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Assessment of Sleeping and Breathing - Unit Exam 6

Which of the following will assist the RT in predicting sleep apnea

Berlin Questionnaire

According to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, approximately how many Americans suffer from some type of sleep disorder?

40 million

Which of the following would not be part of the montage monitored during a PSG study?

EMG of right and left arm

In which stage of sleep does the brain show electrical activity similar to wakefulness on EEG tracings?


A reduction in airflow of between 4% and 50% of baseline airflow for at least 10 seconds during sleep defines which of the following?


What occurs during REM that results in SDB?

Upper airway narrowing

What is the most common complaint of patients with obstructive sleep apnea?

Excessive daytime sleepiness

Which of the following diagnostically defines the presence of moderate sleep apnea?

AHI of 32

Cheyne-Stokes breathing is associated most closely with which type of SDB?


What is the first sign of SDB?


Which phase of sleep is characterized by delta or slow waves?

Stage 3 NREM

With what pattern of SDB is SIDS thought to be associated?


To meet the definitive criteria for sleep apnea, how many seconds of airflow cessation during sleep must be documented?

10 seconds

A patient has an AHI of 15. What would this be considered?

Mild sleep apnea

What test is used to diagnose sleep disorders?


What is the peak age of incidence for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)?

2 to 4 months

In which stage of sleep is "restorative sleep" thought to occur?

Stage 3 NREM

Which of the following are considered symptoms of OSA?

I. Morning headaches II. Memory loss III. Hyperactive behavior I

During which stage of sleep are skeletal muscles partially paralyzed, thus greatly affecting ventilation and maintenance of the upper airway?


What stage of sleep is characterized by large eye rolls and low-amplitude waves on EEG recordings?

NREM stage 1

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