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  1. salmeterol, eformoterol
  2. bretylium
  3. levodopa
  4. cryoprecipitate
  5. fluconazole
  1. a PD drug. Precursor to dopa, often used with DDCIs. Main SE: dyskinesia (abnormal involuntary movements).
  2. b class III antiarrhythmic. adrenergic neurone blocker, prolongs AP.
  3. c a triazole antifungal (targets ergosterol synthesis via 14-aemethylase) - used topically and orally. Penetrates well into brain - used for cryptococcal meningitis
  4. d long acting beta agonists (symptom controllers for asthma). contraindicated with antihypertensives.
  5. e Obtained from blood donations. Contains concentrated vWF, given in severe vWD.

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  1. Antihypertensive. Osmotic diuretic, acts on whole nephron. Blocks tubular water resorption and reduces Na+ resorption rate.
  2. class III antiarrhythmic.non-selective B blocker with class III activity (prolongs AP and refractory period)
  3. non- cardioselective calcium channel blockers for angina and hypertension (induce vasodilation, decrease afterload and preload), INCREASE HR (reflex)
  4. Antihypertensive. Renin inhibitor (approved 2007), possibly useful in diabetic nephropathy. SEs: hypotension, hyperkalaemia.
  5. GABA agonist used for Huntington's disease.

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  1. griseofulvinclass III antiarrhythmic.non-selective B blocker with class III activity (prolongs AP and refractory period)


  2. aspirinAntiplatelet. COX inhibitor. Indications: arterial thrombosis (e.g. stroke and MI prevention, post- surgery). Not useful for venous thrombosis.


  3. iron- dextran, iron- sucroseparenteral iron therapy (IM or IV). Indications: unable to absorbe oral iron in iron deficiency. SEs: fever, arthralgia, nausea, abdominal cramps, vomiting


  4. phentolamineNon-selective alpha 1+2 adrenoreceptor blocker in smooth muscle. Vasodilation. Used in phaeochromocytoma (HT due to adrenal tumor) and erectile dysfunction. SEs: first dose syncope, postural hypotension, reflex tachycardia, urinary urgency,


  5. amiloride, triamterenesodium channel blocker potassium sparing diuretics (act on late DCT and collecting tubules). Used with thiazide or loop diuretics to produce diuresis without hypokalaemia, and with thiazides as antihypertensives.