expressing yourself in everyday life
What does Kenrick say about Section 2?
That there is a level of aggression and passion to it.
Describe the movement in Section 2? (Practice question + example answer)
At the start of section two ("Growth"), we see 2 clusters of dancers facing different directions. The downstage right group are facing stage left whereas the upstage left group is facing downstage. There is space separating them, and this shows a point of struggle because it shows one group expressing themselves as they are facing the other group and performing whilst the other group will not face them and performs contrasting movements facing the audience. It is like they are struggling to be recognised.
Describe the lighting in Section 2?
In "Growth", there are two white lights shining from the wings towards centre stage from stage right. One soloist walked towards the light with a struggling quality as the others walked towards him. This shows he is struggling as he is going against the direction of the other dancers. The light helps to highlight his struggle as a dancer because you focus on him. The rest of the stage is mostly in blackout which creates a tense atmosphere.
What is the name of Section 3?
The Connection and Flow between People
What structure does Section 3 have?
Describe the Aural Setting of Section 3.
- Modern classical
- Strings
- Max Richter
- choreographer
- Tempo
- Slow and drawn out to sped up
- Atmosphere
- Intense
Describe the relationships in the first duet.
- Music visualisation
- Eg. See the music
Hear the dance
- Direct correlation
- Eg. Music and movement go together
- Solo
- Complimentary unison
- Canon
- Question and Answer
- Action and Reaction
Describe the Dynamics of Section 3.
- Fluid to sharp
- Rippling
- Abrupt isolation
- Embellishment of movement
What is the name of Section 4?
What is Section 4 about?
- The capture and release of the energy from the previous section
- Symbolises the foundation of a new, superhuman power and a more chaotic energy
Describe the Lighting throughout EE.
- The sources of light illuminating a stage
- Direction
- Shadows
- Blackout
- Spotlight
- Colours
- Intensity
Who designed the Lighting of EE?
Co-designed by Kenrick 'H2O' Sandy and the Sadler's Well Theatre Lighting team