10 terms

Chap 18

Financial managers; accountants
________ examine the data prepared by ________ and then make recommendations to top management regarding strategies for improving the firm.
Profitable businesses usually pay taxes.
Which of the following statements about taxes is accurate?
In order to assist in revenue realization, a(n) ________ allocates resources throughout the firm.
increases when a firm introduces new products or enters a new market.
The need for operating funds:
long-term financing
If a company secures a three year bank loan, it is considered __________.
unsecured loan
Typically, only highly regarded customers with financial stability receive ___________.
Long-term financing would normally be used to purchase:
__________ refers to the strategy of using borrowed funds to increase the rate of return for stockholders.
Venture capital firms
__________ provide financing to new or emerging companies with high profit potential. In return, these organizations expect a share of ownership in the company.
Since commercial finance companies offer loans to higher risk customers than commercial banks, the interest rates they charge are usually ________ than rates charged by banks.