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Which of the following is NOT necessary for stretch goals to effectively motivate teams?
conflict management training
Boeing's operation in Macon, Georgia was named one of the ten best manufacturing plants in North America by IndustryWeek magazine. The company maintains an employee involvement team to track the plant's goals and performance metrics. This team ____.
provides advice to management concerning areas that needed change or improvements
A(n) ____ is defined as a team composed of geographically and/or organizationally dispersed coworkers who use telecommunications and information technologies to accomplish an organizational task.
virtual team
As a member of a typical traditional work group, Joshua should expect to be responsible for ____.
doing what he is told to do
A team has finally matured into a fully-functioning team at the ____ stage of development.
Team rewards that depend on ____ are the key to rewarding team behaviors and efforts.
team performance rather than individual performance
When teams are used properly and in the right settings, work teams can ____.
do all of these
The ____ is purposefully composed of employees from different functional areas of the organization.
cross-functional team
The major drawback to the use of virtual teams is ____.
members must learn to express themselves in new contexts
Affective conflict ____.
typically decreases team cohesiveness
The job of the concepts managers at Starbucks is to use a cross-functional team to develop four to six new beverages annually. Starbucks uses a cross-functional team because it ____.
allows the company to use employees from various departments with varying perspectives to attack the task
Which of the following kinds of team is defined as a permanent part of the organization's structure?
none of these
E-Lab (the "E" stands for experience) has project teams perform field research for its clients. One team had to spend time riding in the back seat of a squad car, accompanying cops on drug raids, as part of research for a new communications device for police departments. Another team studied how people get sick with a cold to create a new over-the-counter cold remedy. Often clients give team members extremely ambitious goals which the team members initially have no idea how to solve. In other words, project teams are given ____.
stretch goals
How would you respond to the following statement? "Group conflict is always bad."
Cognitive conflict is strongly associated with improvements in team performance.
____ occurs when workers withhold their efforts and fail to perform their share of the work.
Social loafing
Which of the following types of conflict is most strongly associated with improvements in team performance?
cognitive conflict
Which of the following is the only type of responsibility given to traditional work groups?
execute the task
E-Lab (the "E" stands for experience) has project teams perform field research for its clients. These project teams are composed of students of theology, actors, and musicians as well as the more traditional marketing experts and statisticians. Each member of the group is trained to conduct observational research, interview clients, and understand the marketing impact of what they learn. E-Lab uses ____ to make its project teams more efficient.
cross training
In the autonomy continuum (which shows how five kinds of teams differ in terms of autonomy), the correct sequence, from low team autonomy to high team autonomy, is ____.
traditional work groups, employee involvement teams, semi-autonomous work groups, self-managing teams, and self-designing teams
Which of the following is a useful guideline for successful management of virtual teams?
Keep team interaction upbeat and action-oriented.
Which of the following types of teams has the authority to change their composition as well as all of their tasks and work methods?
self-designing teams
A group of workers in a medical examiner's office decided that they would not wear blue jeans to work because such casual wear seemed unprofessional. This informal agreement was made even though the office did not have a dress code. The workers created a(n) ____.
Teams can be broadly classified as either ____.
functional or cross-functional
____ is the extent to which team members are attracted to a team and motivated to remain with it.
Allen-Edmonds is keeping its shoe manufacturing business in the United States by investing in new machinery and creating new processes. The strategy is a gamble and the outcome is uncertain. To cut costs and improve efficiency, the company's old assembly line is being replaced by a system of employees working in groups, with each person doing several jobs, and each trained to do the others' tasks. Allen-Edmonds is using ____.
work teams
Which of the following statements about Internet recruiting is true?
The Internet allows companies to quickly reach large numbers of people.
To which of the following aspects of the human resource management process does U.S. Federal employment law apply?
all of these
Which of the following types of tests accurately predicts job performance in almost all kinds of jobs?
cognitive ability tests
____ is the form of sexual harassment in which employment outcomes such as hiring, promotion, or simply keeping one's job depend on whether an individual submits to sexual harassment.
Quid pro quo sexual harassment
Which of the following is an example of a subjective performance measure?
behavioral observation scales
What type of job interview might be used after a background question revealed the applicant had spent three years working in Africa convincing parents to allow their children to take polio vaccine?
All job applicants for a position in an interior design company were given 10 swatches of fabrics of different colors and textures, 30 different paint chips, and 6 different floor treatments. They were then told to select the best fabric, paint, and floor treatment for an office. What type of selection test was used in this example?
aptitude testing
Two of the most important results of a job analysis are ____.
job descriptions and job specifications
What is the primary advantage of the structured interview?
all applicants are asked the same questions
____ means providing opportunities for employees to develop the job-specific skills, experience, and knowledge they need to do their jobs or improve their performance.
The ____ interview uses only standardized, job-related interview questions that are prepared ahead of time and asked of all candidates
____ help companies meet the legal requirement that their human resource decisions be job-related.
Job specifications, job analyses, and job descriptions
The United Kingdom issued a new recruitment publication for the nation's Fire Service. The publication lists all of the qualifications needed to become a fire fighter. This recruitment pamphlet is actually a(n) ____.
job specification
____ interviewing typically leads to much more accurate hiring decisions (i.e., correctly predicting which job applicants will perform better, and therefore should be hired).
Which of the following types of information would typically be collected as part of a job analysis?
all of these
Which of the following is an internal recruiting method?
career paths
"References Etc" will pose as a prospective employer, call a prior employer on an employee's behalf, and find out what the former employer is saying. If the prior employer provides unsubstantiated negative information, then the job applicant ____.
can sue for defamation
A study in the construction industry found that when equipment is stolen from building sites, workers are the culprits 82 percent of the time. Which type of selection information would employers in the construction industry receive the greatest benefit from if their goal is to stop employee theft?
background checks
Which of the following statements about federal employment law is true?
The intent of anti-discrimination law is to make factors such as gender, race, or age irrelevant in employment decisions.
When a CEO opened the nationwide sales force meeting with a crude sexually explicit joke it was an example of ____.
sexual harassment
Which of the following statements about sexual harassment is true?
Sexual harassment can occur between people of the same sex.
Before beginning to recruit, organizations must ____.
conduct a job analysis
Aptitude tests are also called ____.
specific ability tests
To improve traditional performance appraisal feedback sessions, it is recommended that managers ____.
base performance appraisal feedback sessions on self-appraisals
Engineered Fabrics makes bladders for airplane gas tanks. In the event of a puncture, the bladder will prevent the tank from exploding. The bladders must be defect-free. To check the bladders, company employees must be able to crawl in an 18-inch diameter hole in the bladder side and look for light leaks. A limitation on weight and height of individuals working in quality control at this company would be legal because it is an example of ____.
bona fide occupational qualifications (BFOQs)