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Clinical Skills CNA Test, Part 2

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You'll need: Gloves, Bedpan, Wash Cloth, Toilet Paper, Incontinent Pad, and Bath Blanket for privacy, towel to lay on chair and cover up bedpan before rinsing it out.
1)"Hello Mr. James, My name is Brooke and I am going to be your CNA today, can I check your wristband? I heard you needed to use a bedpan, let me go wash my hands, gather my supplies, and CLOSE THE CURTAIN for privacy."
-Make sure you have a protective barrier sitting on the residents table before setting supplies on table as well.
-Raise the bed to working level
2)"First I am going to put this privacy blanket over you while I lower the sheet below it, would you mind holding the privacy blanket while I remove your sheet?" Do not shake any linen when handling
-Put on gloves
-Place incontinent pad rolled up on residents side
3) "Okay, now may I have you bend your knees and lift your hips up as high as you can so I can unroll the incontinent pad underneath you" "Now I am going to go around to the other side of the bed and unroll it, would you mind lifting up again"
4) Now, get the bedpan out of the drawer along with the toilet paper which can be set on the night stand.
"Now I am going to ask you to lift up and I will place the bedpan underneath you. Is that comfortable for you?"
5) Now remove your gloves and lift the head of the bed up, "Let me know when you are comfortable with the bed."
6) "Okay Mr. Jones, I am going to give you your call light, and some toilet paper, I will wait outside until you let me know that you are done."
-Now put a pair of gloves on before removing bedpan
7) "I understand that you are done now, would you like to wipe off your hands (hand resident cloth), I will put your toilet paper in your night stand, let me put the head of the bed down."
8)Now ask resident "May you raise up please so I can remove the incontinent pad and bedpan." Bring bedpan over to chair and cover it with the towel. Empty the bedpan in commode and put dirty towel in hamper
-Rinse out and dry off the bedpan and return it to the night stand.
-Remove gloves
9)"Okay Mr. Jones, now I am going to put your clean bed sheet back on" Put clean bed sheet over the bath blanket for privacy and remove bath blanket. Put bath blanket in dirty hamper and VERBALIZE you are washing your hands then LOWER THE BED, open the curtain...
10) "Okay Mr. Jones, where would you like your call light? Do you need anything else?"
Wash hands
You'll need: Top sheet, bottom (fitted) sheet, and pillow case
-Never let any linen touch your scrubs, hold it away from you
-(Do not yank on any sheets because it can tear or sheer skin)
1)"Hello Mr. James, My name is Brooke and I am going to be your CNA today, can I check your wristband? I am going to be changing your bed linen today, let me go wash my hands, and gather my supplies."
-Raise the bed to appropriate working level
2) Ask resident to cross their legs and arm then on the count of three, turn them on their side.
3) Roll up the side of the fitted sheet and tuck it under the resident
4)Take the new fitted sheet and tuck it under the old fitted sheet under the resident
5) Ask resident to roll back over so you can remove the old sheet and roll out the new sheet (Make sure it is free of no creases or folds) Put the bottom fitted sheet in the hamper
6) Put new top sheet over the old top sheet then remove the old one while keeping privacy for the resident. Put the old one in the hamper
-Make sure you do the triangle fold when putting on the new top sheet
-Make sure you leave TOE ROOM for resident's feet.
7) Raise residents head to retrieve the pillow and remove pillow case very gently without it touching your scrubs
8) The bare pillow can touch the residents sheets while you put new pillow case on
-Make sure the pillow case tag is facing away from the door
9)LOWER THE BED and "Okay mr. jones, do you need anything else? Where would you like your call light?"
Wash your hands
You will need: Bath blanket for privacy, clean clothing.

1)"Hello Mr. James, My name is Brooke and I am going to be your CNA today, can I check your wristband? I am going to be dressing you with your weak arm, let me go wash my hands and gather some supplies."
-Raise bed to working position
2) (tell resident what you are doing while you are covering them) Lay bath blanket over resident for privacy and warmth
3) Collect garments before removing the hospital gown "What outfit would you like to wear today, the green shirt or pink shirt?"
4) Set clothes aside and proceed to undress the gown and the STRONG SIDE FIRST of the resident while assuring privacy
5) Roll and push the gown over to the side you will undress the WEAK SIDE last so it is easier to remove
Make sure you support the weak arm carefully while you remove the gown. Put gown in dirty hamper
6) Take shirt and carefully put affective arm through the hole. Ask resident to hold privacy blanket and sit up so you can put shirt on behind their back as well.
7) Go to the other side of the bed and put strong arm through the hole.
8) Button the top bottom down while assuring privacy
and begin to put residents socks on and ask if they are comfortable
9) While assuring privacy, roll up the resident's clean pant leg so you can easily slide their leg through- repeat on both legs.
10) Have resident bend knees and raise up so you can pull their pants up- ask them if they are comfortable
11) begin to put residents socks on and ask if they are comfortable
12) LOWER BED, give resident call light, and wash your hands.
You'll need: Gloves, 2 towels, clean gown, soap, lotion, bath basin, privacy blanket, 4 wash cloths

1)"Hello Mr. James, My name is Brooke and I am going to be your CNA today, can I check your wristband? I am going to be providing you with a partial bed bath, let me go wash my hands and gather some supplies."
2) Wash your hands, put on gloves, close curtain, and raise bed to working level.
3) fill basin with warm water and set on table (verbalize safe water temperature)
4) put privacy blanket over resident and pull top sheet down to about their waist while providing privacy
5)Ask resident to raise up so you can spread out a towel as a barrier to keep the linens dry
6) Make sure the barrier is under the arm where you will be washing as well
-wet a wash cloth with no soap
-Start with the eye farthest away from you, inner to outer corn of the eye, change the spot for the other eye (2 spots change)
-do circular motion from top of forehead clockwise around one stroke (change spot)
-Start at right ear, under neck, then to left ear
and upper torso, down the abdomen and up the sides
-Put wet wash cloth in empty hamper
-Pat face dry gently
(Top to bottom, armpit is the last part that you clean)
-Wet wash cloth then add soap
-Start at top of arm and work your way down to fingers, change spot- in between the fingers, palm of hand, change spot- back up under arm-change spot then do armpit WHILE SUPPORTING THE ARM
-Put wash cloth in dirty hamper
-Rinse with a wet wash cloth the same way but you do not have to change the spot
-Pat Dry
-Wet soapy wash cloth the chest across and breasts, change spot then do under breasts
-Use next corner to do her stomach/abdomen and the next corner to get under her abdomen and up the side
-Rinse in the same pattern but you do not have to change the spot
-Pat Dry
11)Turn resident on side, lather lotion in hands and circular motions on residents back while still assuring privacy.
12) Put gown over the top privacy blanket
-Feed the resident's arms through her sleeves while blanket still covering resident
-After putting sleeves on, remove the bath blanket
-Take barriers off of bed from under resident
Lower bed, supplies away, open curtian, wash hands.