Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Level F - combined 11-15

Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Level F - Unit 15

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(adj.) Firm in purpose or opinion, unyielding, obdurate, implacable, inflexible
(n.) An extremely hard substance (Purpose, Opinion, Hard)
(n.) A confused hodgepodge of sounds, hubbub; an uproar or commotion that goes far beyond what is justified
(n.) A strong defense or protection, a solid wall-like structure for defense
(v.) To provide such defense or protection
(adj.) Easily made angry, bad-tempered
(v.) To spoil or destroy an appetite by too much indulgence, especially in sweet or rich things; to glut, satiate, surfeit
(v.) To cut short, bring to a halt or end sooner than expected; to reduce
(n.) Courteous yielding to the wishes and ideas of another person; great respect marked by submission, as to a superior (Respectful, Courteous)
(adj.) Conclusive, final, representing the limit of what can be done (Final, Limit)
(n.) The way a person behaves, overall impression made by comportment, manner, etc.; facial appearance, mien (Behaves, Impression)
(adj.) Puzzling, perplexing, inexplicable, not easily understood (Puzzle, Perplexing, Not understood)
(adj., adv.) Without preparation, offhand, suddenly or hastily done

(n.) An extemporaneous composition or remark;

a minimal piece suggestive of improvisation (No preparation, extemporaneous, minimal)
(adj.) Excessively and objectionably sentimental;

having a mildly sickening flavor (Sentimental, sickening flavor)
(v.) To soften, make gentle, pacify; to calm, allay (as an emotion), assuage, appease, placate;

to reduce in intensity (soft, gentle, calm, reduce intensity)
(n.) Something that is heavy or burdensome (especially an unwelcome responsibility);

a stigma; blame (heavy, burden, stigma, blame)
(n.) A vague sense of approaching misfortune
(adj.) Given over to dissipation and self-indulgence, immoral; recklessly extravagant

(n.) A person given to self-indulgent and wild spending. (Self-indulgence, immoral, extravagant)
(v.) To send or hand in (as money); to cancel (as a penalty or punishment), forgive, pardon; to lessen, diminish;

to put off, postpone, defer (Send, hand, cancel, put off)
(adj.) Needed, necessary, regarded as essential or indispensable
(Need, essential)
(adj.) Of or pertaining to a tailor or his work; having to do with clothes or dress (especially men's) (Tailor, work, cloths)
(v.) To oppose successfully; to prevent, frustrate (oppose, prevent)
adj. willing to follow advice or authority, tractable, submissive, responsive; liable to be held responsible
v. to scold sharply
n. large scale slaughter or loss of life
adj. too ready to believe, easily deceived
n. a rule, test; a standard for judgment or evaluation
v. to use up as a result of spending or consumption; to diminish greatly
v. to expand on, to write or talk at length or in detail; to move about freely
adj. coming from the outside, foreign; present but not essential, irrelevant
n. the beginning, start, earliest stage of some process, institution, etc.
n. a weakness or ailment (physical, mental, moral, etc.)
adj. lacking in nutritive value; lacking in interest or substance, immature, juvenile
adj. stubborn, unyielding
n. a collection of diverse or miscellaneous items; a general mixture, petals mixed with spices or scent
adj. showing unusually early development (especially in talents and mental capacity)
adj. delighting in cruelty, excessively cruel
adj. self-righteous, characterized by moralizing; given to use of maxims or adages; saying much in few words, pithy
v. to beg earnestly and humbly
n. an excess or overindulgence, as in eating or drinking, causing disgust; v. to feed or supply with anything to excess
adj. winding, twisted, crooked, highly involved, complex; devious
(adj) swollen, bloated, filled to excess; over decorated or excessive language
(v.) to encourage, assist, aid support (especially in something wrong or unworthy)

Antonyms: hamper, hinder, impede, frustrate
(v.) to affirm, declare confidently

Synonyms: assert, asseverate, avouch
Antonyms: deny, repudiate, disclaim
(adj.) noisy in a coarse, offensive way; obvious or conspicuous, especially in an unfavorable sense

Synonyms: flagrant, glaring, egregious, disagreeably loud
Antonyms: inconsequential, trifling, piddling, petty
(v.) to bring up or begin to talk about (a subject); to announce, introduce; to break the surface of the water; to turn sideways to the wind and waves; to pierce (a keg or cask) in order to draw off liquid
(n.) a spit for roasting; a tool for tapping casks.
(v.) to support, prop up, strengthen
(n.) a supporting structure

Synonyms: (v.) bolster, reinforce, brace, shore up
Antonyms: (v.) undermine, weaken, impair
(n.) noisy revelry or merrymaking (often with a suggestion of heavy drinking)

Synonyms: binge, jamboree
(v.) to compare critically in order to note differences, similarities, etc.; to arrange in order for some specific purpose.

Synonyms: sort out, cross-check
(n.) an expert; one who is well qualified to pass critical judgments, especially in one of the fine arts

Synonyms: savant, pundit
Antonyms: ignoramus, philistine
(adj.) deeply unhappy or dejected; without hope, beyond consolation

Synonyms: grief-stricken, inconsolable
Antonyms: cheerful, blithe, buoyant, jaunty
(v.) to weight down or burden (with difficulties, cares, debt, etc.); to fill up, block up, hinder

Synonyms: overload, clog
Antonyms: unburden, unload, relieve
(v.) to promote trouble or rebellion; to apply warm liquids to, warm

Synonyms: instigate, incite, stir up
Antonyms: quell, quash, squelch, suppress
(adj.) frightful, horrible, ghastly

Synonyms: gruesome, gory
Antonyms: pleasant, delightful
(adj.) (capital H) relating to Hercules; (lowercase h) characterized by great strength; very hard to do in the sense of requiring unusual strength

Synonyms: mighty, powerful, arduous, onerous
Antonyms: puny, Lilliputian, bantam
(adj.) showing no feeling or emotion; inanimate, motionless

Synonyms: emotionless, stoical, insensible
Antonyms: emotional, passionate, excitable
(adj.) unfavorable, unlucky, suggesting bad luck for the future

Synonyms: unpropitious, unpromising, untimely
Antonyms: propitious, favorable
(adj.) unquestionable, beyond dispute

Synonyms: incontestable, indisputable, indubitable
Antonyms: debatable, dubious, open to question
(adj., part.) puzzled, not knowing what to do, at a loss

Synonyms: perplexed, stumped, flabbergasted
Antonyms: poised, confident, assured
(adj.) suitable or convenient for a particular purpose; occurring at an appropriate time.

Synonyms: timely, appropriate, felicitous
Antonyms: untimely, inconvenient, inappropriate
(adj.) abundantly productive; abundant, profuse

Synonyms: fruitful, fecund, proliferous
Antonyms: barren, unproductive, sterile, sparse
(n.) a reply to a reply, especially from the defendant in a legal suit

Synonyms: reply, response, riposte, retort
absolve (Verb)
To clear from blame, responsibility, or guilt.
(SYN: acquit, exonerate, vindicate, excuse, pardon)
(ANT: condemn, convict, incriminate, inculpate)
caricature (Noun) (Verb)
[Noun] a representation, such as a drawing, that exaggerates a subject's characteristic features; [Verb] to present someone or something in a deliberately distorted way.
(SYN: cartoon, burlesque, lampoon)
clangor (Noun) (Verb)
[Noun] a loud ringing sound; [Verb] to make a loud ringing noise.
(SYN: din, uproar, clamor)
(ANT: silence, stillness, peace and quiet)
contiguous (Adjective)
Side by side; touching; near; adjacent in time.
(SYN: abutting, next door to)
(ANT: detached, apart, distant, remote)
cupidity (Noun)
An eager desire for something; greed.
(SYN: avarice, rapacity, craving, lust)
(ANT: contentment, satiety, gratification)
deleterious (Adjective)
Harmful, dangerous.
(SYN: detrimental, destructive, pernicious, damaging)
(ANT: helpful, beneficial, harmless, innocuous)
enhance (Verb)
To raise to a higher degree; to increase the value or desirability of.
(SYN: improve, elevate)
(ANT: diminish, degrade)
enthrall (Verb)
To captivate, charm, hold spellbound; to enslave; to imprison.
(SYN: fascinate, attract)
(ANT: bore to tears, repel)
extenuate (Verb)
To lessen the seriousness or magnitude of an offense by making partial excuses.
(SYN: moderate, mitigate, diminish, downplay)
(ANT: intensify, magnified, worsen, exacerbate)
implicit (Adjective)
Implied or understood though unexpressed; without doubts or reservation, unquestioning, potentially contained in.
(SYN: inferred, tacit, unspoken, unconditional)
(ANT: explicit, expressed, stated, revealed)
incisive (Adjective)
Sharp, keen, penetrating (with a suggestion of decisiveness and effectiveness)
(SYN: acute, cutting, perceptive)
inimical (Adjective)
Tending to cause harm or obstruct developments; being oppositional or adverse.
(SYN: unfriendly, hostile, antagonistic, contrary)
(ANT: friendly, hospitable, kind)
ostentatious (Adjective)
Marked by conspicuous or pretentious display, showy.
(SYN: flashy, overdone, affected, flamboyant)
(ANT: modest, plain, simple, demure, retiring)
paragon (Noun)
A model of excellence or perfection.
(SYN: ideal, paradigm, model, good example)
politic (Adjective)
Prudent, shrewdly conceived and developed; artful, expedient.
(SYN: tactful, diplomatic, judicious, circumspect)
(ANT: unwise, injudicious, imprudent, rash)
prosaic (Adjective)
Dull, lacking in distinction and originality; matter-of-fact, straightforward; characteristic of prose, not poetic.
(SYN: literal, pedestrian)
(ANT: remarkable, poetic)
redundant (Adjective)
Extra, excess, more than is needed; wordy, repetitive; profuse, lush.
(SYN: unnecessary, superfluous, verbose, prolix)
(ANT: terse, laconic, scarce, inadequate)
sanctimonious (Adjective)
Making a show of virtue or righteousness; hypocritically moralistic or pious, self-righteous, canting, holier-than-thou.
(SYN: heartfelt, sincere, humble)
scintillating (Adjective, part.)
Sparking, twinkling, exceptionally brilliant (applied to mental or personal qualities.)
(SYN: stimulating, glittering)
(ANT: dull, boring, insipid)
winsome (Adjective)
Charming, attractive, pleasing (often suggesting a childlike charm and innocence.)
(SYN: winning, delightful, prepossessing)
(ANT: unattractive, unappealing, repulsive)
(adj.) moderate, sparing (as in eating and drinking); characterized by abstinence and self-discipline

SYNONYMS: temperate, sober, moderate
ANTONYMS: indulgent, immoderate, intemperate
(adj.) deserving of blame or correction

SYNONYMS:blameworthy, discreditable, reprehensible
ANTONYMS: commendable, laudable, meritorious
(adj.) likely but not certain to happen, possible; dependent on uncertain events or conditions; happening by chance; (n.) a representative group forming part of a larger body

SYNONYMS: (adj.) conditional, dependent; (n.) a detachment
ANTONYMS: (adj.) independent of, unconnected with, certain
(v.) to confirm, make more certain, bolster, substantiate, verify

ANTONYMS: (adj.) refute, contradict, undermine, discredit
(n.) an inhabitant, resident; one who frequents a place

SYNONYMS: resident, dweller, habitue
ANTONYMS: alien, outsider, stranger, foreigner
(adj.) passing aimlessly from one place or subject to another, rambling, roving, nomadic

SYNONYMS: digressive, diffuse, wandering, episodic
ANTONYMS: short and to the point, succinct
(v.) to scatter or spread widely

SYNONYMS: disperse, publicize, broadcast, circulate
ANTONYMS: bring together, concentrate, muster, conceal, hide
(adj.) poorly dressed, shabby; lacking smartness and good taste

SYNONYMS: frumpy, tacky, frowsy, drab
ANTONYMS: chic, stylish, elegant, fashionable
(adj.) highly colored, reddish; excessively ornate, showy

SYNONYMS: flushed, ruddy, flowery, frilly, flamboyant
ANTONYMS: pale, ashen, pallid, sallow, austere, stark
(v.) to impose by fraud; to pass off as worthy or genuine; to bring about by stealth, dishonesty, or coercion

SYNONYMS: pass off, palm off, fob off
(adj.) awkward, lacking in social graces, tactless, clumsy

SYNONYMS: inept, uncouth, maladroit
ANTONYMS: adroit, tactful, diplomatic, politic
(n.) an opinion different from accepted belief; the denial of an idea that is generally held sacred

SYNONYMS: unorthodox, belief, heterodoxy
ANTONYMS: orthodoxy
(v.) to impress on the mind by repetition, teach persistently and earnestly

SYNONYMS: instill, implant, infuse, ingrain, imbue
ANTONYMS: efface, extirpate, root out
(adj.) capable of being touched or felt; easily seen, heard, or recognized

SYNONYMS: tangible, plain, obvious, manifest
ANTONYMS: intangible, insubstantial, incorporeal
(adj.) having sympathetic insight or understanding, capable of keen appreciation

SYNONYMS: insightful, discerning, observant
ANTONYMS: dense, thick, obtuse, dim-witted
(adj.) extremely harmful; deadly, fatal

SYNONYMS: injurious, deleterious, baleful, noxious
ANTONYMS: harmless, innocuous, salutary, salubrious
(adj.) leaping, jumping, or springing forth; prominent, standing out, conspicuous; (n.) a projection or bulge, a land form that projects upward or outward

SYNONYMS: (adj.) striking, notable, protrusive, obvious
ANTONYMS: (adj.) inconspicuous, recessive
(v.) to satisfy completely; to fill to excess; (adj.) full, satisfied

SYNONYMS: (v.) gratify, cloy, surfeit, gorge
ANTONYMS: (v.) starve, deprive entirely of
(v.) to make or become dry and withered; to char or scorch the surface of; to harden or make unfeeling; to patch, dessicate, singe
(adj.) deceptive, apparently good or valid but lacking real merit

SYNONYMS: deceptively plausible, sophistic, casuistic
ANTONYMS: valid, sound, solid, genuine