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  1. immunity
  2. veneer
  3. assess
  4. agility
  5. maintenance
  1. a support or upkeep of something; means of support or livelihood
  2. b an ability to move quickly and easily
  3. c a thin layer of valuable wood put over other wood; an outwardly attractive appearance that hides what is underneath
  4. d to determine the rate of charge or the amount to be paid; to evaluate
  5. e the state of being free from; protection, especially from a disease or prosecution

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  1. easily influenced or affected
  2. to use up
  3. apparently unconcerned or uninterested
  4. to slip away or to pass (as with time)
  5. to lessen in value or in price; to belittle

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  1. emergeto slip away or to pass (as with time)


  2. dwindlean ability to move quickly and easily


  3. condolencesympathy for someone's grief or sorrow; an expression of sympathy


  4. waryon guard against danger or deception; cautious


  5. contaminateto pollute; to make impure